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Cacutar! The real Final Fantasy mascot -
Posted July 8, 2001 @ 5:41 PM - by Che
Well poke me in the behind! I think I saw cacutar roaming around in the world of FFX. Can it be that our spikey friend has come back to us? These pics certainly do prove it, don't they?

Of course, we can't forget our beloved chocobo friends. So in Final Fantasy X, you will be able to train your chocobos in order to use them on the world map for faster travelling. Yay!

Special version of the Final Fantasy: TSW DVD planned for the PlayStation 2 -
Posted July 4, 2001 @ 2:40 AM - by Gilgamesh
Set for a spring 2002 release, Square will release a PlayStation 2-specific DVD version of their first feature film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. A normal DVD will be released at that time as well. The PS2 version will have the option to change the camera angels during the movie.

No Final Fantasy Tactics re-release is planned... -
Posted July 4, 2001 @ 2:37 AM - by Gilgamesh
Despite several sites reporting on it (damn you TheGIA!), Sony recently announced that they have no plans no re-releasing the title at all.

Fans looking for the game are just going to have to continue paying the big bucks on Ebay for a copy of the hard-to-find title.

Chrono Trigger and Cross fans, today is your lucky day...sort of... -
Posted July 3, 2001 @ 10:16 PM - by Gilgamesh
Square's executive producer, Hironobu Sakaguchi, recently went on record to state that Square is interested in creating a third 'Chrono' game. The Chrono Cross development team is in the process of pinning a series of ideas for the third title.

No console was announced, nor a title, nor a possible release. The game has yet to enter development state as well, so it's going to be a while.

Final Fantasy X Soundrack Information -
Posted July 2, 2001 @ 11:46 PM - by Gilgamesh
Square announced that the soundtrack for Final Fantasy X will ship on August 1 in Japan for 3,689 yen ($30). The soundtrack, which will consist of four discs, has a total of 91 tracks. The leaf notes will contain interviews of the series' composer Nobuo Uematsu, as well as Junya Nakano (who helped compose the soundtrack for Final Fantasy X) and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima.

Final Fantasy XI goes multi-platform -
Posted July 2, 2001 @ 11:41 PM - by Gilgamesh
Final Fantasy's creator Sakaguchi stated that Final Fantasy XI will indeed go to other consoles than just the PlayStation 2. Although it was confirmed as a PlayStation 2 exclusive, it is set to appear on other consoles, namely the Xbox and possibly the Game Cube as well.

The PlayStation and PC versions of Final Fantasy XI will ship first with the later versions shipped later.