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AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
MAIN CHARACTER OF FINAL FANTASY 7: Cloud Is a half clone Of Sephiroth, and was a failed experiment of Hojo. Hojo, just wanted to be like Sephiroth's creator Professor Gast, don't you think? His brain carried him the role of Zack, a first class Soldier, and Tifa helped Cloud find his real self, a plain Shinra Soldier. Cloud's memory of being an Ex-Soldier confused him so much. Then, he tried to save the planet, joining AVALANCHE. Cool, huh?
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5' 3"
SAD HEROINE WHO'S FINAL LIFE IS AT FINAL FANTASY 7: Aeris wanted to marry Cloud. But, she had a hard mission. Save the world from the evil Sephiroth, by stopping Meteor attack. She had the White Materia, which can use Holy, and it came out of her head while Sephiroth killed her. She "wanted" to die to show Cloud about the White Materia, because Sephiroth would of killed her easily, anyway. Watch the movie for exact detail.
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
TO FIGHT ALONGSIDE CLOUD OR TO FIGHT ALONG HIM AND AVALANCHE, THAT IS THE QUESTION: Tifa is great at being an AVALANCHE member. When someone is down, count on her to cheer you up, or make you feel better. Tifa helps Cloud find his true self, a plain old Shinra soldier, and realizes Cloud forgot since he was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Why? He wanted to be part of the "cool" or most recognized group, since nobody used to play with him. Tifa met him and made him promise he'd protect her when she was in trouble, because Cloud claimed he was leaving to join SOLDIER, with cool strength and power. If she found out he failed and became a Shinra soldier, he would be humiliated, so his lies confused him. Tifa, helped him gain his truth at the lifestream. But, though he wasn't a SOLDIER, he still kept his promise.
AGE: 32
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
NO MORE KICK BUTT'S DAY: Cid Highwind introduces you to his ship the Highwind. His dream is to look at space. To actually see it. He gets his warm-hearted mood when he finally reaches space, even though it's to try to stop Meteor. Now for his bad habits. Smoking is one and swearing is his other one. Swearing makes him similar to Barret and that's all I can say right now.
AGE: 48
HEIGHT: 3' 9"
PAPA I'M HOME: Red XIII, is truly Nanaki, who's home is at Cosmo Canyon. He joined Cloud to teach himself what's right and grow up to be a great warrior like his father, who risked his life to protect everyone when there was once a war at Cosmo. All that was left of him was his body made to stone. P.S. LOOKS LIKE A SAD STORY, HUH? WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE ARIES.
Barret Wallace
Age: 35
Height: 6' 4"
Description: Head of the underground resistance movement, AVALANCHE, Barret is fighting the mega-conglomerate Shinra, Inc. which has monopolized Mako energy by building special reactors to suck it out of the planet. Barret depends on brute strength and his "Gun-arm" to see him through. His wife died in an accident several years ago, and he now lives with his daughter Marlene.
Cait Sith
Age: unknown
Height: 3' 2"
Description: Cait Sith rides around on the back of a huge stuffed Mog he magically brought to life. Megaphone in hand, he's always shouting order and creating dopey attacks. When his slot machine attack works, the enemy lines look like an overtuned toy box. His hobby is fortune-telling, but like his personality, it's pretty unreliable.
Vincent Valentine
Age: 27
Height: 6' 0"
Description: A mystical man, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious. His past connection with Shinra, Inc. is what made him join Cloud and the others. He may seem frail at first glance, but hidden inside his body lurks a fearsome power.
Yuffie Kisaragi
Age: 16
Height: 5' 2"
Description: Although you'd never know it by looking at her, Yuffie comes from a long line of Ninja. She forced herself into the group just to get a 'certain something'. She's sneaky, arrogant and "way" selfish. But with her super shuriken and her special skills, there isn't anyone else you'd rather have on your side ina fight.

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