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Welcome To My Character Page!

Main Hero Characters


Cloud Is a half clone Of Sephiroth, and was a failed experiment of Hojo. Hojo, just wanted to be like Sephiroth's creator Professor Gast, don't you think? His brain carried him the role of Zack, a first class Soldier, and Tifa helped Cloud find his real self, a plain Shinra Soldier. Cloud's memory of being an Ex=Soldier confused him so much. Then, he tried to save the planet, joining AVALANCHE. Cool, huh?


Squall, a member of SeeD, trying to save the world from Sorceress Ultimecia, and has a big rivalry with Seifer the traitor for life. What can he do? His mission briefing is short and there isn't much too it. That was a little downfall in Final Fantasy VIII.


This leader was the main whole role in Playstation 1's last final fantasy game, Final Fantasy 9. The two tribals, Zidane and Kuja, were on different sides. But, which is stronger? The one that's trying to protect the castle, Alexander, and the whole world, also being a theif, or Kuja, one of the strongest warriors in the world, having a summon that makes other creatures go against their owners, the reason Queen Brahne died? Play Zidane's role and find out!