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V 2.0 BRPS

As the Sicarius pages are updated they will be noted in this section in the following format:
EM Rules 6.01 MAS   3/30/01
Meaning the the Ex Mortis Rules page 6.01 listed in the Index was last updated on 3/30/01.
TotO 2.0 4/01/01
Meaning that Ex Mortis Tome of the Occult was last updated on 4/01/01.
If your page is an older version, you might want to get at the update.

Latest Updates

All Ex Mortis V 1.0 BRPS pages are currently being loaded and tested.  4/01/01
All pages should be loaded within a week or two.  4/01/01
Sections 6.05 - 8.00 loaded on 4/07/01
Still hoping to be done by end of next week.  4/07/01
Sections 8.01 - 8.0902 loaded on 4/12/01
Sections 8.0903 - 8.091395 loaded on 4/13/01
Sicarius V 2.0 has now replaced the Ex Mortis name. Sicarius 2.0 is now available! 11/27/01

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