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V 0.9 BRPS

Please note that this site is under construction.

Sicarius V 0.9 BRPS is currently being converted to HTML and uploaded onto this site. The previous version known as Ex Mortis V 1.0 has been renamed, expanded, and reformated.
The game is complete, I just have to finish several HTML tables and get then here.
Most material is now available. If will reach ists final release format sometime soon.

Please note that the material on this site is considered to be the current "official" guidelines.  New material, such as modules and updates, will be written to be compatible with the current "official" guidelines unless otherwise stated.  If you already have a copy of Sicarius or Ex Mortis in your possession, you should consider checking the Updates section for the latest material.

As the Sicarius pages are updated they will be noted in the Updates Section in the following format:
S2 Rules 6.01    3/30/01
Meaning the the Sicarius 0.9 Rules section 6.01 listed in the Rules Index was last updated on 3/30/01.
TotO 2.0 4/01/01
Meaning that Ex Mortis Tome of the Occult was last updated on 4/01/01.
If your page is an older version, you might want to look at the update.


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