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---Servers down

The servers are down for a patch. I've added another download to the secrets section. More updates later.



500 points on the hit counter have been hit..and I will add the new feature ASAP. Here is an item update for you while you wait.

Orb of Eradication


---Patch announced

Patch is announced for this upcoming wednesday. The counter is almost to 500 and when it hits, you will get a special thing. Well, here's an item update.

Lava Crown
Lava Boots
Lava Greaves
Lava Mask
Lava Tunic



Some double bad news. The warrens still isn't working, and I dont have any item updates as of yet, although I might have some later.


---Stonebrunt Still not up.

Stonebrunt zone is still down. GMs do not know when it will start working. Well, here's an item updates. Some nice Guise's in this one.

Guise of the Cheetah
Guise of the Spritling
Guise of the Kejekan


---Servers up!

Servers are back up. The warrens rock is gone..but the zone isnt up yet.


---Servers Down.

The servers are down for a patch today. Here is what the patch says :

** Spell Changes **

- Celestial Tranquility and Call of Earth will now stack

- Some stacking issues with Torpor have been corrected.

- Celestial Cleansing will fizzle less now

- Cannibalize should fizzle slightly less often now

** Zone Changes **

- Updated some pathing in Runnyeye, Paineel, Siren's Grotto and Kedge.

- The Drowned Citizens are back, for sure this time.

- Fixed a bug that was not allowing some NPCs in Kael to see invisible creatures as they should.

- Restored "charmability" of most NPCs (merchants will remain uncharmable) in Kael due to fix of combat AI bug listed bellow under ** Miscellaneous Changes **.

** Item Changes **

- The Giant Tree Flayer is now Large instead of Tiny.

- Staff of Temperate Flux has been changed to main hand only.

- Ring of Frost Spiders can now be worn.

- Robe of the Seacaller should now be equipable.

** Trade Skill Changes **

- Imbued Field Plate Boots should be working properly now.

** Sullon Zek Changes **

- Changed the way resists are calculated when a Player Character casts a spell on another Player Character on Sullon Zek. Resist modifiers based on level will now be more smoothly distributed and will allow lower level characters a slightly better chance to land spells on higher level characters. At the same time giving lower level characters a slightly better chance to resist spells cast on them by higher level characters.

v- Characters below 6th level cannot be pick pocketed in any zone.

- Guards have a better chance of aggro'ing a rogue that fails at picking pockets near guards.

** Miscellaneous Changes **

- Fixed a recently introduced combat AI bug that caused NPCs to focus unduly on attacking pets rather than PCs

- Added a few crowns to the list of items that can be traded in for new crowns with new textures. The same NPCs that were interested in trading out your helms will now trade your crowns. Please keep in mind that they will not be trading them back to you. Once you get the new look it's yours to keep, even if it clashes with your favorite eye shadow.

Here are some item updates

Journeyman's Cloak
Longsword of Valor
Polished Fine Plate Boots
Polished Fine Plate Bracer
Polished Glowing Mask



No patch today...it was changed to tomorrow. Although, I have more item updates for you and the new monk quest item.Enjoy..

Blade of the Angry Knights

Forlorn Sack

Dragon Breath

Dragon Tooth

Gnomish Tunic


---First item update

This is the first new item update. Lists the complete suit of Ember Crested armor for monks only. Remember to check back daily for updates by the day.

Blade of the Jaggedpine Defenders

Ember Crested Belt

Ember Crested Boots

Ember Crested Bracer

Ember Crested Cloak

Ember Crested Gauntlets

Ember Crested Gi

Ember Crested Mask

Ember Crested Pads

Ember Crested Pantaloons

Ember Crested Sleeves

Ember Knuckles

Gnomish Plasma

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Each time the hit counter hits a 100, I will add something special for my veiwers. (ex.500,600,700,800,etc)

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