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The world of the Legacy Universe is one going through several changes, as the world adapts to the appearance of super-human beings, or Elites, with powers beyond the ken of normal mortals. World Governments have banned together to assess the threat that the Elites pose to normal humanity, or "baselines" as most people refer to non-powered humans.

Elites have been in existence since the arrival of Ghenther's Comet, a previously unknown comet that passed through Earth space in the summer of 2004. The first documented elite was Michael McCoy, also known as Miracle, an elite capable of controlling the primal forces of the world to great effect. He was able to manipulate the Earth to create a barrier and shield himself from an out of control semi-truck. Since his appearance, elites have appeared consistently over the intervening ten years.

One of the best-known elites is the international hero, Paragon, an advocate for peaceful integration of elites and baselines. He is one of the most powerful elites on the planet and the team leader of Justice Elite, an international team of elites who work in conjunction with the newly strengthened United Nations to protect baselines from elite threats. They do double duty as spokesman and work on several humanitarian efforts throughout the world, such as the terraforming of the Sahara, and furthering study into the elimination of disease and cancer.

In general elites tend to be viewed with awe by most folks of the world, powerful beings who are capable of either great good, or even greater evil in the eyes of most baselines. They often make headlines, and live public lives if they do not maintain a secret identity.