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This is the Tutorial section. Click on a tutorial to begin.
If you need any help doing these tutorials, IM/Email for aim)and I will help you step by step.
More Neighborhoods
To make more Neighborhoods go to where you installed The Sims(if you did not change the installation place it should be in My Computer/C:/Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/)Then you RIGHT click on Template User Data and click copy. Next right click anywhere and click paste. Then I suggest to right click in the background and click on arrange icons so it can be nice and neat. Also rename the folder to UserData*(*=Highest user data number)If you have The Sims(without expansion pack)The star should be 2.If you have livin' large i think it will be 9(i dunno for sure...correct me if I'm wrong someone) If you have house party or hot date i don't know what to tell you. ****!!!If you have an expansion pack, BEFORE you install it, select the neighborhoods you copyed, right click and click cut. Move them to another location and click paste. Install the expansion pack them find out how many neighbor hoods have ben installed. Rename the previous made files to the highest numbers. Select them again and move them back into thier proper place. Don't woory about losing the houses because you won't. The houses move into the neighborhoods numbers you renamed. If you didn't get the last sentence, look for the houses by hitting the arrows. If you need any help doing this tutorial IM/Email for aim)and I will help you step by step.