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Rainbow Drop Locations

                          1st drop:
1st Rainbow Drop Location
In the third stage of Grass Land, you will come across a chamber containing the rainbow drop. The Parasol power is required to get into the chamber.
                          2nd drop:
2nd Rainbow Drop Location
In the second stage of Big Forest, there is a door below and to the left of the level entrance. In that chamber is the rainbow drop. To get to the drop requires the Spike power (hint - go to the next level to get the power, then return).

                          3rd drop:
3rd Rainbow Drop Location
In the third stage of Ripple Field, there is a door that you can reach only if you have Kine (the fish); it's in the center of a whirlpool of sorts. In the chamber beyond the door, you need to use the Spark power to see the hidden door. Through that door is a chamber containing the third rainbow drop - you need Rock power to reach it (hint - get the Spark power and Kine from the 'boss' of the third stage area, go through the whirlpool door, find the hidden door. Go the first stage to get Rock power, then return with Kine to get to the first door, then enter the hidden one).

                          4th drop:
4th Rainbow Drop Location
In the fourth stage of Iceberg, just before you reach the exit, there is a chamber you cannot reach without the Fire power. Get it from the boss at the beginning of the stage. You will also need Kine to be able to reach the door at the bottom of this chamber that leads to the fourth rainbow drop. Note that you must use your inhale power to be able to get to the door. However, you will need the Fire power in the next chamber. The trick is to drop the Fire power, then inhale both a block and the star, to regain the Fire power.

                          5th drop:
5th Rainbow Drop Location
In the fifth stage of Red Canyon, near the end of the level - at the part where the screen scrolls up - there are two doors, one on top of the other. Enter the top one to get the 5th rainbow drop. You will need the Spark power to be able to get to it.

                          6th drop:
6th Rainbow Drop Location
This requires Kine, which you get get in stage one of Cloudy Park. About half-way through the second area of the second stage of Cloudy Park, there is a door beneath all the platforms. Enter that door, then go left against the current to find a door. Enter that door, and defeat the boss. Make sure you take his special power (Spark). After you beat the boss, go back through the same door but instead, go right, with the current. Defeat this boss, and get Rick. It is important that you do not lose the Spark power. Now go the last door of this area and enter it. Use Rick and the Spark power to remove the cannons and free Coo. Using Coo, go through the next door and go right, against the wind. Enter the door you come to and defeat the boss to get Cutter power. It doesn't which (if any) friends you have now; all you need is the Cutter power. Go left after defeating this boss and enter the first door you come to. Use the Cutter power to get to the rainbow drop.

                          7th drop:
7th Rainbow Drop Location
After the second door of the seventh stage of Castle Dedede, you will go through a series of vertical passages, in which all powers are available, and there are choices to make about which direction to go. Get these powers in this order, and use each one once. This will dictate which paths you'll take, and will lead you to the final rainbow drop. Special powers: Fire, Stone, Needle, Ice, Cutter. 
Hint: Enter this level with Kine and the Spark power. In the dark room, destroy the blocks, then use your power. The five powers that you must use to reach the rainbow drop, in order, are hidden on the back wall.

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