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Dare To Dream
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Part One:

On the wall in the Dank Alley, one of the graffiti items is circle around Commander Keen (an ID Software game character) with a line through it.

On the East Street Corner, one of the street signs reads "JAZZ ST." Epic Megagames also made an action platform game called Jazz Jackrabbit, and this is a reference to it.

On the wall in Bouf's Bar Room (to the right of the stairs), is a sign that reads "Dragon Spirit," an Epic Megagames game.

In the Deep Sewers, check out the graffiti on the wall. Written there is "ZONE 66," another game released by Epic. Also, written backwards, is "ID SUX," which refers, of course, to the game company ID Software (creators of Doom, etc.) Scrawled beneath the draining sewer pipe is "EPIC MEGA" - isn't that subtle. You can also ask Sarsippius about "Zone 66" and "Solar Winds," both Epic games.

Part Two:

On the wall of your fort is a poster with the words "Jill of the Jungle" on it. Yet another Epic game reference. Also in your fort, underneath the TV, is a "Super Sweeney Entertainment System." Obviously a parody of the Nintendo Entertainment System, it also refers to Tim Sweeney, the president of Epic Megagames at the time.





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