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Starcraft Campaign Library

Last Update: May 25, 2001
Last Update Type: Major Update


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E-mail Me
E-mail Me
If you have a starcraft or broodwar map you would like to be posted on this site,
send it to me in an attachement through e-mail. You can also send me comments, suggestions, strategies, or reviews!

Todays Date:

May 25, 2001 - AtomZero
I made a major update today. I have changed around the top area so it looks nicer and I added two new sections: Replays and Forum. The Forum has just been up and there aren't currently any members but there will be soon. I plan to make another update tomorrow and add some maps and maybe a replay.
May 14, 2001 - AtomZero
I'm added a few new maps to my maps section. I also added my screenshots section which only has 2 pictures. Anyways, i've been recieving requests for those Blood Bath maps. On the next update I plan to add some of my home-made strategies which are for Zerg and Terran...
And another thing, I updated that Zerg Spore Survival Map which had a lot of bugs in it, and it's actually playable now.
May 3, 2001 - AtomZero
I just finished a new Zerg building Survival map! It is actually very fun and I have plenty of strategies for it. It took me quite a while to make and it is VERY advanced. You can download it from the map section. Anyways, the next time I update this site, I should have the screenshots section section up. I also forgot to say that I have updated my site with the new Downloads Section. One more thing, I added about 3 new maps to my maps section including Shared Bases 2.
April 22, 2001 - AtomZero
I haven't had time to update my site lately but i'm willing to add almsot any map sent to me right now. I have a lot of maps to be posted on my site that I own, but I could use some new ones. I haven't mentioned earlier that I have a name (of course). It is kind of obvious AtomZero. Nothing really else is new at the time, so the next update I make should include the Downlods and maybe the Screenshots section.
April 12, 2001 - AtomZero
The new Strategy section is up now! I have added 3 new strategies made from one of my freinds. There is one for each race making quite a useful match. There will be more strategies to come, because I have my own too.
April 6, 2001 - AtomZero
Today, I added the reviews and cheats sections. I also added the second mission to The Corruptions Saga. There are now reviews for each map that has been posted on my site so far. Remember, if you have any maps please send them to me!
April 1, 2001 - AtomZero
I have added more to my maps section. I currently didn't get enough time to update more of my site. 
There are two things i'm going to add to my downloads section:
Staredit Enhancer
Staredit SE (special edition)
March 27, 2001 - AtomZero
This is the start of my new starcraft site. With startcraft maps I will show all of the possible information for each map also. I plan to update this site at least once a week. You can e-mail me anything you want that has something to do with starcraft. This site should have alot more updates in the next month.