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Update News:

2/27/02- What the...? I leave you guys alone for seven months and this is what happens??? fine. sorry for being out so long. got a new computer with Windows XP :). Someone though, please explain what the hell happened to knights who say ni. I'm in the dark here...

7/15/2K1- Okay. no more crap. Just Exile/avernum from now on. n64 and other pc games will be under extra dimension gaming at from now on. Also to note: you've probably seen zaloopa's zelda project graphics. since zaloopa has been AWOL for a couple years, I'm going to take it over. anyone willing to help is welcome to it.

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    I'm embarking on a new project: The Gray Army Trilogy

    Here's what it's about: There is a great war on the way. A new empire, calling themselves the Gray Army, have begun taking over the surface. They have also conquered an area of Upper Exile. They plan to overthrow the Empire. They are succeeding.

    The prologue to the trilogy, Gray Army, Is Available for download in the scenarios section.

    Welcome to AEtherrealm Mobile!

    Under Construction