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Guardian of Peace and Universal Harmony

is adopted from Amanda's Page Guardian Adoptions.  




I hope that you enjoy the floral arrangements I've put together.  These are my first attempts at making objects with Sims Transmogrifier.  I decided while decorating a house one day, that I wanted more table top plants for my decor.  In order to increase the room score, and not have to worry about watering them (lazy, lazy lazy!), I've transmogrified the expensive lamp file using pictures of floral arrangements that I've found in various and sundry places.    



Read the "FINE PRINT":


All objects are made by me, unless otherwise indicated. I own no copyrights on the floral pictures I use, on Transmogrifier the tool I use, and don't wish to own any copyrights on the objects I've created (Maxis/Electronic Arts owns the copyright on the objects I transmogrified, I reckon).  You're free to do with them as you please.  Some acknowledgement for my hard work would be nice, but is not required. 

Some of my floral arrangements are made using Paint Shop Pro picture tubes from various places, stamps from Ulead's Photo Impact, some are made from clip art, some are pictures from different florists, and some are a combination of two or more of the above.  If you want to know where I got a particular arrangement or vase, and don't see it posted on the site, please feel free to inquire.  

This is a fan site.  I'm mutating objects using non-EA warranted software.  I've had no problems with any of these objects in my own game, but please understand that you are choosing to use my objects at your own risk.





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