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Latest  Update of this site :20/12/01

Next Update - After Xmas


Updates 26th Jan 2002

Apologies go out to those trying to download some of the Christmas skins problems with storage space on my Angelfire account. Deleted page 13 of cardigans to make space.

26/01/02 Update on other site I've done objects for

Been doing a big update on my other site and a bit of commercial work so nothing new on this site but 36 wartime posters have been added to my other site on

13/12/01 Upload Problems

Xmas Skins are now uploaded 64 Xmas skins to the Xmas Section of the site  and 4 new Skin Sets added to the Sets Section, Again real life has got in the way of updating this site for the past month I don't know where all the time has gone, last time I looked it was the beginning of November Agghh!!! Xmas always comes up too quickly this time of year! Tuck into the Mince Pies, Xmas Cake and Turkey and see you after Xmas.


Thought my new ftp program was good how wrong I was, auto-timing of updates to my web site (My Arse). Checked my website today after returning from a couple of weeks away. Only to find that the FTP said it had updated my site. Seems it was sending it to nowhere. So now find enclosed the updates that should have come in the last update. Getting ready for next update very soon - Sorry for the delay 


Decided now to post skins in sets rather than individually, its not just to save space having more than one zip file, I feel that is more efficient that way. It will also say you time as well, having less pages to wade through to find the skins that you want. In the skins section click on Sets to bring up the new section for these skins. I will also place a link on for the skins meshes



If you have your own website and would consider linking to this site please link to this page if you also want a banner for a  HERBIES SIM-SITE  graphic is available from the links section of this site.  Anyone wanting to send me new stuff to add to my site please send it to  will give you credit for your work  .

I will post them if they are not duplicated on other sites. also contact me if you want me to include  your site on my links list in return if you could do the same for me

 Please only send your own work!


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4New Sets To Download from Skins Section

64 Skins Added to Xmas Section

Next Update  - 2002

New Clothing being worked on.

Site, Tidy up in progress for Xmas Skins


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