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FINAL FANTASY VII Infinite items-First off you need the w-item materia.Equip it on any character and enter battle.Next select ANY item you want.Then select the item that you want to duplicate(DONT USE IT!).Press o to select the item then press x.Keep doing this (xoxoxoxo) Cast magic 8x-First of all you equip the w-magic materia on any character.Next you equip the quad magic on the same character.Whichever magic(or summon) you have the quadra magic equiped on is the one that will be casted 8x. All Lucky 7's-You must have an HP number higher than 7777 to do this trick.You have to engage in battle with an adamantoise and cast fron on one of your characters.Every time you attack the adamantoise it will attack you.Get your HP to anything ending in 77 and use potions and Hi-potions to get them to 7777 HP.The next battle you fight,that character will just keep attacking doing 7777 damage for the rest of the battle! Emerald Weapon-To find this terifying monster, board your submarine and go under water near Junon.Search all over untill you find a greenish colored monster swimming around minding his own buisness.Just run into this monster to engage in battle.WARNING!:THIS MONSTER IS STRONGER THAN SEPHIROTH HIMSELF! Ruby Weapon-To find this boss who is similar to Emerald, go to the desert at the Gold Sauser in your Highwind.Ram into this boss just like you did to Emerald.TIP!:Try killing two of your men before fighting Ruby.Revive them once Ruby puts his tentacles in the ground. Unlimited Sources-Get aboard you sub and navigate ALL the way to the sunken Gelinka ship.Head inside and get into a fight with a monster called UNKNOWN.Each UNKNOWN you morph turns into a different source. Gelinka Boss Fight-Board your sub and go to the sunken Gelinka.Go into the hallway and Reno and Rude should be standing there.That's it! FMV Viewing Cheat-Start you game as normal.Next open the playstation lid.Take out the disk and insert another.When you see an FMV, it will be one from the disk that you just put in!Pretty cool, huh? Level 4 Limit Breaks-Level 4 limits are the ULTIMATE attacks in Final Fantasy VII.Here are thier locations: Cloud- You can find this limit break in the Gold Saucer at the Battle Square.Get enough BP and buy it...pretty simple, huh? Barret-To get this one, you must save North Coral from the speeding train.The boy should give you the limit along with the ULTIMA materia. Tifa-This one is at the Nebelheim house (Tifa's house).You must play a Certain song on the piano. Aries-Get a mythril off of the sleeping guy in the cave and take it to the weapon maker near Gongaga.Choose to open the small box.This will contain Aries' level 4 limit. Vincent-Get on your submarine and go to the cave surrounded by water(with Vincent in your party).A long scene should happen.After that Vincent will be given Chaos, his final limit break. Cait Sith-This is an odd one.Cait Sith only seems to have two limits!All you have to do is fight alot and you'll get it. Yuffie-To get Yuffie's level 4 limit, go to Wutai.Fight Yuffie's father in the pagoda and you'll receive her level 4 limit! Red XIII-You can find this really cool limit break by headind to Nebelhiem and beating the Unknown Number boss.After you kill him it will pop out of the safe along with the key to getting Vincent. Cid-To get the Highwind limit break, go to the sunken down Gelinka.It will be in a box there. Ultimate Weapons-Ultimate weapons are the strongest weapons in the game.Here are thier locations: Cloud-To receive Cloud's Ultimate Weapon, you must beat Ultimate Weapon(the one that flys all around the world map). Cid-Talk to the guy at Rocket Town near the inn several times.He will give you the Venus Gospel, Cid's Ultimate Weapon. Tifa-To get this little goodie, go to Bone Village.Excavate untill you find the key to sector 5.Go back to Midgar and run all the way to Wall Market.Go into the abandon store with the broken gun.Examine the gun and Cloud will find the weapon. Barret-You can find this while going up the steps after Hojo(in sector 8).You can only get this if Barret is in your party. Cait Sith-Go to the Shinra Headquarters(for the last time) and ron all the way to the locker room.Search all the lockers.It will be in one of them. Vincent-Do the same thing for the level four limit break.(see above) Yuffie-Do the same thing for the level four limit break. (see above) Aries-This weapon is in the Ancients Temple in one of the clock rooms in a box. Red XIII-Once you take Buganhagen to the Lost City, Take Red XIII to Cosmo Canyan to see his grandfather.Buganhagen will give Red XIII his Ultimate Weapon right before returning to the planet. Chocobo Racing Tricks-While in a chocobo race, hold down R1, R2, L1, and L2.This will slow down your stamina. Knights of the Round Summon-This is the BEST summon in the game!In order to get it though, you have to have a gold chocobo.Navigate all the way to the round island in the north-eastern part of the world map.Walk in and just take it! Special WEAPON Items-If you manage to beat Ruby Weapon, you will receive an item called The Desert Rose.Take this item to the guy in Kalm.He will give you a Gold Chocobo. Also, if you destroy Emerald Weapon, you'll get an item that you take to the same guy.He will give you ALL Master Materia. Special URA Battle-First off, you need Omnislash, Cloud's Ultimate Weapon, and a whole #%$@ load of Elixers.Go to battle square with all these equiped and voila!You'll be asked to participate in the URA battle! Ancient Forest-After you beat Ultimate Weapon, go to where he exploded.You should be able to walk right up into The Ancient Forest! Huge Materia Code-While in the rocket, press o[]xx (circle, square, x, and x.This is the code for the materia safe. All Items-Items and Key Items Here is a complete list of all the items that you can either buy, steal, morph, find, or pick up after killing a creature in the game. This list is in no particular order. 1. Villa in Costa Del Sol--when you go into Costa Del Sol you'll notice the stairs just above the woman at the tourist information window--if you go up the stairs you go into the villa, there's a guy sleeping on one of the beds, if you've got 300,000 gil he'll sell you the Villa (if you don't have that much he won't even bother talking to you). If you buy the Villa it will be named after Cloud (or whatever you're calling him in your game) and it becomes nothing more than a place you can rest for free at any time during the game. You should only buy this if you have the money and want to clown around because otherwise it is pointless. You'll never spend 300,000 gil on hotel rooms and once you get the Highwind you can restore your HP/MP for free in the control room (this also revives dead characters without having to use a Phoenix Downs or a Revive Spell). There is a rumor that if you get 12 1/35 shinra soldier statues they will be displayed in the Villa once you buy it--but that's never happened to me so I don't yet believe it. 2. Potion-Restores HP by 100 for one character 3. Hi-Potion-Restores HP by 500 for one character 4. X-Potion-Fully restores HP for one character 5. Ether-Restore MP by 100 for one character 6. Turbo Ether-Fully restores MP for one character 7. Elixir-Fully restores HP/MP for one character 8. Megalixir-Fully restore all members' HP/MP 9. Phoenix Down-Restores life to one character 10. Tent-Fully restores all members' HP/MP, can be used only at save point 11. Luck Source-Permanently raises Luck Status Score by 1 point 12. Speed Source-Permanently raises Dexterity Status Score by 1 point 13. Mind Source-Permanently raises Spirit Status Score by 1 point 14. Magic Source-Permanently raises Magic Status Score by 1 point 15. Guard Source-Permanently raises Vitality Status Score by 1 point 16. Power Source-Permanently raises Strength Status Score by 1 point 17. Grenade-Explosive damage on one opponent 18. Shrapnel-Explosive damage on all opponents 19. Right Arm-Explosive damage on all opponents 20. Hourglass--Casts Stop on all opponents 21. Kiss of Death--Casts Death on all opponents 22. Dream Powder-Casts Sleepel on all opponents 23. Mute Mask-Casts Silence on all opponents 24. War Gong-Casts Berserk on all opponents 25. Loco Weed-Casts Confu on all opponents 26. Fire Fang-Casts Fire2 on all opponents 27. Fire Veil-Casts Fire3 on all opponents 28. Antarctic Wind-Casts Ice2 on all opponents 29. Ice Crystal-Casts Ice3 on all opponents 30. Bolt Plume-Casts Bolt2 on all opponents 31. Swift Bolt-Casts Bolt3 on all opponents 32. Earth Drum-Casts Quake2 on all opponents 33. Earth Hammer--Casts Quake3 on all opponents 34. Deadly Waste-Casts Bio2 on all opponents 35. M-Tentacles-Casts Bio3 on all opponents 36. Stardust-Casts Comet2 on all opponents 37. Holy Touch-Casts DeSpell on one ally (cures slow and stop) 38. Ink-Casts Darkness on all opponents 39. Vampire Fang-Drains around 200 HP out of one opponent 40. Ghost Hand-Drains roughly 30 MP out of one opponent 41. Basilisk Claw--Petrifies one opponent 42. Dragon Scales-Water damage on all opponents--roughly 4000 HP 43. Impaler-Changes one opponent into a frog 44. Shrivel-Casts Mini on one opponent 45. Molotov-Fire damage on one opponent 46. S-mine-Explosive damage on one opponent--usually around 1500 HP 47. 8-Inch Cannon-Explosive damage on one opponent--usually around 3000 HP 48. Graviball-Casts Demi on one opponent 49. T/S Bomb-Casts Demi2 on one opponent 50. Dazers-Paralyzes one opponent 51. Dragon Fang--Casts Bolt3 on all opponents 52. Cauldron--Casts Bad Breath enemy skill on one opponent 53. Spider Web-Slows all opponents 54. Bird Wing-Uses Whirlwind on all opponents--usually causes around 1000 HP of damage. 55. Light Curtain-Casts Barrier on all allies 56. Lunar Curtain--Casts MBarrier on all allies 57. Mirror--Casts Reflect on all allies 58. Hyper-Cures Sadness 59. Tranquilizer-Cures Fury 60. Vaccine-Protects against transformations 61. Eye Drop-Cures Darkness 62. Hero Drink-Raises vitality, magic, speed, spirit, and luck once during battle 63. Speed Drink-Casts Haste on one ally 64. Smoke Bomb-Can escape from opponents during battle 65. Remedy-Cures abnormal status 66. Echo Screen-Cures Silence 67. Cornucopia-Cures Small 68. Maiden's Kiss-Cures Frog 69. Soft-Cures Petrify 70. Antidote-Cures Poison NOTE on the following chocobo greens the more expensive they are the better they are at increasing the chocobo's status scores--Sylkis and Regan greens can only be purchased from the Chocobo Sage--see the Chocobo Breeding section on the Chocobo Info page. 71. Sylkis Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises stamina, speed, and intelligence--5000 gil 72. Reagan Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises stamina and speed--3000gil 73. Mimett Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises speed--1500gil 74. Curiel Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises speed and stamina--1000gil 75. Pahsana Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises intelligence and helps tame them--400gil 76. Tantal Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises stamina and intelligence--400gil 77. Krakka Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises intelligence--250gil 78. Gyshal Greens-Feed to chocobos--raises speed and stamina--100gil NOTE See the section on Breeding Chocobos on the Chocobo Info page--the only nuts worth having if you're going to breed a Gold Chocobo are a Zeio Nut and 3 Carob Nuts. 79. Zeio Nut-For breeding chocobos 80. Carob Nut-For breeding chocobos 81. Porov Nut-For breeding chocobos 82. Pram Nut-For breeding chocobos 83. Lasan Nut-For breeding chocobos 84. Saraha Nut-For breeding chocobos 85. Luchile Nut-For breeding chocobos 86. Pepio Nut-For breeding chocobos 87. Tissue-This item has no use--you get them after each fight at Battle Arena. 88. Masamune Blade or Masamune Sword (a perfect clone of Sephiroth's sword)--you can win this at the roller coaster game at Gold Saucer. This item has no known, or proven, use. Of course that makes it ripe for rumors and this one has two sets. One set of rumors insists that you need this, among other things, to bring Aeris back or to clone her--but none of the rumors work. The second rumor is that you need this in order to make Sephiroth join your party or to clone him--none of these rumors have ever worked either. 89. 1/35 Soldier-Shinra armored "attack" soldiers: 12 in the set--the rumor is that you can find a set of 12 scattered around Junon (but I've never met anyone who could tell me where more than 2 were). You can win as many as you want at Gold Saucer--score between 3000 and 3999 on the Roller Coaster game, I finally got around to trying this, it works find, but you still can't do anything with them (thanks to several people mentioning to me that you can get these things at Gold Square, I'd forgotten that I had this part worded as a question). There is also a rumor (thanks to Brigid Bradbuy for bringing it to my attention) that if you can collect over 450 of them and take them to the sleeping man in the cave he will clone either Sephiroth or Aeris for you--but this is not confirmed--of course, how you are supposed to get more than 99 to show up in your item pack is unclear, I could never do it. 90. Save Crystal-Use in Final Dungeon to set up a save point anywhere you want-- don't set it too early in the dungeon or every time you get killed you'll have a long way to go to get back to where you got killed. 91. Super Sweeper-A new machine to protect the reactor--this has no use that I can find. 92. Also, for fighting in the special battles at battle arena you can get Dio's autograph, Dio's diary and the gambler--none of these things has any use that anyone can find