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Downloads Rainbowsix, Raven Shield, and Athena Sword

Rainbowsix Maps
CS AV Nude, made by: Silent Angel 1.08 mb
CS OilHell, made by: Scumbag 1.52 mb
CS Estate, made by: Silent Angel 1.23 mb
CS Hacienda Nude, made by: Silent Angel 974 kb
CS BioHell, made by: Silent Angel 2.13
NL Road, made by: Silent Angel 1.03 mb
FG Sniperhole, made by: Venus
RK Maps, FFA Noobproof 37 kb
OGN Hacienda and OGN Congo, Mandatoried laddering OGN 5 kb
OGN Mappack1, Mandatoried laddering OGN 7.04 mb
OGN Mappack3, Mandatoried laddering OGN 5.16 mb
OGN Ship, Mandatoried laddering OGN 20 kb
Scorpio Maps 13 kb
Rainbowsix Skins
Acid Skins 203 kb
Kermy Skins 566 kb
Rainbowsix Skins 6.92 mb
Korean Skins
Skin Editor
2.15 mb
Skin Selector 2.15 mb
Rainbowsix Misc
Shake Fix 6 kb
Recticule Tool 39 kb
XP Home users
Rainbowsix Patches
Patch 1.04 7.75 mb
HE 6.13, made by: Krippy (anti cheat patch) for XP 1.45 mb
HE 6.13, made by: Krippy (anti cheat patch) for win 98 1.45 mb