Now here, is Gab and Arm being stupid...Although..Gab being on late is very i am guessing he did something for his mom...*cough cough* to be able to stay up.
caoXcao: lol, your dad hasn't assaulted you with the bible yet?
caoXcao: or is he not home?
Alai36: huh?
caoXcao: you read me
caoXcao: your dad hasn't beaten you over the head with a hard-cover bible yet?
Alai36: my dad is home
caoXcao: LOL!
caoXcao: mygod, call a medic
caoXcao: he's letting you on this late?
Alai36: umm. cant say that happened
Alai36: lol
Alai36: no he hasnt physically taken a hard bible and beaten me senseless with it
caoXcao: soft-cover?
Alai36: he has not struck me with a holy writing of any kind
caoXcao: liar
Alai36: no....
caoXcao: liar liar, ass on fire
Alai36: why would he hit me with it?
Alai36: lol
caoXcao: lol, to beat some "sense" into you?
caoXcao: your dad: "EAT BIBLE! UNHOLY WORM!"
caoXcao: you: "no daddy! no!"
Alai36: lol, nope
caoXcao: *******WHOP********
Alai36: and why do you ask?
Alai36: lol
caoXcao: lol
caoXcao: damn fool, i know he's done it, and i'm bound to prove myself
Alai36: have you been beaten by the holy book?
caoXcao: nope
caoXcao: i havn't been flogged with any holy scriptures
caoXcao: but i have seen your moms underwear...
caoXcao: very holey
caoXcao: big brown stains
Alai36: those were yours you ditz
caoXcao: i'm sure i don't have a 62" waste dude...
Alai36: hers were the ones still being worn under her clothing that you never got to see
caoXcao: your moms big&beautiful
Alai36: look, what size panties you were are your own business
Alai36: wear*
caoXcao: lol, she made me wear them... i needed a belt to hold the bastards up...
Alai36: if she made you wear your own underwear, its because you shouldnt have been out of it in the first place
caoXcao: no she made me wear hers
Alai36: they were yours
caoXcao: it was gross dude, they were like a blanket when she threw em at me
caoXcao: i was smothered
Alai36: remember, you wanted the extra large multipak to have
"extra fun" ?

caoXcao: thus, she's called "your mom"
caoXcao: i said, "extra large, saggy hag"
caoXcao: not multipak
Alai36: dude, dont blame if you get high and dont remember that you bought the plumb size underwear
caoXcao: i dont do your dirtydrugs
caoXcao: loser
caoXcao: your mom farted while we were goin at it on the water bed....
caoXcao: the impact saved me allot of energy
caoXcao: bounced for a while, eh?
Alai36: then why cant you even remeber buying your sex toys?
caoXcao: i told you dude, your mom payed me....
caoXcao: durrr
caoXcao: why do you think we're getting blood tests to see if you're my son or not?
Alai36: she was paying you to stay the hell away from her cause you smelled so bad
caoXcao: only cause she farted on me... jeusus
Alai36: those were drug tests you idiot
caoXcao: yeah, we were concerned for you son
caoXcao: we dont want you on that crack-cocaine
caoXcao: well, goodnight
Alai36: and she wanted to make sure whatever disease you had couldnt be spread just by sight
Alai36: lol
caoXcao: don't worry, we wont let you out of the house
caoXcao: you shouldnt call yourself that