Here is where i tell Armand why i took them down. And he proved his point about the site. And so, this is why his section, done by him, will hold it. And not my part.
caoXcao: you didnt show up for war2 lastnight
DDogPatoka: lol.
caoXcao: i got a convo you'll choke yourself on
caoXcao: it's me and gabool
caoXcao: tooth to tooth
DDogPatoka: so i heard, LOL
caoXcao wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\CaoCao\Desktop\gabools mom.htm.
DDogPatoka canceled request; the file will not be sent.
DDogPatoka: send agian
caoXcao: ?
DDogPatoka: hit button wotrng.
DDogPatoka: wrong
caoXcao wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\CaoCao\Desktop\gabools mom.htm.
DDogPatoka received C:\My Documents\download\DDogPatoka\gaboolsmom.h tm.
DDogPatoka: gab wants it to.
caoXcao: lol... ok
DDogPatoka: check out my profile.
caoXcao: lol
caoXcao: office space
DDogPatoka: lol
DDogPatoka: fuckin good movie.
caoXcao: yeah
caoXcao: Alai36: remember, you wanted the extra large multipak to have
"extra fun" ?
caoXcao: thus, she's called "your mom"
caoXcao: i said, "extra large, saggy hag"

caoXcao: LOL!
caoXcao: caoXcao: not multipak

DDogPatoka: LOL
caoXcao: dont put anything gabool gives you on the site
DDogPatoka: why not?LOL
caoXcao: not the one about gay people
caoXcao: trust me
caoXcao: dont
DDogPatoka: why?
caoXcao: other than that, any old convo is fine
caoXcao: my assistant manager has the link, and he's gay
DDogPatoka: LOL
caoXcao: i can get fired
caoXcao: if you want gaming news, don't put that up
DDogPatoka: ok ok.
DDogPatoka: i jus added a quote from you to aim.
caoXcao: add something in there about me not being gay, doof
caoXcao: where'd all the convo's go?
caoXcao: i only see the catlin one
caoXcao: lol
caoXcao: ?
DDogPatoka: this person i am good friends with got really pissed, lOL
caoXcao: and?
DDogPatoka: so i took them off
caoXcao: what?

DDogPatoka: what i just said.
caoXcao: the christian ones, right?
DDogPatoka: yep.
caoXcao: im being censored by some foo i dont even though
caoXcao: i cant take this opression
DDogPatoka: lol
caoXcao: dude, wtf?
DDogPatoka: it happens.
caoXcao: it's a chick you wanna get with, isn't it?
caoXcao: what the hell about the christian i shut up? you fucking took that off?
caoXcao: that's more offensive than it bein gup
caoXcao: *up
caoXcao: you're giving in to the christian opression, and domination of our lives.
DDogPatoka: it's just one xtain.
caoXcao: ummm, i see three of them gone
caoXcao: 3/4's of what i've sent you
DDogPatoka: yep.
caoXcao: dude... this bites ass
caoXcao: wtf?
caoXcao: you want in her pants or what?
caoXcao: there's nothing friggin offensive about them whatsoever, unless you're a bible-licking catholic (which i used to be, it's a horrible horrible world)
DDogPatoka: shes xtain.
caoXcao: who the heck is xtain?
DDogPatoka: xtain=christain.
caoXcao: and this matters to you, or me why?
caoXcao: so the hell what, i'm daoist, she offends me by not allowing me to post my thoughts and feelings
DDogPatoka: lol, she asked me nicely to take it down.
caoXcao: i'm asking you nicely.... "please put my artwork back up...."
caoXcao: I'm already stressed enough, this is the only good fun i have nemore
DDogPatoka: well, make a site for it.
caoXcao: i cant code or do html for a piss
caoXcao: i dont see how daoist proves a point is friggin offensive
caoXcao: i agree on the others, but come on now!
caoXcao: that one was harmless
caoXcao: put that one back up atleast
DDogPatoka: i can't.
caoXcao: and why not?
DDogPatoka: because, i dun care to piss her off/upset her.
caoXcao: that's her choice to read it, they have descriptions
caoXcao: whatever damien, be a sissyass, and conform to the "goodbook"
caoXcao: mightaswell go to church now
caoXcao: why don't i just march to their perfect race, conform or burn march...
caoXcao: dye my hair blonde, get blue color contac lenses
caoXcao: well, whatever.... have fun with the bible-beater
caoXcao: hope she's worth fukkin me over for.
DDogPatoka: whatever.
caoXcao: who the hell is this anyways?
caoXcao: well, who the hell is it?
DDogPatoka: meg.
caoXcao: i just dont get why you're fukkin me over for some chick
caoXcao: it's an "in your face" site, take it or leave it... bow to no-one i thought
caoXcao: for godsakes you have yourself givin head to scribblz
caoXcao: we have a chance to make our own part of the world, that we can enjoy, and you're lettin her water it down.
caoXcao: tell her that's the point of the site, to make ppl hate me.
caoXcao: if she don't like it, don't visit the damned site.
caoXcao: common sense people, that's all you need in life
DDogPatoka: some people can have an effect on others.
caoXcao: what's so exceptional about her?
caoXcao: i still think daoist proves a point has no offensive content what-so-ever
caoXcao: atleast put that back up, i could care less about the baby ones
caoXcao: they were filler
caoXcao: well?
DDogPatoka: i can't.
caoXcao: why she gonna bomb your house? what stops you

caoXcao: ?
caoXcao: you're trying to impress her?
caoXcao signed off at 11:20:30 PM.