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Work work work..all i seem to do these days. i speak my mind, piss alot of people off. is the other main thing in my life.*shrugs* not gonna change how i speak my guess this the way it gonna always be

Aye. today there will prolly be 2 rants, here, is the first.What is the way to happiness in life? is it being true to yourself? loving others? being a good lil kid? How come people seem to want to keep happiness and peace away from you? I haven't figured it out yet....perhaps life is just the gods cruel joke on us? To much wierd stuff.

Well, my 2nd rant is about friends, family, and betrayal. I seen the Generals Daughter...great movie...but when he found out betrayal was worse then rape(yes rape can be betrayal and usually is) i realized, after some current events, that that is the truest thing i have ever heard.Paranio, finger pointing, unhappiness...they seem to be what fills alot of people. And when they see someone happy, at peace, on the right track maybe, they jump all over them. They tear away the friendship, twist stuff, bring others over to their side. and for what? just to try to get you like them? whatever happened to freewill? freedom of choice? i wish people would learn, especially in times like these, that not everyone has to be like you, or that people can change, and it's not a bad thing all the time...ugh...what a world we live in.

well today after having some fun with a friend. i thought about what has befallen America in the past week and this is all that comes to in the hell did we let this happen? don't get me wrong, i think it is tragic for all the losses.....but it's funny in a way..America thinks it's invincible...and we jus got something literally shot up our asses to show we aren't. i think alot of good will come from this and i cannot wait to see what we will do to whoever attacked us. want us to not to think about this and get on with our lives? THEN GET IT OFF THE FUCKIN TV, i would like to watch some comedy shows to make me laugh you know? man...come on America..don't show stupidity again.

*sighs heavily*yah, have you ever said like 5 words to someone and they get all pissy and say your a lil bitch and shit like that? i mean come's not like i said he was a fuckin wanna-be that was gonna get his ass kicked personally by me.....geez...stupid people.

Ok ok ok, so rant today is about censorship. Why do people need to censor music and video games just because of the lyrics? "you don't allow your 12 year old son to cuss, but the bus driver is yellin fuckin him up worse" it's everywhere, why pick on 2 things? do your own fuckin job and stop blaming others. if you don't like it, don't listen to it/buy it, or don't allow your kids to listen to it/buy it. use all that anger/emotion on something important, like how to make sure bush is killed.....or something, my god.

People is todays topic. Why are people so dumb and able to be manipulated? Jesus christ, just look at the commercials on tv. I personally think, we need to change some things in this world on how we teach kids. The pussification of America has been underway for far to long.

I think "is that your final answer" is the dumbest shit i have ever heard. If i was up there(ha! when the world is overrun by apes maybe)i would tell him off....

Why do good WC2 players have lives? I mean, it's not fair to us losers to be beat in real life, by those guys then be beat on here by them...we are suppose to be the losers that rule them on this, i mean give us something come on!