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Holy've just entered Arm's thoughts bout fucked up. get ready for a treat when u read this wiggy lil shits thoughts.

This is friggin disgusting people, I can't stand the self-righteous bullshit that every religion in the world carries in their minds... get over it, or get hit by it! Here is the e-mail: E-Mail(Now read the e-mail.....and here is his response to the e-mail) I won't stand to listen to such garbage... you sound like Adolf Hitler... "founded by christian men and women"..."a country built by germans, for germans". yeah, really smart... let's write an email to piss people off and perhaps give more fuel to a racist/religion war. Get some damned common sense, and be patriotic in a less Naive way... I have to say this is he biggest display of historical ignorrance i have seen in my life. I hope there aren't many people like you in this world, cause that email makes me want to cry. Oh please, something the native americans need to learn? there was a time when the "great founding" of our civilization, was the literal rape and pillaging of theirs. As far as christianity vs. "the immigrants" don't start that... cause in the Islam followers eyes, they are righteous and correct. In your eyes you're correct. As well as the Daoist... Buddhist... Hindu... Jew... There is a difference between patriotism, and utter stupidity. think before you write tastless garbage that sounds more like the charter of the Ku Klux Klan. What are we standing up for? to kick down arabian citizens of our nation who had no affiliation with this incident what-so-ever? sure, immigrants speak italian, russian, french, arabic, chinese.... your ancestors spoke these languages... they faced the same cruel words as those in the email i have been sent by some mindless, self-righteous fool who doesn't think before they open that mouth of theirs, and boast about how "right" their way of life is... Want to be patriotic? realize that this is a mutli-racial nation, and live with it, deal with it. It's thoughts like these that only de-evolutionize this nations tolerance it has built among all of its races, that same tolerance which has made it the strong nation it has come to be. Common sense people, it's all you need to survive in this world... really, it is!