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All games are for Playstation-All the rated game are games that I owned at least once. I sold
the ones I don't currently own. I used the money to buy my current games. underline- rate thing (graphics, sound, gameplay,control, overall, comment) games rated by percent(%) 0%-sucks 100%-great(It's graded like school) *(name of game)-this means I currently own this game. Fighting(20) My second favorite genre. Beating the crap out of each other is just that dang good. And
wrestling is in this genre. List of Games Reviewed Battle Arena Toshinden Bushido Blade Dead or Alive Destrega Ergheiz King of Fighters ‘95 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Soul Blade Street Fighter Alpha Street Fighter Alpha 2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Street Fighter Collection 1 Street Fighter EX Tekken 2 Tekken 3 Tobal No. 1 WCW vs. The World WWF Warzone WWF Attitude WWF Smackdown Top Ten 1. *Tekken 3-Namco 2. *WWF Smackdown!-THQ 3. Street Fighter Alpha 3-Capcom 4. Dead or Alive-Tecmo 5. Street Fighter EX a-Capcom 6. Ehrgeiz-Squarsoft 7. Destrega-Koei 8. King of Fighters 95'-SNK 9. Soul Blade-Namco 10. Street Fighter Collection 1-Capcom Battle Arena Toshiden It's a street fighter kind of game but with weapons and in 3-D. Graphics-85% The first decent game that is in 3-D but are out of date. Sound-90% I like this music. Fits an anime movie. Gameplay-80% Good game, you can fall off the building and roll around the arena.
Good! Control-75% Some are the moves are hard to pull off. Overall-83% Good for the first time. Comment I just remembered about this game. Bushido Blade-Squaresoft Another attempt by Squaresoft. The might of the blade is mightier than
the fist. This is a game where one swift blow to the head is an
instant death. Others live until their energy bar drains away. Graphics-86% Good graphics and huge area. Psycotic looking blood. Sound-85% Sound of the birds, wind, and silence, good for a real fighter. Gameplay-95% This is new a fighter without an energy bar. One hit kills or a battle
that could last a long time. You can hit the guys leg and he would
limp. Wow, this is the closest thing to realness. Control-90% Not too many combos but everyone can use some of the same moves. Overall-89% The closest thing... Comment Squaresoft, is also good at some fighters. Dead or Alive-Tecmo Fighting, Fighting, Fighting! Women, women, women! Graphics-95% They're so smooth with the women's bouncing things (hee hee). Sound-80% Don't remember any of the music. Gameplay-85% Real fighter with out any weird things like lightening or fireballs,
except the ninja turns into leaves (See for yourself). Control-80% Blistering fingers playing this game, ouch! Overall-85% Good fun fighter but I got really pissed at this game for some odd
reason. Comment Jumping women, there are some perverted bastards in Tecmo. No
complaints. Destrega-Koei This boy (wow a fighter with a story) comes into his village and finds
that every one is dead. He then searches for the reason and finds out
that he is a straga, mystical people with powers, there aren't many
SHOCKERS but still it's really a movie that you only control the
battles but that's fine. Graphics-90% Good graphics, surroundings, characters, and intro movie are great! Sound-85% Straight out anime, I think. voice acting is alright, the main
character sounds like a wuss. Gameplay-85% Free moving fighter, that's great but limited amounts of moves. The
story mode is like watching a movie. Control-85% Simple control, easy for all. Overall-87% Free moving fighter is great with lot's of projectiles. Comment It's kinda like Dragon Ball z, the show not the games, because of all
the shooting from a distance. Ehrgeiz-Squaresoft Another fighter another day to waste, wait... FF7 characters, WOW!
Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, Yuffie, Zack, and the Great Sephitoth beating
the crap out of each other, plus other characters that you shouldn't
worry about yet. There's a quest mode but I thought you could use like
Cloud or Sephiroth but you can't you can only use two characters.
There are many mini games like races and sprints. Graphics-87% Smooth graphics, not much area graphics. Sound-80% Don't remember any of them. Gameplay-85% Free moving game with more moves then Destrega but too small of areas.
FF7 Characters! There's a quest mode but it's not that great. Control-80% Straight forward controls but does get weird. Overall-83% Decent fighter but needs a little more stuff for fighting. Comment Sephiroth can beat up Cloud for killing him in FF7. King of Fighter 95'-SNK Good fun games with a bunch of characters, I think 27 excluding the
bosses. Not really a story behind this. Graphics-80% 2-D Graphics, with vibrant colors. Sound-75% Don't remember any of the music. Gameplay-68% Loadtastic, but 3 on 3 fighting. Control-70% 2-D game with Playstation control, bad combination. Overall-74% Good game. Really outdated in 95', usually the game was created a year
earlier then the year in the name. Comment Get a joystick pad. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter-Capcom Marvel kickin Street Fighter's ass, Street Fighter kickin Marvel's
ass. What do you want? Graphics-80% Still 2-D but they are still great. Sound-80% Umm... Gameplay-75% No true tag team. Control-75% Yet again hard on the Playstation control. Overall-78% The best of Marvel vs. the best of Street Fighter, cool! Comment Neat! Soul Blade-Namco Just another fighter but with weapons. Graphics-92% There are pretty damn good. Sound-90% Good music, kinda sounds like something in an old Japanese movie
that was decent. Gameplay-85% Only eleven characters and a world tour mode or something. Control-87% Easy controls, maybe too easy. Overall-89% Good game. Fun fighting from the Tekken creators. Comment Weaponry game. Street Fighter Alpha-Capcom Street Fighter, Bison, Ryu, Ken, and others but where's the other
classic characters? Graphics-80% Good ol' 2-D graphics but no complaints except there outdated. Sound-80% Street Fighter music is always good. Gameplay-75% Street Fighter for the Playstation is good but there are others. Control-75% Sucks to use the Playstation controller. You really need control for
this game. Overall-78% Old school gaming that's it. Comment Only hardcore Street Fighter gamers should get this classic. Street Fighter Alpha 2-Capcom Same gameplay but more characters. Graphics-85% More of the same graphics, maybe a little better, I don't know. Sound-85% More levels, more music. Gameplay-80% More Characters, Woo Hoo! Control-75% More old school control. Overall-82% More of the same but more characters. Comment It's Street Fighter! Street Fighter Alpha 3-Capcom Same thing but more modes... that rocks! Graphics-90% Better! Sound-90% I think more levels more music. Gameplay-90% New world tour mode that rocks its great for stuff. And you can play a
classic battle, Ryu and Ken versus Bison, just like the anime. Control-75% Same as before. Overall-87% Good game better then the other ones. Comment Best on the Playstation. Street Fighter Collection 1-Capcom Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold on two
discs. Graphics-80% Snes Street Fighter on the playstation looks the same. Sound-87% New and old SF music. Gameplay-85% Two games in one. Control-75% Same as any other SF game. Overall-82% Two games in one. Didn't I already say that. Comment What? Two games in one. Street Fighter EX -Capcom Yay, same great game, same everything, wait it's in 3-D! Graphics-89% Street Fighter in 3-D, big move. Sound-85% More Street fighter music. Gameplay-90% It's in 3-D, that's new for them. Control-79% I think they’re better, it's been a long time. Overall-86% It's in 3-D, what more do you want? Comment There are a lot of Street Fighter games. Tekken 2-Namco Good game, real fighter sort of, no fireballs or stupidly high jumping. Graphics-90% Tekken graphics, but kinda cruddy looking. Sound-85% Alright music but I don't remember a lot. Gameplay-80% Nothing special just a bunch of button pushing. Control-85% Same as Tekken 3 Overall-85% Tekken 2, first Tekken I ever played. Comment I think this is the first 3-D fighter I've played. *Tekken 3-Namco Another installment for the series and the best one. More combat, more
secrets, better graphics, and it's funner. Graphics-97% Just like the arcade. Sound-95% Hyped up music to keep a good fight um... good! Gameplay-90% Great game, lots of secret, and a force mode. But gets boring after a
while. Control-85% Sucks to play on a normal Playstation controller. Other than that it's
hard to pull off combos. Overall-92% Probably the best fighting game ever! Comment Again, probably the best fighting game ever! Tobal no.1-Squaresoft A fighter from the rpg masters Squaresoft?! This game must suck! It
doesn't. Kinda outdated but still fun. No story but fun. Graphics-65% They suck but that doesn't mean that the game sucks. Sound-90% Awesome fight music, you can dance to it. Gameplay-90% This is just a fun game, graphics suck but a fun game, quest mode is
pretty fun does end up being kinda challanging. Control-85% Simple, I think. Overall-83% Good first game plus the graphics suck but who cares? Comment Good first for Squaresoft. WCW vs. the World-THQ A WCW game with only 12 WCW wrestlers and 50 losers, fun. Graphics-60% This is one of the ugliest wrestling games. Sound-60% No intro music, battling music sucks! Gameplay-65% It's WCW this game must suck! Control-67% All the controls are the same. Overall-63% No good, too old. Comment WCW sucks and always will. WWF Warzone-Acclaim WWF, you can never go wrong, don't expect anything except wrestling.
This isn't that fun. Graphics-75% Deformed characters aren't that great looking. Sound-75% It's a lot of silence except the angry crowd that wants to kill me. Gameplay-65% Press a million buttons and finally a body slam, there are a lot of
buttons to push. Control-65% Too slow for me. Overall-70% Not that good of a game, really outdated, "Rocky Sucks!" that is
really old, the Rock Rules! Comment Were the Hardy Boyz even wrestling yet? WWF Additude-Acclaim WWF with more modes and wrestlers. Graphics-79% A little better. Sound-79% More intro music but a whole lot of silence. Gameplay-65% Up, down, left, square, turn around three times jump out the window,
x, it's not really necessary for it to be this long and painful to do
the Rock Bottom. And I missed, Ow! Control-65% Same, nothing improved. Overall-72% Same game, but more wrestlers and modes. Comment I think the Hardy Boyz were wrestling, where the hell are they? *WWF Smackdown!-THQ New WWF game company, and this is a good move the other company kinda
stunk! Graphics-95% Good Graphics, they look like the wrestlers. The intros of the
wrestlers are great. Sound-90% WWF music! Fighting music kinda sucks, they kinda sound like they're
from Korn. I'm not saying Korn sucks, Korn is my favorite band. Listen
to #6 on the CD Life is Peachy by Korn, it's sounds like one of the
battling music. After saying this, I hope I don't get anyone sued. Gameplay-90% Great party game all the moves are the same button combination, and
it's kinda up to date. Create a wrestler needs to be better. Control-90% Fun game same controls for all the characters. Overall-92% Great game for wrestling fans like me! Comment They have my favorite wrestlers the Hardy Boyz. back to reviews page RPG reviews