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The following is a list of my 3e resources. At some point in time I will add 1st and 2nd edition resources as well. Those lists will be quite a bit shorter since I gave most of my 1st edition stuff to my brother and never really played 2nd edition.

Wizards of the Coast 3rd Edition

  1. Player's Handbook
  2. Dungeon Master's Guide
  3. Monster Manual
  4. Deities and Demigods
  5. Epic Level Handbook
  6. Fiend Folio
  7. Draconomicon
  8. Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
  9. Forgotten Realms Lords of Darkness
  10. Sword and Fist
  11. Defender's of the Faith
  12. Tome and Blood
  13. Master's of the Wild
  14. Song and Silence
  15. Hero Builder's Guide
  16. Enemies and Allies
  17. Book of Challenges
  18. Modules
    • The Sunless Citadel
    • The Forge of Fury
    • Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
    • The Speaker in Dreams
    • Bastion of Broken Souls

Wizards of the Coast / TSR 2nd edition

  1. Dugeon Master's Guide
  2. Player's Handbook
  3. Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins

Sword & Sorcery

  1. Creature Collection


  1. Dragon 285
  2. Dragon 286
  3. Dragon 294
  4. Dragon 298
  5. Dragon 304
I have other Dragon Magazines but they aren't with me and I don't remember their issue numbers.

AD&D 2nd edition:

  1. Dungeon Master's Guide
  2. Player's Handbook
  3. Greyhawk - The Adventure Begins

All other D&D material:

  1. Player's Hanbook
  2. Modules
    • I6 - Ravenloft
    • B2 - Keep on the Borderlands