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Joe's D&D 3e campaign

This page is host to my 3rd edition campaign. I've never actually DM'd a game before, but there is always a first time for everything. This page will contain a link to the message board where I will conduct the campaign. It will also link to the various house rules I will use. I hope to also create a character information page. The rest I will make up as I go along. I have added a page that has the house rules I will be using. This will be a page that gets updated on a semi-regular basis, all depending on how quickly I acquire new reference material. I hope that I do as well as the DM's in the games that I currently play in.

Since I am new at both DMing and Web building, any and all suggestions are welcome. Please send me a message with any ideas/suggestions that you may have. Criticism is also welcome, if the site sucks tell me so but please be constructive and make a recommendation that you think would make the site better.

3e resources
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House Rules
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Items that the party may find useful.
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Last Updated January 4, 2003 13:48 MST

Welcome to the Home of who knows who. The party has yet to come up with a name for themselves, although the Blood Thirsty Butchers would seem to fit. I first ran them through The Sunless Citadel, and they are new wandering around the Hommlet area trying to find The Temple of Elemental Evil.

The Sunless Citadel

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil