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Akana and Nuxvymyka

have arrived in Vermont to visit Blackdiam and Dylara.

Below are the pictures I took while Nux and Akana were visiting us. Mpeg movies are also available thanks to my friend Joe who loaned me some space on his website.

There's a link at the bottom of the page if you wish to see the movies we recorded on vacation.

We all stop to visit the Swans in the Town Park.

Saturday we gathered around and had a picnic. Unfortunately, Perilbane and Uell couldn't make it but Jasperlee and Diamus did so all is good. We had lots of good food and lots of good company. Even a nosy neighbor came over to investigate the

After the picnic we showed Akana and Nux a little bit of Vermont. We took them through Grand Isle and the other Islands via US Rte 2. At one place we stopped for gas and munchies we moved the car on Akana.

The "flippy" Cleric even graced us with a "flip off" when we moved the car on him. *giggle*

On our trip through the Islands Akana mentioned his desire to see a "mountain". So what better time than to visit Smuggler's Notch. We were having a blast and stayed so late that some of the pictures took on an eerie quality.

Awww... look we tired them all out in the fresh "Mountain Air".... *giggle*.

Well it gave me time to finish their painting.

Alas! the time has come to go home....

We didn't want them to go any more than they wanted to but we all know how real life tends to interrupt our fun. We really really enjoyed meeting them in person for the first time and would love to have them come visit again.

Bye Bye! Hope you can Come Visit Again!


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