Card game for 2 + players.
Players are Zookeepers competing to build up the best Zoo.

At the end of the game, the player with the most Victory points wins.
The game ends when a player goes to draw a card and there are no cards 
left in the deck. 

Players share a common deck.
The deck has 1 of each card described in the card list.
Cards represent animals in captivity for viewing as well as other facilities.

Each card has 1 or more traits. 
There are 12 traits:
#	Trait:				Abbreviation:
1	Africa				F
2	Australia			U
3	Asia				A
4	Herbivore			H
5	Carnivore			C
6	Omnivore/Insectivore		O
7	Bird				B
8	Mammal				M
9	Reptile				R
10	Primate				P
11	Special				S
12	Endangered			E

Each player starts with 2 cards. 
The youngest player goes first. 

Players take turns.
After each player has had a turn there is a Scoring round.
Each turn has 3 phases:
1	Draw Phase
2	Meld Phase
3	Discard Phase

Draw 2 cards from the deck.

You may put one or more cards into play 
(In Play: face-up on the table in front of you)
All cards played (the Meld) must share 1 trait in common.
Cards put into play stay in play for the rest of the game. 

Max hand size is 5 cards.
Discard excess cards.
The current player may make card trades with other players.
(Both players must agree to the trade)

This occurs after every player has had a turn.
For each of the 12 traits, count the number of cards you have with that trait.
That is your score for that trait. 
The player with the highest score in a trait gets 1 Victory point. 
Award 1 Victory Point for each of the 12 traits.

Card Name:			Traits:
Chimpanzee			FPOE
African Elephant		FMHE
Mountain Gorilla		FPOE
Bongo				FMH
Thompson Gazelle		FMHE
Ostrich				FBO
Black Rhinoceros		FMH
Lion				FMC
Impala				FMH
Red-Billed Oxpecker		FBO
African Rock Python		FRC
African Wild Dog		FMCE
Cheetah				FMCE
Hyena				FMC
Wildebeest			FMH
Madagascar Lemur		FPOE
African Gray Parrot		FBH
Meerkat				FMC
Mandrill			FPO
Hippopotamus			FMH
Gnu				FMH
Crocodile			FRC
Ploughshare Tortoise		FRHE
Great Egret			FBCE
Zebra				FMHE
Asian Elephant			AMHE
Himalayan Black Bear		AMO
Komodo Dragon			ARC
White Bengal Tiger		AMCE
Siberian Tiger			AMCE
Veiled Chameleon		ARO
King Cobra			ARC
Dhole (Wild Dog)		AMCE
Arabian Oryx			AMHE
Bactrian Camel			AMHE
Giant Panda			AMHE
Red Crowned Crane		ABO
Red Panda			AMOE	
Snow Leopard			AMCE
Musk Ox				AMH
Orangutan			APO
Peacock				ABO
Yak				AMHE
Siamang Gibbon			APHE
Bandicoot			UMO
Duck-billed Platypus		UMC
Koala				UMHE
Wallaby				UMHE
Tuatara				URCE
Numbat				UMOE
Emu				UBO
Kangaroo			UMH
Kookaburra			UBC
Frilled Lizard			URC
Kiwi				UBOE
Tasmanian Devil			UMCE
Wombat				UMH
Monorail			S
Tram Tours			S
Gift Shop			S
Walking Tour			S
Wildlife Show			S
Breeding Program		SE
International Program		SE
Zoological Society		S
Keeper Talks			S
Education Program		S

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