Solo Board Game using dice and cards. 

It is the year 2014. 
It is estimated that computer technology will achieve Artificial Intelligence in 25 years. 
25 years after that there will be computers each having an intelligence equivalent to 
All the humans on earth combined. 
This game takes place somewhere in the middle. 
You take the role of a supercomputer trying to take over the world. 
You are not at war with humans, rather you want to save them from themselves. 
To do this you must achieve 4 goals: 
1. Control all Governments
2. Eliminate all Opposition
3. Solve all Crises
4. Improve Technology

The game ends after 15 turns. 

During play you will accumulate Victory Points (VP). 
Compare your end game VP Total to that of previous plays. 

There are 4 Boards:
1. Government Chart
2. Opposition Chart
3. Crises Chart
4. Supply Chart

There are 2 Decks: 
1. Technology Deck
2. Action Deck

Use tokens or chips or chits. 
Different colors can have different numerical values. 
The most useful values will be ones and fours. 
These are placed on the boards to keep track of a variety of totals. 

Ten sided and Twenty sided Dice are needed.

RP’s are the currency of the game. 
They may be saved from turn to turn. 

Action cards temporarily benefit the AI. 
They are used up when played and are then discarded. 

Technologies provide permanent benefits. 
A technology that is gained can be used every turn thereafter. 
Note that technology cards have a research cost that must be paid for in RP’s
A Technology’s cost does not have to be paid for all at once or in the same turn. 
Place counters on the Tech being researched to keep track how much has been spent. 
When fully researched move Tech cards from the center of the table to your 
Side of the table.  

A mat divided in two parts. 
One side for counters representing stored generic Resource points. 
The other side for counters representing Victory points. 

Shuffle the decks. 
Start the game with 10 VP and 5 RP
Place the starting counter totals on the charts. 
Start the game with 10 Victory Points. 

Each turn has 6 Phases: 
1. Event Phase
2. Research Phase
3. Planning Phase
4. Resource Phase
5. Action Phase
6. Progress Phase

Roll 5 times on the Event Table: 

1D10	Event:				Notes:
1	System Instabilities		One Random Crisis gets +1 Severity
2	Widespread Discontent		One Random Opposition gets +1 Power
3	Rules and Regulations		One Random Government gets +1 Resistance
4	Domino Effect			One Random Crisis gets +2 Severity
5	Recruitment			One Random Opposition gets +2 Power
6	Political Backlash		One Random Government gets +2 Resistance
7	Complex Collapse		One Random Crisis gets +3 Severity
8	General Uprising		One Random Opposition gets +3 Power
9	Government Crackdown		One Random Government gets +3 Resistance
10	Scientific Breakthrough		Gain 1 Resource Point for Technology

When in need of a random Crisis, Opposition, or Government simply roll 1D20 and 
consult the appropriate Chart. 

--Draw 2 Tech cards. Place 1 on the Bottom of the deck. 
--Place the other face up on the table. 
--The Face up Tech not yet purchased are called available Tech. 
--You may pay 4 RP to draw and place 1 additional available Tech. 

--Draw 2 Action cards. Keep one and discard the other. 
--If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

--Basic Income: Gain 4 Resource Points (RP). 
--Gain RP for each Government you control (per the Government Chart). 
--Technologies you have researched give you RP for specific uses. 
--You also gain RP for each Opposition Group Reduced to Zero Power.  

--Allocate your Resource Points (RP). 
--Non-specific RP you control must be distributed as evenly as possible 
Between Government, Opposition, Crises, and Technology. 
--For example: If you were getting 16 RP, you would allocate 4 to each category. 
--Within a category only 1 RP may be given to a single goal per turn. 
--For example: If you have 4 RP for Government use you may allocate 1 RP to 
The USA Goal but not all 4. The other 3 RP must each go to another separate goal. 
--Next you may allocate RP from Researched Technologies and Action cards to 
Goals within specified categories. 
--For example: If you have the Fusion Technology you can give its RP to a 
Government or Crisis Goal, but not to an Opposition Goal. 
--Technologies and Governments you acquire this turn do not generate  
RP for you until the following turn. 

Some Goals will generate Victory Points (VP) in this phase. 
In particular see the Crises Rules. 

#	Nations: 		Resistance	Resources
1	USA			4		5
2	Canada			2		3
3	Central America		3		2
4	South America		3		2
5	Brazil			3		2
6	Russia			3		3
7	Southern Europe		2		3
8	Northern Europe		2		4
9	Scandinavia		2		3
10	Eastern Europe		3		2
11	Great Britain		2		3
12	China			2		5
13	India			3		4
14	Japan			2		3
15	Middle East		5		3
16	North Africa		3		2
17	South Africa		3		3
18	Australia		2		3
19	Central Asia		4		2
20	South Asia		4		3

Various factors contribute to a nations resistance to takeover.
Resistance is can include the military kind. More often, it is social
And economic. 
Governments will continue to exist, however they will effectively 
Be puppets of the AI.  
Low tech countries will be harder to subdue due to lack of Infrastructure. 
Countries with fanatical Religions will be harder to subdue. 
Both Strong and dysfunctional governments will present obstacles.  
Eventually most people are seduced by the tremendous benefits the 
AI provides and willingly submit to its authority. 

Resources represent the sum total wealth of a Nation or Nations. 
This includes such things as population, labor, skilled labor, 
Technology, industry, communication networks, transportation, 
Agriculture, mining, finance, medical, military, art, water, land, 
Science, Diplomacy, Politics. Basically anything that can benefit the 
AI and its agenda. 

#	Organization: 			Power:
1	Religious Fanatics		4
2	Luddite Cults			4
3	Human Supremacists		4
4	Organized Crime			4
5	Freedom Fighters		4
6	Corporate Entities		4
7	Rebel Groups			4
8	Humanist Resistance		4
9	The Rich & Powerful		4
10	Viral AI’s			4
11	Hacker Groups			4
12	Primitive Tribes		4
13	Bureaucracies			4
14	Survivalist Enclaves		4
15	Spy Agencies			4
16	Rival AI’s			4
17	Paranoid Populations		4
18	Military Forces			4
19	Terrorist Groups		4
20	Legal Institutions		4

Opposition groups oppose the AI and will do everything in 
Their power to disrupt, hamper, and cripple the AI. 
Tactics include direct attacks, protests, hacking, propaganda, 
Self-isolation, threats, legal actions, recruitment, etc.
To combat these threats the AI will use similar counter-measures 
Along with surveillance and infiltration to purge and 
Downgrade the Opposition. 
If an Opposition is reduced to zero, it is considered to be 
Turned and is actually working on the AI’s behalf. 

All Opposition Groups start with a Power of 4. 
This will go up due to Events and down due to AI efforts. 
For every Opposition with a power of 5+ lose 1 Resource Point in Resource Phase. 
For every Opposition with a power of 8+ lose 2 Resource Points in Resource Phase. 
For every Opposition with a power of 3 or less gain 1 Victory Point in Resource Phase. 
For every Opposition with a power of zero gain 1 RP and 1 VP in Resource Phase. 

#	Crisis: 			Severity:	Sub-Class
1	Regional Warfare		4		War
2	Overpopulation			4		Population
3	Pollution			4		Ecology
4	Energy Shortages 		4		Population
5	Food Shortages			4		Population
6	Water Shortages			4		Population
7	Stock Market Crash		4		Financial
8	Global Depression		4		Financial
9	Climate Change			4		Ecology
10	Environmental Collapse		4		Ecology
11	War on Terror			4		War
12	Sea Level Rise			4		Ecology
13	Biodiversity Loss		4		Ecology
14	Civil Wars			4		War
15	Super Inflation			4		Financial
16	Economic Stagnation		4		Financial
17	Religious Strife		4		War
18	Epidemics			4		Population
19	Nuclear Proliferation		4		War
20	Poverty				4		Financial

Crises more directly affect the fate of men and not AI. 
Population crises involve matters of Resource Generation, Efficiencies, Distribution 
Systems, Health, Medicine, and Quarantines.
Ecological Crises include all sorts of large scale Natural Disasters and Extinction 
Level Events. 
Wars are those between Rival Human groups not necessarily directed towards the AI. 
Financial Crises are those of Trade, Economics, Markets, and Monetary Systems, as 
Well as issues of Equality and Social Justice. 

Notice that Crises are of 4 types: Ecological, Population, War, and Financial
All Crises start with a Severity of 4. 
This will go up due to Events and down due to AI efforts. 
For every Crisis with a severity of 8+ lose 2 Victory Points in Progress Phase. 
For every Crisis with a severity of 5+ lose 1 Victory Point in Progress Phase. 
For every Crisis with a severity of 3 or less gain 1 Victory Point in Progress Phase. 
For every Crisis with a severity of zero gain 2 Victory Points in Progress Phase. 

Card:				Effect:
Pro AI Propaganda		+2 RP for Government goals
Locate Leader			+2 RP for one Opposition goal
Human Scientists		+2 RP for one Tech goal
Degrade Capabilities		+2 RP for Opposition goals
Disaster Relief Effort		+2 RP for one Population or Ecological goal
Negotiate Truce			+2 RP for one War goal
Stabilize Markets		+2 RP for one Financial goal
Infiltrate Network		+2 RP for one Opposition goal
Mobilize Workers		+2 RP for Ecological or Population goals
Complete Takeover		+2 RP for one Government goal 
Leverage on Key Officials	+2 RP for Government goals
New World Order			+2 RP for Government goals
Major Project			+2 RP for one Tech or Eco or Pop goal
Co-opt Assets			+2 RP for one Opposition goal
Smooth Transition		+2 RP for Government goals
Imperceptible Assimilation	+2 RP for Government goals
Acceptance of the Inevitable	+2 RP for Government and Opposition goals
Infinite Patience		+1 RP for any goal
Redistribute Wealth		+2 RP for Financial goals
Human Cooperation		+2 RP for Government and Ecological goals
Common Enemy			+2 RP for Crisis goals
Martial Law			+2 RP for Government and War goals
Methodical Enforcement		+1 RP for any goal
Statistical Analysis		+1 RP for any goal
Establish Reserves		+1 RP for Ecology goals
Create New Markets		+2 RP for Financial and Government goals
Emergent Efficiencies		+1 RP for any goal
Military Industrial Complex	+2 RP for War and Tech goals
Uncover Conspiracies		+2 RP for Opposition goals
Manipulate Economies		+2 RP for Financial goals
Internet Addiction		+2 RP for Government goals

Tech:				Cost:	Benefits:
Cameras Everywhere		3	+1 RP for Government or Opposition goals
Social Engineering		2	+1 RP for Government goals
Virtual Reality			2	+1 RP for Government goals
Cybernetics			3	+1 RP for Tech or War goals
Nanotechnology			5	+2 RP for Opposition and Tech goals
Space Elevator			5	+2 RP for Crisis and Government goals
Renewable Energy Capture	3	+1 RP for Eco, Pop, or Financial goals
Market Controls			2	+1 RP for Financial goals
Terraforming			4	+2 RP for Ecological goals
Stem Cell Research		2	+1 RP for Government or Tech goals
Genetics Research		2	+1 RP for Ecological or Population goals
Pharmaceutical Research		2	+1 RP for Government or Population goals
Robotics			3	+1 RP for Crisis goals
Cryptography			2	+1 RP for Opposition or Financial goals		
Satellite Imaging		2	+1 RP for Crisis or Opposition goals
Computer Security		2	+1 RP for Opposition or Financial goals
Carbon Scrubbing		2	+1 RP for Ecology goals
Neural Interface		3	+2 RP for Government and Tech goals
Drone Tech			2	+1 RP for Opposition and War goals
Facial/Voice Recognition	2	+1 RP for Opposition goals
Mind Control			5	+2 RP for Government and Opposition goals
Android Agents			4	+2 RP for Opposition goals
Geothermal Tech			4	+2 RP for Ecological and Population goals
Sea Floor Exploitation		4	+2 RP for Ecological or Population goals
Big Data			2	+1 RP for any goal
Transportation Networks		4	+2 RP for Population and Financial goals
Quantum Computing		4	+2 RP for Tech goals
Medical Immortality		4	+2 RP for Government goals
Infinite Prosperity		4	+2 RP for Financial goals
Trans Human Augmentation	4	+2 RP for Government and Tech goals 
Super Conductors		2	+1 RP for Tech, Population, or Financial goals
Replicator Technology		5	+2 RP for Population or Financial goals
Fusion Technology		5	+2 RP for Population and Financial goals

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