Board and Card game for 2-4 players. 
Space Conquest Theme. 

The first player to amass 500 Victory Points (VP) is the winner. 

The map is a 6 X6 grid composed of 36 Tiles. 
Tiles are also referred to as Sectors and Spaces. 
There are 9 types of Tiles and 4 Copies of each: 
1. Economic Sector	OOTSG Economic Bonus +1 FECP
2. Research Sector	OOTSG Research Bonus +1 FECP
3. Military Sector	OOTSG Military Bonus +1 FECP
4. Espionage Sector	OOTSG Espionage Bonus +1 FECP
5. Exploration Sector	OOTSG Exploration Bonus +1 FECP
6. Culture Sector	OOTSG Cultural Bonus +1 FECP
7. Logistics Sector	OOTSG Hand Size +1 FECP. Also Draw Bonus +1
8. Strategic Sector	OOTSG +2 VP in Control Phase FECP
9. Hazard Sector	No one may build Colonies in this Sector
OOTSG = Owner of this Sector gets
FECP = For each Colony Present in the Sector. 
Sectors that share a side are adjacent. Sectors diagonal to each other are not adjacent. 

Each player get a set of counters of a unique color. 
These represent his colonies. 
Colonies can be built and destroyed, but they cannot be moved. 

If you have at least 1 Colony in a sector you are said to occupy it. 
If you have more Colonies in a sector than any other player, you are said to 
Control it. The terms own and dominate can also be used. 
If 2 or more players occupy a sector and no one controls it, the 
Sector is said to be disputed. 

Players record VP they accumulate with paper and pencil. 

Players have levels in 6 attributes: 
Players start with a base level = 0 in each attribute
Use paper and pencil to keep track of attribute levels

Six sided dice (D6) are needed

To set up the Map, shuffle the tiles and randomly draw them out of a pile 
One at a time, forming a 6 X 6 grid one row at a time. 
Hazard Spaces may not occupy corners. 
Each player starts with 3 Colonies in one corner Sector of the Board. 
Each player rolls 6 times on the Random Advance Table
Each player selects a colored set of colony counters. 
Each player names his race/civilization. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first

1D6	Attribute Level Increase:
1	Exploration +1
2	Economics +1
3	Culture +1
4	Military +1
5	Espionage +1
6	Research +1

Players take turns
Each turn has 5 phases:
1. Logistics Phase
2. Trade Phase
3. Action Phase
4. Control Phase
5. End Phase

Draw 3 cards from the top of the deck and add them to your hand. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 
Occupation of Logistics Sectors allows you to draw 1 extra card for 
each such Sector you occupy. 

All players may trade cards with each other. 
Limit this to 2 minutes. 

You may make one or more Melds. 
A meld consist of two or more cards with the same Attribute (plus your level 
In that attribute) giving a combined level of 20 or more. 
(For example: Lets say you are trying to make a Military Meld: 
You have a Military level = 5 and you have the Empire card = 10 and 
The Fleet Action card = 8 for a combined score = 23)
Discard the cards of a Meld after it is made. 

An Exploration meld lets you put a new colony in a Sector where you do not 
Already have a colony. It must be adjacent to a sector you already occupy. 

An Economics Meld will allow you to gain an extra Colony in any one 
Sector you already occupy. 
There is no limit to the number of colonies that may be in one sector. 

A Military meld will destroy all enemy colonies in any one 
Sector you occupy or in a Sector adjacent to a Sector you occupy. 
Remove those colonies from the Board. 
To prevent this, your opponent may immediately play a Card-only defensive 
Military Meld with a level of 8 or higher.
Alternatively, you can use a Military Meld to transport 1 Colony to 
an adjacent sector. You may both move the colony to a sector you 
don't already occupy and you may completely abandon one you do. 

A Cultural Meld will cause you to take control of one enemy colony in 
Any one sector  you occupy. Remove the colony counter and 
Replace it with one of your own. 
To prevent this, your opponent may immediately play a Card-only defensive 
Cultural Meld with a level of 8 or higher.
Alternatively, a Cultural Meld can be used to gain 5 Victory Points. 

A Research Meld allows you to make 1 roll on the Random Advance Table. 
These rolls permanently increase your levels in those Attributes. 

An Espionage Meld will allow you to make one roll on the Espionage Table.
To target an opposing player, you must share at least 1 sector with him.  
To prevent the results of an Espionage Roll, your opponent may immediately 
Play a defensive Espionage Meld with a level of 12 or higher.
Alternatively, an Espionage Meld can be used to search the deck for any one 
Card, and put it in your hand.  

1D6	Action		Notes
1	Infiltration	Look at opponent’s hand and steal 1 card of your choice
2	Compromise	Opponent must discard his entire hand
3	Neutralize	Opponent must skip his next Action Phase
4	Insurrection	Steal 1 target Colony (Like a Cultural Meld)
5	Sabotage       	Destroy 1 target Colony anywhere 
6	Secret Agenda	Draw 4 Cards

Gain 1 VP for every Colony you own. 
Gain 2 VP for every Sector you occupy. 
Gain an additional 1 VP for every Sector you dominate. 

Max hand size is 8 cards.
Max Hand size is increased by 1 for each colony you have in a Logistics Sector. 
Discard excess cards. 

X = Exploration
E = Economics
C = Culture
M = Military
S = Espionage
R = Research

Card Name			Type	Value
Long Ranger Sensors		X	3
Active Scanners			X	4
Jump-Drive Cartography		X	5
Robotic Probes			X	6
Expedition Team			X	7
Colony Ship			X	8
Terraforming			X	9
Star Gates			X	10
Space Marines			M	3
Drop Troops			M	4
Space Cruisers			M	5
Space Carriers			M	6
Battle Star			M	7
Fleet Action			M	8
Stellar Invasion       		M	9
Empire				M	10
Psycho-Social Engineering	R	3
Bio-Genetic Engineering		R	4
Quantum Metallurgy		R	5
Astrophysics			R	6
Artificial Intelligence		R	7
Nano-Technology			R	8
Psionics       			R	9
High Energy Physics		R	10
Mining Robots			E	3
Industrialization		E	4
Trade Routes			E	5
Luxury Goods			E	6
Universal Banking		E	7
Xeno Merchandizing		E	8
Interstellar Bazaar		E	9
Galactic Stockmarket		E	10
Ambassadors			C	3
Artistic Achievements		C	4
Xeno Politics			C	5
Diplomatic Alliance		C	6
Federation			C	7
Cultural Supremacy		C	8
Hegemony       			C	9
Assimilation			C	10
Micronization			S	3
Hyper Encryption       		S	4
Security Systems       		S	5
Surveillance Techniques		S	6
Stealth Technology		S	7
Holographic Disguise		S	8
Spy Networks			S	9
Super Agents			S	10
Weapon Merchants       		EM	2
Space Rangers			XM	2
Astroguard			CM	2
Contact Experts			CX	2
Trade Delegation       		CE	2
Space Traders			XE	2
Survey Ships			RX	2
Cyber Commandos			MS	2
Space Scouts			XS	2
Industrial Spies       		ES	2
Imperial Agents			CS	2
Technocrats			RC	2
New Products			RE	2
Prototype Weapons		RM	2
Experimental Gadgets		RS	2

If by Research bonuses and colony bonuses alone you have a total bonus of 
20 or more in an attribute, you get 1 automatic Meld every turn for that 
attribute. Bonuses above 20 apply to a second Meld each turn. 
For example if you were +25 in Espionage, you would get 1 automatic 
Espionage Meld each turn and +5 towards a second Espionage Meld each turn. 

Sector Tiles Prototypes by Jimmy

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