Scenario for WarpQuest.
Click here for the WarpQuest Core Rules.
Each player takes the role of a teenager looking to “Score” on a Saturday night.

There is only one Module.
There is no Artifact.
The journey on the board is a one way trip.
Spaces on the board represent time not distance.
There are 6 types of challenges:
Alcohol, Sex, Drugs, Music, Trouble, Fight
Each player starts with 6 skills.
If a card lists two types pick one.
If you fail the challenge discard the card (no one gets wounded or killed). 
If you win the Challenge, keep the card.
The player with the most cards in the most challenge types wins. 
If you win a “fight” with an opponent take any one of his cards.

1D6	Skill			Notes
1	Stupidity		+1 to Trouble Challenges
2	Smooth Talking		+1 to Sex Challenges
3	Tough Guy		+1 to Fight Challenges
4	Stoner			+1 to Drug Challenges
5	Tape Collection		+1 to Music Challenges
6	Tolerance		+1 to Alcohol Challenges

Card Name				Notes
Six Pack of Beer			Alcohol
Vodka Bottle in each Hand		Alcohol
Beer Keg				Alcohol
Long Neck Flask				Alcohol
Wine Coolers				Alcohol
Wine in a paper Bag			Alcohol
Chugging				Alcohol
Game of Quarters			Alcohol
Bar Hopping				Alcohol
Pub Crawl				Alcohol
Beer & Chicken Wings			Alcohol
Mixed Drinks				Alcohol
Hard Liquor				Alcohol
Tequila Shots				Alcohol
Dance Club				Music
Live Band				Music
House Music				Music
Head Bangers Ball			Music
Mosh Pit				Music or Fight
Stage Diving				Music or Trouble
Techno Rave 				Music
Hip Hop					Music
Grunge					Music
Dance Music				Music
Battle of the Bands			Music
Rap Music				Music
Heavy Metal				Music 
Hardcore				Music 
Retro Disco				Music
Nitrous Oxide				Drugs
Mary Jane				Drugs or Sex
Smokin Dope				Drugs
Grass					Drugs
Pass the Joint				Drugs
Burn					Drugs
Dime Bag				Drugs
Psychadelic Haze			Drugs or Music
Water Bong				Drugs
Weed					Drugs
Light Up				Drugs
Cocaine					Drugs
Spanish Fly				Drugs or Sex
Spin the Bottle				Sex
Truth or Dare				Sex or Trouble
Hippy Chick				Sex
Condoms					Sex
Two Sisters				Sex
Beach Bunny				Sex				
Party Girl				Sex or Drugs
Wham Bam Thank You Maam			Sex
Punk Rock Girl				Sex or Music
Sex on the Beach			Sex or Alcohol
Back Seat				Sex
Dinner & a Movie			Sex
College Dorm Orgy			Sex
Hot Tub					Sex
Skinny Dipping				Sex or Trouble
Roomates				Sex
Boy Toy					Sex
Gang Bang				Sex
Biker Chick				Sex or Fight
Ass Whooping				Fight
Fight in the Bowling Alley		Fight
Scuffle in the Parking Lot		Fight
You Lookin at Me?			Fight
Hicks					Fight
Punks					Fight
Lowlifes				Fight
Fight Club				Fight
Looking for Trouble			Fight or Trouble
Saturday Nights alright for Fighting 	Fight
Mailbox Baseball			Trouble
Cops Break up Party			Trouble
Shoot Bottle Rockets at Houses		Trouble
Driving Drunk				Trouble or Alcohol
Street Racing				Trouble
Toilet Paper Cars			Trouble
Shoplifting				Trouble
Loud Stereo Speakers			Trouble or Music
Broken Bottles				Trouble or Alcohol
Loud & Obnoxious			Trouble or Fight
Juvenile Delinquent			Trouble
Break Window				Trouble
Vandalism				Trouble
Graffiti				Trouble
Crash Party				Trouble or Fight
Trespassing				Trouble
Money					Aid: +4 to Drug, Alcohol, or Music Challenge
Cool Car				Aid: +4 to Sex Challenge
Good Looks				Aid: +4 to Sex Challenge
Stash					Aid: +4 to Drug Challenge
Gang					Aid: +4 to Fight Challenge
Bad Attitude				Aid: +4 to Fight or Trouble Challenge

Aspirations of my younger days...
My "Score" was never that high :)

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