Stratego variant with a Japanese theme.
There are 40 new pieces.
The object is to capture all of your opponent’s 4 fortresses.
Fortresses do not move.
High rank units capture lower ranks.
(A Daiyamo = 12 would capture Heavy Cavalry = 11)
Equal ranks result in mutual destruction.
There are no bombs.
Ninja can move diagonally.
Ninja always win if they are the attacker.
Ranged units (R) always defeat infantry (I).
Cavalry (C) always defeats ranged units.
Certain infantry will defeat cavalry, if the cavalry is attacking.
Cavalry move like scouts.

Unit Name			#	Rank	Type	Notes
Fortress			4	0	-	
Ninja                   	3	0	-	Defeats all units in attack
Ashigaru Spearmen       	3	1	I	Defeats Cavalry in defense
Ashigaru Gunners        	3	2	R	Defeats Infantry
Bushi Spearmen          	3	3	I	Defeats Cavalry in defense
Bushi Musketeers        	3	4	R	Defeats Infantry
Bushi Spear Cavalry     	6	5	C	Defeats Ranged Units
Warrior Monks    		2	6	I	
Samurai Swordsmen      		3	7	I	
Samurai Horse Archers 		2	8	-	Defeats Infantry/Move like scouts
Samurai Archers        		3	9	R	Defeats Infantry
Samurai Naginata        	2	10	I	Defeats Cavalry in defense
Samurai Heavy Cavalry   	2	11	C	
Daiyamo                		1	12	C	

by Raymond A. Salvas

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 Here's what I have for playing pieces for Shogun Stratego. 
These are to be put on the Stratego playing pieces from Hasbro.  
They would measure 5/8" wide by 7/8" high. The person who would use these 
would need to cut and paste a little to make them fit.  
Also, the blue and red pieces are separated. The blue are on top, 
(the pieces are of blue colored nature), and the same would go for the red 
pieces, (the pieces are of red colored nature), so to speak.  
People can do anything they want with the coloring, this is what I and my two 
sons decided on the coloring. There are extra pieces at the bottom, which were 
created by my son. 


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