Titanic Struggle between Rival Super Hero/Villain Teams. 

You win if all Heroes/Minions of the opposing Team are neutralized. 
Neutralized = Defeated or Delayed 

There are 2 Common Decks: The Recruit Deck & the Action Deck.

This includes the following card types:
Heroes (Villains)

This includes the following card types:
Action cards are immediately discarded after being used. 
Battle cards are used in Action Phase to modify Attacks. 
Event cards are used as described in their text. 

Six sided dice are needed. 

Aid cards are attached to Heroes. 
Minions may not normally attach Aid cards. 
Only the Bad Guy player can attach Plot cards to his Heroes. 
A single Hero can attach a maximum of:
1 Origin
1 Base
1 Reputation
1 Sidekick
1 Suit
1 Helmet
1 Pair of Boots
1 Vehicle
1 Plot
Upgrade cards attach to Aid cards. 

Cards in play are placed face-up on the table in between the players.
Unattached Cards in play will include Heroes & Minions.  
Aid cards in play must be attached (partially under) to a Hero card. 
Upgrade cards in play must be attached (partially under) to an Aid card. 

A Team can have a base maximum of 6 Heroes in it at a time. 
This includes Heroes with Delay and Damage Counters. 

Players determine which player will be the Good guys, and which will be the Bad guys. 
The bad guy goes first. 
Shuffle the Recruit Deck. 
Each player is dealt 10 Cards from the Recruit Deck.
Players cannot attack on their first turn. 

Players take Turns.
The current player is referred to as the active player.  
Each turn has 6 Phases:
Contacts Phase
Recruit Phase
Equip Phase
Tactics Phase
Action Phase
Recovery Phase

Draw 2 Cards from the Recruit Deck and put them in your Recruit Hand.

Only the active player may put cards into play. 
You may put any number of Hero cards from your hand into play.
The bad guy player can put any number of Minion cards from his hand into play.
Heroes under control of the Bad guy player are referred to as Villains. 

Only the active player may put cards into play. 
You may attach Aid cards from your hand to your Heroes. 
Each Hero may receive a maximum of 1 Aid card per turn.
Upgrade cards may be attached to Aid cards.  
Villains may attach Plot cards. 
Origin cards may only be attached to Heroes you put into play this turn. 

Draw 2 Cards from the Action Deck and put them in your Action Hand.
The Good Guy player may discard Plot, Plot Upgrade, & Minion cards from his hand. 
For each Plot, Plot Upgrade, & Minion card discarded, he may draw 2 Action cards. 

Each of your Heroes/Minions may attack once in this phase. 
A Hero/Minion with Delay Tokens cannot attack or be Attacked. 
The Attacker chooses the target Hero of the Attack.
The target player may intercept the attack with another hero/minion he has in play. 
The hero/minion receiving the Attack is known as the Defender.
A single defending Hero/Minion may only intercept once per turn. 
To attack compare the Total Force of the Attacker + 1D6 vs the Total Force of the Defender + 1D6. 
Battle cards are used to increase a target Heroes Force for a Single dice roll. 
Minions cannot normally use Battle cards.
If the attackers total is greater the target receives Damage Tokens equal to the difference. 
If a Hero has more Damage Markers than Force, he is discarded (defeated). 
All Aid cards attached to the defeated card are also discarded. 

Most attacks are of the Damage Type (vs a single target) as described in Action Phase.
(If unstated, consider an attack to be of the Damage type.) 
There are other types of attacks that do not cause Damage:  Immobilization and Control
A successful Immobilization attack results in 1D6 Delay Tokens being placed on the Target.
A successful Control attack results in you taking control of the Target Hero.
If a Minion is ‘controlled’ by a Good Hero, it is destroyed (discarded). 
The Extra attack ability allows a second attack of whatever type the Hero normally makes. 
Some cards that allow an Extra attack will designate it as a Damage attack of a stated Force. 
Area Affect Attacks are usually of the Damage Type (vs all targets) but can be of the 
Other types if the Hero has both Abilities (Area Affect and either Immobilization or Control)

Remove one Damage or Delay Tokens from each of your Heroes/Minions in Play.
Max hand sizes = 7. 
Discard excess cards from your hands. 
Excess Team Members are also discarded (discard newest ones first)

H = Hero
M = Minion
A = Aid
P = Minor Plot (Aid)
MP = Major Plot (Aid)
O = Origin (Aid)
B = Base (Aid)
S = Sidekick (Aid)
V = Vehicle (Aid)
D = Device (Aid)
R = Reputation (Aid)
W = Weakness (Aid: Attach to opposing Hero) 
BU = Base Upgrade
VU = Vehicle Upgrade
PU = Plot Upgrade (For Major Plots only)

S = Strong
P = Psychic
A = Agility
E = Energy
M = Magic
G = Gadgets
N = None

Defender = +3 Force when Defending
Damager = +3 Force when Attacking 
Area Affect = Attack targets all Enemy Heroes/Minions in Play (Roll for each separately)
Dodger = On a Roll of 4+ on 1D6 target Attack has no effect on Dodger
Extra Attack: Hero gets 1 extra attack on his turn vs same or other target
Immobilize: If attack Hits target gets 1D6 Delay Tokens
Shock: If attack hits, opponent must discard 1 random card from his Action hand
Genius: Draw an extra Card in Contacts Phase
Control: If attack Hits, gain control of Target Hero (Until controller delayed/discarded)
Regenerate: Remove 1 extra Damage or Delay Token in Recovery Phase
Leader: All your other Heroes get Force +1
F + X: Force plus X

Card Name:			Type	Force	Traits	Notes (Special Ability):
Doctor Metropolis		H	4	G	Certifiable: Genius
Johnny Atlas			H	5	S	Greco Roman Wrestling: Immobilize
Sergeant Strong			H	4	S	Tough as Nails: Defender
Stare-Master			H	3	P	Staring Contest: Immobilize
Sub-Sonik			H	3	E	Sonic Scream: Shock
Metro-Gnome			H	2	S	Hurl Concrete Blocks: Extra Attack
Phantom Dynamo  		H	3	E	Magnetic Repulse: Defender
Captain Airship			H	2	G	Bombs Away: Area Attack
Headstrong			H	3	S	Head Butt: Damager
Professor Infinity		H	5	P	Father Figure: Leader
Web Master			H	3	A	Sticky Webs: Immobilize
All-American Amazon		H	3	A	Castrate: Damager
Mister Mystery			H	2	M	Vanishing Act: Dodger 
Plant Control Man		H	2	N	Vines: Immobilize
Masked Meteor			H	3	A	Incredible Speed: Dodger
Crimson Comet			H	4	E	Throw Comets: Extra Attack
Ghostly Gunslinger		H	3	A	Six Shooter: Extra Attack
Miss Mental			H	2	P	Nag: Extra Attack
Radioactive Ranger		H	3	E	Microwaves: Area Affect
Captain Stupendous		H	4	S	Incredible Finger Strength: Damager
Miss Micro			H	1	A	Go Unnoticed: Dodger
Cinder Block Man		H	4	S	Hard as Rock: Defender
Vengeancer			H	3	G	Lots of Guns: Extra Attack
Alpha Girl			H	3	S	Bitch Slap: Damager
Doctor Destiny			H	3	M	See the Future: Genius
Rubberman			H	4	A	Stretch: Dodger
Helter Smelter			H	3	G	Blow Torch: Damager
Colossal Skull			H	4	P	Glowing Eyes: Immobilize
Iron Pharaoh			H	5	S	Buns of Steel: Defender
Atomic Anarchist		H	5	E	Mushroom Cloud: Area Affect
Space Vixen			H	3	A	Seduction: Control
Roboticus			H	4	G	Off The Shelf Parts: Regenerate 
Doctor Ominous			H	3	G	Baleful Stare: Leader
Funk Master 5			H	3	A	Rap Attack: Extra Attack
Where-Wolf			H	5	A	Lycanthrope: Regenerate
The Puzzle Master		H	3	G	Unfailable Logic: Genius  
Mister Brainstem		H	2	P	Force of Will: Control
Ginsu				H	3	A	Knives: Extra Attack
Slip Knot			H	2	A	Hog Tie: Immobilize
Tornado Girl			H	3	E	Cyclonic Storm: Area Affect
Doctor Shellfish		H	3	A	Ink Cloud: Immobilize
Hairy Beast			H	5	S	Animal Reflexes: Dodger
Thermostatix			H	4	E	Heat Wave: Area Affect
Chilly Chill			H	2	E	Freeze: Immobilize
Red Lobster			H	3	S	Claws: Damager
Electric Bugaloo		H	2	E	Static Discharge: Shock
Robotic Dinosaur		M	4	S	Big Teeth: Damager
Giant Berserker Robots		M	5	G	Heavily Armored: Defender
Reanimated Pets			M	2	N	Reanimated: Regenerate
Smog Monster			M	4	N	Smog Cloud: Immobilize
Cave Men			M	3	N	-
Flying Monkeys			M	1	A	Quick little Suckers: Dodger
Ninja Assassins			M	3	A	-
Hover Disc Patrol Craft		M	2	N	-
Ravenous Doom Hounds		M	3	N	Note: Cannot be Intercepted
Zombie Hordes			M	3	N	Undead: Regenerate	
Meta-Human Street Gang		M	3	N	Can use Battle Cards for any Trait
Mob Gangsters			M	2	N	Tommy Guns: Extra Attack
Super Models			M	3	N	Swedish Back Massage: Immobilize
Androids			M	4	N	-
Cosmic Space Beast		M	5	N	Cosmic Horror: Shock
Slimy Alien Parasites		M	4	P	Brain Implantation: Control
Chimp Boy			S	+1	-	Hero gains Strong Trait
Toadie				S	+1	-	Hero gains Agility Trait
Battle Fetus			S	+1	-	Hero gains Gadget Trait
Golem Boy			S	+1	-	Hero gains Magic	 Trait
Tail Gunner			S	+1	-	Hero gets Extra Attack ability
Talking Dog			S	+1	-	-
Mini-Me 			S	+1	-	-
Evil Genius			R	+1	-	Villain only; Gain Genius ability
Nemesis				R	+1	-	Villain only
Archenemy			R	+1	-	Villain only
Megalomaniacal Industrialist	R	+1	-	Villain only
Millionaire Playboy		R	-	-	Hero gains Gadget Trait
Caped Crusader			R	+1	-	Good Hero only
Costumed Vigilante		R	+1	-	Good Hero only
Crime Fighter			R	+1	-	Good Hero Only
Brooding Antihero		R	+1	-	Good Hero only
Team Leader			R	+1	-	Good Hero only; Gains Leader Ability
Runaway Freight Train		P	+1	-	
Hijacking			P	+1	-	
Take Hostages 			P	+1	-	
Shadowy Government Forces	P	+1	-	
Elaborate Deathtrap 		P	+1	-	
Giant Meteor			MP	+1	-	
Radiomutation Bomb		MP	+1	-	
Tidal Wave			MP	+1	-	
Destroy the Hoover Dam		MP	+1	-	
Phantom Wars			MP	+1	-	
Interdimensional Apocalypse	MP	+1	-	
Global Warming			MP	+1	-	
Volcanic Eruption		MP	+1	-	
Solar Flare			MP	+1	-	
Doomsday Plot			PU	+1	-	
Ultimatum			PU	+1	-	
World Domination		PU	+1	-	
Diabolical Plot			PU	+1	-	
Insidious Plot			PU	+1	-	
Manhattan Project		O	+1	
Freak Industrial Accident	O	+1	
Inject Untested Formula		O	+1	
Top Secret Experiment		O	+1	
Gamma Ray Bombardment   	O	+1		
Dark Moon Rays			O	+1	
Mysterious Brain Nodes		O	+1	
Nuclear Test Range		O	+1	
Unprotected Sex			O	+1	
Mutant Family			O	+1	
Physical Transformation		O	+1	
New Promethean			O	+1	
Radioactive Insect Bite		O	+1	
Mystical Artifact		O	+1		
Obscure Illness			O	+1	
Stasis Disruptor Flareout	O	+1	
Super-Soldier Serum		O	+1		
Mythical Incarnation		O	+1	
Vat of Chemical X		O	+1	
Electro-Shock Therapy		O	+1	
Last Survivor of Alien Race	O	+1	
High Frequency Neutronic Ray	O	+1	
Lethal Charge of Radiation	O	+1	
Kryptonite Sensitivity		W	-1 	
Tragic Flaw			W	-1 	
Dependants			W	-1 	
Mole City			B	+1	
Dark Atlantis			B	+1	
Meridian Complex		B	+1	
Subterranean Cavern		B	+1	
Orbiting Base Station		B	+1	
Elegant Mansion			B	+1	
Shadow Zone Base		B	+1	
Luxury Penthouse		B	+1	
School for the Gifted		B	+1	
Inactive Volcano		B	+1	
Converted Missile Silo		B	+1	
Sewer System			B	+1	
Abandoned Warehouse		B	+1	
Super Fortress			B	+1	
Ancestral Castle		B	+1	
Deserted Island			B	+1	
Pocket Dimension Base		B 	+1	
Heli-Carrier Base		B	+1	
Polar Ice Station		B	+1	
Sea Lab				B	+1	
Secret Headquarters		B	+1	
Super Computer			BU	-	Hero gains Genius Ability
Fancy Equipment			BU	-	Hero Gains Gadget Trait or F+2 if already Gadget
Danger Room			BU	-	Hero gains Leader Ability or F+2 if already Leader
Laser Turret			BU	-	Hero gains Extra Attack of Force = 3
Giant Antennae			BU	-	Look at Opponents hand once per turn
Crime Lab			BU	-	Tactics Hand Size Max +1
Secluded			BU	-	Always attack this Hero last
Surgical Operating Room		BU	-	Hero gains Regeneration ability
Atomic Reactor			BU	-	Hero gains Energy Trait or F+2 if already Energy
Force Field Generator		BU	-	Hero gains Defender Ability
Mystical Energies Node		BU	-	Hero gains Magic Trait or F+2 if already Magic 
Stasis Containment Field	BU	-	Hero gains Immobilize Ability
Weapon Test Range		BU	-	Hero gains Damager Ability
Arsenal				BU	-	Hero gains Extra Attack Ability
Ample Storage Space		BU	-	Recruit Hand Size Max +1
Escape Tunnel			BU	-	Hero gains Dodger Ability
Vehicle Docking Bay		BU	-	Attach any number of Vehicles to Hero
Trophy Room			BU	-	Team Size +1
Tactical Command Center		BU	-	Draw 1 extra Action card in Tactics Phase
Neural Nexus Chamber		BU	-	Hero gains Psychic Trait or F+2 if already Psychic
Rumpus Room			BU	-	Team Size +1
Omnimobile			V	+1	May attach one Base Upgrade
Super Van			V	+1	May attach one Base Upgrade
Jet-Sub				V	+1	May attach one Base Upgrade
Stealth Blimp			V	+1	May attach one Base Upgrade
Space Cruiser			V	+1	May attach one Base Upgrade
Twin-Jet Scooter		V	+1	-
Rocket Car			V	+1	-
Bewitched Motorcycle		V	+1	-
Cosmic Surfboard		V	+1	-
Jet-Coptor			V	+1	-
Talking Dune Buggy		V	+1	-
Alien Saucer			V	+1	-
Invisible Jet			V	+1	-
Tunnel Digger			V	+1	-
Armored Plating			VU	-	Hero gets Defender Ability
Robotic Tentacles		VU	-	Hero gains Extra Attack Ability
Advanced Exo-Battlesuit		D	+1	Hero gets Defender Ability
Alien Ring of Power		D	+1	Hero gets Energy Trait
Magic Amulet			D	+1	Hero gets Magic Trait
Rocket Boots			D	+1	Hero gets Dodger Ability
Metal Helmet 			D	+1	Hero Immune to Psychic Attacks
Super Spandex			D	+1	-

B = Battle
E = Event

User = What type of Hero can use the Card
S = Strong
P = Psychic
A = Agility
E = Energy
M = Magic
G = Gadgets
V = Villain
H = Good Hero
Y = Any Hero

Card Name:			Type	User	Notes:		
Save the Day			E	H	Destroy Target Plot Card
Crime Sensor			E	H	Look at Opponents Hands
Discover True Identity		E	Y	Put 1D6 Delay Tokens on Target Hero
Cellular Regeneration		E	P/M	Remove all Damage/Delay Tokens from Target
Kidnap Sidekick			E	V	Discard Target Sidekick
Time Travel			E	P/M	Redo Phase that just ended
Heroic Escape			B	Y	Defender gets Force +5
Human Shield			B	V	Negate Target Attack
Thirst for Vengeance		B	H	Attacker gets Force +4
Tough Love			B	H	Hero gets Force +3
Super Strength			B	S	Hero gets Force +3
Seismic Shock			B	S	Attack type becomes Area Affect
Crush				B	S	Attacker gets Force +4
Smash				B	S	Attacker gets Force +4
Hurl Large Objects		B	S	Attacker gets Force +4
Break Free			B	S	Remove all Delay Tokens from Hero
Super Tough			B	S	Defender gets Force +5
Invulnerability			B	S	Defender gets Force +5
Blasts				B	E	Non-Area Affect Attack of Force +4
Beams				B	E	Non-Area Affect Attack of Force +4
Rays				B	E	Non-Area Affect Attack of Force +4
Storm				B	E	Attack type becomes Area Affect
Super Sonic Flight		B	E	Defender gets Force +5
Energy Shield			B	E	Defender gets Force +5
Elemental Barrier		B	E/M	Defender gets Force +5
Enchantment			B	M	Attack type becomes Immobilization
Hypnosis			B	M	Attack type becomes Control
Supernatural Powers		B	M	Hero gets Force +3
Planar Shift			B	M	Attack type becomes Area Affect
Illusions			B	M	Hero gets Force +3
Transmutation			B	M	Hero gets Force +3
Disappearing Act		B	M	Defender gets Force +5
Brainwashing			B	P	Attack type becomes Control
Telekinesis			B	P	Hero gets Force +3
Extra Sensory Perception	B	P	Defender gets Force +5
Mental Domination		B	P	Attack type becomes Control
Psionic Force Bolts		B	P	Attacker gets Force +4
Psychic Maelstrom		B	P	Attack type becomes Area Affect
Nightmares			B	P	Attack type becomes Immobilization
Telepathy			B	P	Gain Leader ability for rest of Phase
Destruct-o-Beam			B	G	Attacker gets Force +4
Utility Belt			B	G	Hero gets Force +3
Cybernetics			B	G	Hero gets Force +3
Paralysis Ray			B	G	Attack type becomes Immobilization
Acid Grenades			B	G	Attacker gets Force +4
Locator Device			B	G	Hero gets Force +3
Holograms			B	G	Defender gets Force +5
Remote Control			B	G	Hero gets Force +1 & Draw 1 Action card
Body Armor			B	G	Defender gets Force +5
Net Caster			B	G	Attack type becomes Immobilization
Dodge				B	A	Defender gets Force +5
Leap				B	A	Hero gets Force +3
Outrun Projectiles		B	A	Defender gets Force +5
Super Reflexes  		B	A	Hero gets Force +3
Heightened Senses 		B	A	Hero gets Force +3
Natural Scrapper		B	A	Attacker gets Force +4
Stealth				B	A	Hero gets Force +3
Punch				B	Y	Attacker gets Force +1
Kick				B	Y	Attacker gets Force +2

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