By Matthew McCullough and Ross Heintzkill.
The game is called Real-Time Role-Playing Game (RTRPG).  
It is a system that can be used for any shoot-em-up game, like UT or BF or CS or what have you.  
It is played on graph paper, and requires two six-sided dice.
Okay, so you start out by sketching whatever environment you like on the graph paper.  
What's really fun is playing it at a friend's house and then drawing the house and playing there.  
It doesn't have to be too detailed a drawing, but you should put in furniture and 
doors and poles and what have you.
Then each player picks their weapons.  
You arbitrarily pick a point count, and each player gets that many points to spend on weapons.  
Now, I have a system set up for counting points that's not perfect, but it'll do.  
Each weapon has Damage, ToHit, Refire, Range, Clip and Use stats.  More on this later.
The objective of the game is to blow the bajesus out of your enemies.  
You take turns moving and shooting.  Each turn, you get two actions.  
Actions are usually either moving, shooting, aiming or reloading.  
Each of these usually cost one action.
Move: Depending on the size of the arena chosen, usually you can move 5 squares.  
Running allows you to move twice that, but you get -2 penalty to firing a weapon.
Shoot: Depending on the weapon, a Shoot action fires a certain amount of shots at a target.  
If you hit a target, roll for damage. 
Note that if you have less bullets in your clip than you are allowed to fire per 
Shoot action, that sucks for you.  
You can't Reload for free to get the rest of your money's worth.
Now, you generally roll 2d6 to fire a weapon, and it takes a 7 or greater to hit.  
Since there are all sorts of interesting things to do with an environment, most 
conditions won't be listed here.  
The rule of thumb is that a favorable condition is +1 ToHit and an unfavorable condition is -1 ToHit.  Cover of varrying degrees prevents damage: if a person is completely behind a wall, no dice.  
If a person is half behind a wall, the limbs of that half of the body can be hit.  
If a person is standing at a waist-high wall, their torso, arms and head can be hit.  
A damage roll indicating a leg hit is no good.
Aim: The Aim action gives you a +2 bonus to firing a weapon (1 shot, the recoil makes your aim go bad).
Reload: Once you run out of bullets, you gotta switch guns or reload.  
That's it.  Each player is considered to have infinite ammo.  
Or you can play with limited amounts, it doesn't matter.  
If you're using two weapons, you must reload both of them to continue to use both.
Damage: When you damage an enemy, roll a d6.
1    Left Leg
2    Right Leg
3    Left Arm
4    Right Arm
5    Torso
6    Head
A leg shot decreases your speed to half, rounded down.  
Both legs hit decreases your speed to 1 square per move action.
One arm hit gives you a -4 penalty when using a weapon that requires both 
hands, and you can't use a one-handed weapon in that hand.
Both arms hit means you're powerless, and out of the game (with your life, at least).
All limbs shot means it's too painful to move, and you're out of the game 
(with your life, at least, but crippled completely).
If you get hit in the torso twice, you die.
If you get hit in the head once, you die.
Now, range is generally: 
Short (10 squares or less), Medium (20-11 squares), or Long (40-21 squares).  
When using a weapon at ranges greater than intended, it's a -2 penalty at one range 
increment too many, and a -4 penalty at two range increments too many.  
When using a weapon at ranges lesser than intended, if the weapon is 
Cumbersome, it's a -2 penalty at one range increment too little and a -4 penalty at 
two range increments too little.
Generally, the worst weapon in the game has no Damage or ToHit bonuses, Short 
range, a low clip, a normal refire rate, and no Use statistics.
The Damage bonuses/penalties are obvious.  
They change your roll for damage.  
Now, a damage penalty of -2 means you can't actually kill a person with the gun, but 
you can knock them out of the running by hitting all four limbs.
Note that roll totals above 6 still count as 6.
ToHit bonuses/penalties are also obvious.  
They change your roll when attempting to hit someone.  
So a roll of 6 with a +1 ToHit bonus gives you 7.
Refire is basically how many shots you can fire with a Shoot action.  
You roll ToHit (and damage for hits) that many times.
Range is the distance a weapon is best used at.
Clip is the amount of bullets that the gun can fire before you need to reload.
Use is a special category.  There a certain Use effects.
Refire Penalty: When using this weapon, there is a subsequent (and stacking) -2 penalty ToHit for 
each additional shot fired by the weapon.  
This means that the first shot fired has no penalty, the next shot has a -2 penalty and the 
third shot has a -4 penalty.
Cumbersome: See Shoot.  This normally applies to rifles and such.
Double: You can use two of these, one in each hand.  
This normally applies to pistols, and can be mix-and-matched (1 Uzi and 1 Pistol).
Slow Reload: This weapon takes longer to fire than just a slap-in-the-clip action.  
It takes two actions to reload this weapon.
Well I think that's it, but if you uncover all the gory rules you get a pretty simple shoot-em-up game.  
I've enclosed the stats for a few modern weapons.  
Realize that I didn't go to the trouble to label various types of each weapons (M-16, Desert Eagle).  
The differences in those weapons are slight.
Name (Damage, ToHit, Refire, Clip, Range, Use, Cost)
Pistol (0, 0, 1, 10, S, Double, 320)
Uzi (0, -1, 5, 20, S, Double & Refire Penalty, 640)
Rifle (+1, +1, 1, 10, L, Cumbersome, 470)
Machine Gun (+1, 0, 5, 20, M, Cumbersome & Refire Penalty, 1500)
Sniper Rifle (+2, +1, 1, 1, L, Cumbersome & Slow Reload, 510)
Shotgun (0, +2, 1, 5, M, Cumbersome, 295)
Sawed-Off Shotgun (-1, +3, 1, 5, S, Double, 330)
Here is the "calculator" I used to come up with the prices.
Start at 100.
Add or subtract (accordingly) 100 for damage bonuses/penalties.
Add or subtract 50 for to hit bonuses/penalties.
Multiply this by the refire.
Multiply this by 1.2 for short range, 1.4 for medium range and 1.6 for long range.
Add 10 for each bullet in the clip minus the refire (for the Machine Gun, you'd add 150).
Subtract 25 for Refire Penalty, Cumbersome of Slow Reload.
Multiply by 1.5 for Double.
Round the number to the nearest tenth.

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