Full Scale War for Mongo. 

Type: Number of such units in the basic scenario and
Whether they are (T)roops or (L)eaders.
Move: Number of movement points the unit gets per turn.
Initiative: Higher level units attack first during Battle Phase.
Damage: Change to kill target on a roll of 1D6.
Save: Chance to avoid destruction on a roll of 1D6.
Cost: Support points to purchase. The second number in parentheses 
indicates the maximum number of such units that can be recruited per turn.
Recruit: Part of the map where these troop types can be recruited.

IMPERIAL UNITS LIST         	Type	Move	Init	Dam	Save	Cost	Recruit
War Rockets      		T	3F	5	4	4	6(1)	Central	
Elite Imperial Guards		T	1	3	3	3	4(3)	Central
DRACs       			T	2	4	3	4	5(2)	Central
Beastmen soldiers   		T	1	3	4	3	4(3)	South
Mud Men				T	1	2	1	2	2(4)	South
Imperial Conscripts       	T	1	1	1	1	1(10)	Central
Savages				T	1	2	2	1	2(4)	South
Ray Cannons			T	1	8	4	1	5(2)	Central
Guard Commander        		L	2	+3	+1	2	3(2)	Central
Evil Emperor Ming		L	3F	+7	+3	5	-	
Princess Aura			L	4F	+6	+2	4	-	
Commodore Morgo        		L	2	+4	+2	3	-	
Swordmaster Koros      		L	3	+5	+1	2	-	
Ming’s Weather Machine		T	-	10	1	1 	-	
Notes: War Rockets can carry 1 Troop.
Flying Leaders are using personal vehicles.
Troops and Leaders may ‘carry’ other Leaders.
DRACs = Death Ray Armored Cars.
The weather machine has unlimited range.
The weather machine effects all armies in a single territory
REBEL UNITS LIST 		Type	Move	Init	Dam	Save	Cost	Recruit
Human Hero Flash       		L	4F	+8	+5	5	-	
Human Heroine Dale	 	L	1	+5	+1	4	-	
Human Scientist Zarkov		L	3F	+4	+2	2	-	
Rebel Troops			T	1	1	1	1	1(12)	West
Rebel Rocket Scooters		T	3F	2	1	2	3(4)	West
Rebel Leaders			L	2	+3	+1	2	3(3)	West
Forest Gliders		   	T	2F	2	3	1	3(1)	North
Forest Archers			T	1	3	3	2	3(4)	North
Missile Ballistas		T	1	6	4	1	4(2)	North
Forest Chieftain Baron      	L    	2	+7	+4	3	-	
Hawkmen             		T	3F	2	2	1	3(7)	East
Hawkman Chieftain Voltan	L	4F	+6	+3	3	-	
Ferries				T	2	-	-	3	1(4)	Any
Notes: Ferries can carry 1 Troop.
Ferries move only in water hexes.
Flying Leaders are using personal vehicles.
Troops and Leaders may ‘carry’ other Leaders.

The map is of the one major continent on Mongo.
There are about 5 Regions on the continent.
The Emperor controls the Central and Southern Regions.
The Rebels control the North, East, and West Regions.
Each Region is divided into 10 Territories.
1-3 of these territories of each region are Major Cities
One city in the Central region is Ming’s Palace.
Include several Impassable Mountain Territories.
Each Region produces 10 Support Points divided amongst its
Territories. (Each territory produces 0-2+ Support Points)
The Central Region produces 20 Support Points.
Indicate certain Territories as being Defensible.
The continent is surrounded by water territories.

Each side should start in control of an equal number of territories.
Each side starts with all of their Personality type Leaders.
Ming starts with 50 support points worth of units.
The Rebels start with 25 support points worth of units.
Units start on cities.

Up to 5 troops and any number of Leaders may be in one 
territory at the end of Move Phase.
Flying units may fly over stacks of other units

The Rebels win if Ming is killed.
The Imperials win if all Rebel Leaders are killed.

Players take turns.
The Rebels go first.
Each turn has 4 Phases:
1. Move
2. Attack
3. Support
4. Recruitment

Each unit gets one move on their players turn.

Opposing units fight when they occupy the same territory.
Each unit gets one attack per Battle phase.
Units from both sides get to attack.
Units with higher initiative attack first.
Leaders can be targeted only if they are stacked with no troops.
Units in Cities or Defensible Territories get +1 to their Save Stat.
This save bonus goes to the side that most recently 
controlled the territory.

Leaders give their Damage bonus to the Damage Stat of one 
Troop units they are stacked with.
Leaders give their Initiative bonus to the Initiative Stat 
of one Troop units they are stacked with.
A Troop can receive bonuses from only one Leader at a time.

Every Territory you control generates a certain number of support points.
To control a territory you must have one unit in it.
Hexes that contain units from both sides produce no 
support points.

Purchase units with support points.
Units start in Cities.

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