Card game based on the Paranoia RPG. 
Each player represents 1 Clone that is part of a Troubleshooter team. 
Players try to survive while killing off their opponent’s clones. 

Be the last one alive. 
Kill off all your opponent’s clones. 

Each player has a family of 6 clones. 
Every time your clone is killed, one of your remaining clones takes his place. 
When all six have been killed you lose and are out of the game. 

You live underground in a giant complex controlled by a paranoid computer. 
This complex is called Alpha Complex. 
The Computer is your friend. 
Traitors are executed. 
Good Citizens help root out Traitors. 
Mutants are traitors. 
Secret Society members are traitors.
You are a Mutant and a Secret Society Member.  
You know very little because of your (Red) low security clearance. 
You have been assigned to a team of Troubleshooters. 
Troubleshooters shoot trouble. 
Stay Alert! Trust No One! Keep your Laser Handy!

There are 2 decks: 
1. The Mission Deck
2. The Paranoia Deck
If a deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players take turns. 
Roll 1D6 to determine who goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Requisition Phase
2. Mission Phase
3. Action Phase
4. Debriefing Phase

Each player fills their hand to 5 Cards from the Paranoia Deck. 

Flip over the top card of the Mission Deck. 
This describes an encounter all players must face. 
The encounter will be one of three types:
Combat, Comprehension, or Communication. 
Each player must play (discard) one Paranoia card of a matching type to survive. 
If a player cannot play a matching card his Clone is killed. 

The current player may initiate one or more actions. 
Actions require the expenditure of Paranoia cards. 
He may continue doing this until he has no cards left in his hand.  
The Actions include: 
1. Situational Awareness: Discard 2 Comprehension cards to draw 3 Paranoia 
Cards and put them in your hand. 
2. Accusations: Play one or more Treason cards onto an opponent. 
The opponent may play Communication cards to discard Treason cards on a 
One to one basis. If a player has 3 or more Treason cards and no way to 
Discard them, that clone is immediately terminated by the computer. 
3. Shoot the Traitor: The player picks a target opposing player who has at least 
one Treason card. Both play Combat cards from their hands. 
The player who plays more combat cards kills the opposing player. 
If both play an equal number of cards then roll 1D6: The higher roll wins. 
If still tied, both are killed. 
4. Special Actions: Some cards allow for special actions when played. 
These special actions (SA) are described on the individual cards. 
All played cards from Action Phase are discarded. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard any excess cards. 

X = Combat
Y = Comprehension
Z = Communication
T = Treason

Card:					Type:	Notes:
Plasma Turrets				X
R & D Explosion 			Y	
Live Fire Training Exercise		X
Jackbots with Hand Weapons		X
Interrogation				Z
Weapons Malfunction			Y
Equipment Failure			Y
CPU Investigators			Z
Structural Collapse			Y
Questioned by Superior  		Z
Internal Security Goons			X
Minefield				Y
Combot Patrol				X
Go Outside				Y
Vulture Squadron			X
Nuclear Meltdown			Y
Hostile Environment			Y
Derranged Docbot			Y
Rogue Psion 				X
Anti-Mutant Agents			X
Church of the Computer Fanatics 	Z
Spy from another Alpha Complex  	Y
Humanist Protestors			Z
Cabal of Mystics			Z
Purge Saboteurs 			X
Frankenstein Destroyers 		X
Corpore Metal Conspirators		X	
Gathering of Romantics			Y
Pro-Tech Cyborgs			Y
Communist Plot  			X
Computer Phreaks			Y
Servants of the Illuminati 		Y
Free Enterprise Entrepreneurs		Z
Death Leopard Maniacs			X
Sierra Club Members			Z

Card:					Type:	Notes:
Stay Alert!				X
Trust No One!				T
Keep your Laser handy!			X
The Computer is your Friend!		T
Spurious Logic				Z
Vehicular Repair Skill			Y
Computer Programming    		Y
Engineering				Y
Plasma Generator			X
Laser Pistol				X
Secret Society				T
Serve the Computer			Z
Paranoia				T
Intercepted Messages			T
Confession Booths			T
Good Citizen				T
Shoot First				X
Ask Questions Later			X
Mutant					T
Shoot Trouble				X
Security Breach				T
Inevitable Betrayal			T
Enemy of the Computer   		T
Commie Infiltrator			T
Service Group Membership		Y
Dangerous Secrets			T
Mechanical Aptitude			Y
Reflec Armor				X
Intimidation				Z
Commendation Note			Z
Advanced Senses 			Y
Regeneration				X
Charm					Z
Precognition				X
Telekinesis				X
Telepathy				Z
Empathy 				Z
Machine Sense				Y
Eidetic Memory  			Y
Suggestion				Z
Mental Blast				X
Robotics				Y
Bribery					Z
Fast Talk				Z
Bootlicking				Z
Con					Z
Oratory					Z
Energy Rifle				X
Ice gun					X
Needle gun				X
Flamethrower				X
Slugthrower				X
Tangler					X
Gauss gun				X
Propaganda				Z
Grenades				X
Cone Rifle				X
Demolition				X
Suspicious Behavior			T
Failure to Obey				T
Truncheon				X
Neurowhip				X
Ambush  				X
Stealth					X
Mind Control				Z
Sabotage				T


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