Board Game for 2-4+ players. 

The player with the most Prestige points wins.

Use a Chess Board (8x8 Grid)

Eight sided dice are needed for setup. 

There are 2 types of Counters: Landmark Counters and Zone Counters. 

There are 16 Landmark counters as follows:
Landmark:		Prestige Point Value:
Airport			4
Seaport			4
Train Station		4
Subway Station		4
City Hall		3
University		3
Power Plant		3
Water Plant		3
Fire Station		2
Police Station		2
Zoo			2
Aquarium       		2
Stadium			1
Cathedral		1
Library			1
Museum			1
Players share a common set of Landmark Counters. 

Each player has a set of Zone counters of a unique color. 
Each Set has 24 counters as follows: 
Zone:			Access Point Value:
Highway Exit		4
Highway Exit		3
Highway Exit		2
Highway Exit		1
Commercial		4
Commercial		3
Commercial		2
Commercial		1
Residential		4
Residential		3
Residential		2
Residential		1
Industrial		4
Industrial		3
Industrial		2
Industrial		1
Utilities		4
Utilities		3
Utilities		2
Utilities		1
Park			4
Park			3
Park			2
Park			1

For each row on the board roll the eight sided die twice. Reroll duplicates. 
These are the locations of 2 Random Landmarks drawn from a cup. 
(Example: You roll a 5 and a 2. Place Landmarks on the second and fifth spaces of that row)
Each of the 8 rows will have 2 Landmarks. 
Each player rolls a die. High roll goes first. 

Squares that share a side (orthogonal) or a point (diagonals) are said to be adjacent.
A square in the center of the board would have 8 adjacent squares. 

Players take turns. 
On your turn place one of your Zone counters onto an empty square of the board. 
(You may not place your counter on top of another counter) 
The next player places one counter, and so on, going clockwise around the table. 
If there are empty spaces, but you are unable to place a counter, skip your turn.
The game ends when there are no empty spaces left on the board or no one is 
Able to place any more of their counters. 

You may not place a Zone counter adjacent to another Zone of the same type. 

Determine the controller for each landmark in turn. 
A landmark is controlled by the player with the most Access points adjacent to it. 
Players may tie for control of a landmark. 
The controller of a Landmark gets the Prestige Points associated with it. 
(If tied, all controllers get the points. For example: If Jane and Jim both 
Control the Airport, they both get 4 points) 
Each player adds up all their Prestige Points. The highest score wins. 

VARIANTS Some possible variants: ALTERNATE COUNTERSETS Change the names and values of the landmarks and zones. PARKS RULE Any empty spaces at the end of the game automatically become parks that are worth 1 Prestige point each. ALTERNATE MAPS Play on a hex map Play on a bigger map (requiring larger counter sets) RANDOM ZONE SELECTION Instead of picking any zone from your set, draw 2 random counters and Use 1 and throw back the other. REDUCED ADJACENCY Only squares that share a side are considered adjacent. REZONING Three times per game, as a move, you may replace one of your zones in Play with one from your cup. CITY DUMP Add this to the Landmark counterset. It is worth -1 (negative one) Prestige Points. SLUMS Each zone counterset gets one Slum Zone Counter. A Slum is worth -1 Access points. All Zone counters adjacent to the Slum are worth -1 Access Points. LANDMARK TYPES Airport Transportation Seaport Transportation Train Station Transportation Subway Station Transportation City Hall Civic University Civic Cathedral Civic Library Civic Power Plant Services Water Plant Services Fire Station Services Police Station Services Zoo Recreation Aquarium Recreation Stadium Recreation Museum Recreation LANDMARK TYPE SCORING If you control the most Landmarks of a given type, you get an extra 1 Prestige Point. ZONE SCORING Score 1 prestige point for making an orthogonal, unbroken line of Five or more Zones in a row. CARDSET AVAILABLE!!! Thanks Ron! Click Here

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