Card game for 2+ players.
Players are Men in Black, protecting the Earth from the Scum of the Universe.

MIB is a licensed, trademarked, copyrighted property.
This is merely a fan site.

The first player to defeat 3 Major Aliens is the winner.

Players share a common deck.

There are 9 card types:
Agents, Major Aliens, Lesser Aliens, Clues, Plot Twists, 
Helpers, Equipment, Weapons, Events

Six sided dice are needed to play.
Use coins & tokens for markers.

Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first.
Each Player starts the game with 1 Agent card and 
1 Major Alien card in Play. 
Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards.

Cards are used to represent Agents or MIB (Men in Black)
A player can have a maximum of 2 agents (partners) in play at one time. 
Each agent has a name (one letter of the Alphabet) or is a Rookie.
Each agent has 3 skills: Investigation, Combat, and Style.
Each skill has a point range from 1 to 3(4). 
Investigation Skill allows the agent to draw more cards in Investigation Phase.
Combat Skill allows the agent to roll more dice in Confrontation Phase.
A player must have at least 1 agent in play to act in Investigation & 
Confrontation Phases.

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 6 phases:
1. Briefing Phase
2. Plot Phase
3. Recruit Phase
4. Investigate Phase
5. Confrontation Phase
6. Debriefing Phase

Draw 2 cards.
Style: For every level of Style you have roll 1D6: 
1D6	Result:
1-2 	Add 1 to your Investigation skill Level for this turn. 
3-4	Add 1 to your Combat skill Level for this turn.
5+	Draw 1 card. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.

If you have no Major Alien Card in play, you may put one into play from your hand.
(Cards ‘put into play’ are placed face-up onto the table in front of you)
You may play 1 plot twist card on an opponent’s Major Alien Card.
Plot Twist cards increase the Plot Level of a Major Alien Card.

You may put Agents, Weapons, Equipment, & Helper cards into play from your hand.
You may only have 2 Agents in play at one time.
(you may not normally replace one with another)
Weapons, Equipment, & Helper cards must be ‘attached’ to an Agent.
Each Agent may have a maximum of one weapon attached.
Only one Agent may have one vehicle.

1. Add up the Investigation skill levels of your Agents.
This is your Clue Draw Total
Certain Equipment, Event, & Helper cards may increase these levels. 
2. Draw a number of cards equal to your Clue Draw Total. 
3. Keep Clue cards and discard all other types of cards.
4. Put these Clue cards into play in front of you. (Your Clue Pile)
Your Clue pile stays in play until your Major Alien is defeated. 
Every Clue card has a Clue Rating. 
5. Add up the Clue Ratings of all of your Clue Cards in your Clue pile.
6. If your Total Clue Rating is equal to or greater than the Plot level of your 
Major Alien Card your have ‘Solved the Mystery’ of your Major Alien.

Your Agents may attack your Major Alien. 
* In order to attack you must have Solved the Mystery of your Major Alien.
1. Add up the Combat skill levels of your Agents.
This is your Combat Dice Total.
Certain Equipment, Event, & Helper cards may increase these levels. 
2. Roll a number of dice equal to your Combat Dice Total. 
Add up these rolls. This is your Combat Roll Total (CRT)
3. Roll a number of dice equal to the Combat Rating of the Major Alien.
Add up these rolls. This is the Alien Roll Total (ART)
4. If the CRT exceeds the ART the Agents win.
If the ART equals or exceeds the CRT the Alien wins and remains in play.
5. If your Agents did not attack your Major Alien this turn, your opponent may 
Play a Lesser Alien card. 
Your Agents must fight the Lesser Alien as described above.
6. After any combat, all your Weapons cards in play are discarded.
If you lose a Combat, you automatically skip your next Investigate & 
Confrontation Phase and draw 2 cards instead.
(Agents are recovering, rearming, and making new plans)

If you defeated your Major Alien last phase, the mission is a success.
(Remember, you must defeat 3 major Aliens to win)
After a successful mission, you must discard all your cards in 
play except Agents (Weapons, equipment, Clue Pile) and draw 3 cards.
(Those Agents get new assignments)
Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards.

A= Agents
M = Major Aliens (Plot Level & Combat Rating)
L = Lesser Aliens (Combat Rating)
C = Clues
P = Plot Twists (Attach to Major Aliens)
H = Helpers
Q = Equipment
W = Weapons
E = Events (Discard as soon as played: Play when appropriate)

Card Name:			Type	Notes:
Agent K				A	Investigate = 4 Combat = 3 Style = 3
Agent J				A	Investigate = 3 Combat = 3 Style = 4
Agent A				A	Investigate = 2 Combat = 3 Style = 2
Agent D				A	Investigate = 3 Combat = 2 Style = 1
Agent O				A	Investigate = 1 Combat = 3 Style = 2
Agent S				A	Investigate = 3 Combat = 1 Style = 1
Agent Y				A	Investigate = 2 Combat = 2 Style = 2
Agent Q				A	Investigate = 1 Combat = 2 Style = 1
Agent W				A	Investigate = 2 Combat = 1 Style = 2
Agent H				A	Investigate = 2 Combat = 1 Style = 1
Rookies				A	Investigate = 1 Combat = 1 (4 in Deck)
Innocent Bystander		C	Clue Points = 2
Crime Scene			C	Clue Points = 2
Landing Site			C	Clue Points = 1
Physical Evidence		C	Clue Points = 2
Ultimatum			C	Clue Points = 3
Interrogation			C	Clue Points = 2
Blow Away Jeeb’s Head		C	Clue Points = 3
Question Lowlifes		C	Clue Points = 2
Follow Up Leads			C	Clue Points = 2
Eyewitnesses			C	Clue Points = 1
Detailed Briefing by Zed 	C	Clue Points = 2
Daily Rag Magazines		C	Clue Points = 2
Contacts	         	C	Clue Points = 1
Mission Control Updates		C	Clue Points = 1
MIB HQ Rumor Mill		C	Clue Points = 2
Hints				C	Clue Points = 2
Alien Artifact Missing		C	Clue Points = 2
Alien Psychology 		C	Clue Points = 2
Alien Celebrity			C	Clue Points = 2
Research Databases		C	Clue Points = 1
Alien Forensics			C	Clue Points = 3
Dying Words			C	Clue Points = 3
Cryptic Message			C	Clue Points = 2
Alien Thugs			L	Combat = 6
MIB HQ Infestation		L	Combat = 7
Alien Underlings	        L	Combat = 5
Alien Scum			L	Combat = 5
Alien Minions			L	Combat = 6
Giant Subway Worm		L	Combat = 8
Squid Alien Live Birth		L	Combat = 4  (No Weapons Used!)
Alien Breakout			L	Combat = 7
Scum of the Universe		L	Combat = 5
Frank the Pug			H	Investigate +1 or Combat +1
Beautiful Girl			H	Investigate +1
Junior Agents			H	Investigate +1
Annelids(Worms)			H	Investigate +1
Eye Guy				H	Combat +2
Containment Team	        H	Combat +2
Unknown Location	        P	Plot Level +1
Disguise	         	P	Plot Level +1
Deadline	         	P	Plot Level +1
Personal Stake			P	Plot Level +1
Unknown Alien			P	Plot Level +1
Third Eye Guy Spy		P	Plot Level +1
Unknown Mission			P	Plot Level +1
Hostages 			P	Combat Rating +1
Secret Mission			P	Plot Level +1
Baltian Bodysuit 		P	Plot Level +1
Doomsday Weapon			P	Plot Level +1
Misdirection			P	Plot Level +1
Time Jump      			P	Plot Level +1
Secret Identity			P	Plot Level +1
Unpredictable			P	Plot Level +1
Alien Technology	        P	Plot Level +1
Neuralyze Partner		E	Replace one of your agents with one in your hand
Neuralyze Opponent		E	Opponent must discard his hand
Zinger				E	Discard target Equipment or Weapon
Deneuralyzer			E	Put Agent card in Discard into your Hand
Jeeb’s Pawnshop			E	Put Equip/Weapon card in Discard into your Hand
MIB Arsenal			E	Put Weapon card in Discard into your Hand
Rookie Move			E	Opponents Combat Dice Total is -2 
Spraaaaaak & Bob	        E	Draw 5 cards and discard 4 cards
Standard Galactic Week		E	Draw 2 cards
Fifth Dimmensional Being       	E	Draw 3 cards
Best of the Best	 	E	Style +4
I make this look good		E	Style +3
Spectral Analyzer		Q	Investigate +1
Truth Detector			Q	Investigate +1
Carte Noire ID Card		Q	Investigate +1
Camera				Q	Investigate +1
Alien Decoder Ring		Q	Investigate +1
Cell Phone			Q	Investigate +1
Bio Net				Q	Investigate +1
Plastic Explosives		Q	Combat +2 (One Use)
37 Hour Alarm Clock		Q	Investigate +1
Universal Translator		Q	Investigate +1
Neuralyzer			Q	Investigate +1
Only Suit you'll ever need	Q	Style +1
Black Shades			Q	Style +1
Converted Roadster		Q	Vehicle: Style +2
MiB Ford LTD			Q	Vehicle: Style +1
MiB Minivan			Q	Vehicle: Style +1
MiB Plain Black Car		Q	Vehicle: Style +1
Monocycles			Q	Vehicle: Style +1
Jet Packs			Q	Vehicle: Style +1
Acme Destructor Watch		W	Combat +1
J2 Standard Sidearm		W	Combat +1
Blaster Pistol			W	Combat +1
Plasma Rifle			W	Combat +3
Electrostatic De-Oxygenator	W	Combat +2
Reverberating Carbonizer 	W	Combat +3
Arquillian Arm Cannon		W	Combat +3
Multi-phasic Sandblaster	W	Combat +2
Megasonic Destructor Ray	W	Combat +2
Ball Gun Accelerator		W	Combat +2
Laser Streamer			W	Combat +3
Proto-cyclotron Blaster		W	Combat +3
MiB Special Issue		W	Combat +2
Series 4 Deatomizer		W	Combat +2
Noisy Cricket			W	Combat +3
Heat Ray 			W	Combat +1
Korlian XT-17 			W	Combat +3
Anti-Matter Gun			W	Combat +3
Kylothian Monster		M	Plot Level = 8  Combat = 12
Cephalopod Smugglers		M	Plot Level = 11  Combat = 9
Shark Mouth Escapes		M	Plot Level = 10  Combat = 10
Full Grown Bug			M	Plot Level = 9  Combat = 11
Altonian Assassin		M	Plot Level = 10  Combat = 10
Alien Abductions	        M	Plot Level = 12  Combat = 8
Boris the Animal	        M	Plot Level = 11  Combat = 9



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