Board Game for 2-4 + Players. 
Warp Quest Style Play. 
Based on the Jurassic Park Universe. 

Jurassic Park is a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

Be the first Team to bring the kids Token back to the Visitor Center 
Without first being killed off. 

The board is a map of the Island. 
Use a Chessboard, or make up a map. 
In one corner is the Visitor Center (Safe Start and End Zone). 
In the opposite corner is the Kids Token. 
There will be 4 randomly placed Lakes. 
(Recommendation: Place all 4 Lakes in the Middle 4 spaces)
There will be 4 randomly placed Mountains.
There will be 4 randomly placed Valleys.
Use Tiles to represent Lakes, Mountains, and Valleys. 

A player’s Team will take possession of the Token when they 
Enter the same space as it. 

Each player has a pawn of a unique color to represent the 
Location of their Team on the map. 

Six very small plastic Dinosaur Toys are needed. 
They must be able to fit nicely within the map Spaces. 
The six Figures represent the six results on the Random Dinosaur Table. 

1D6 	Dinosaur:			Immunity:
1. 	Velociraptor Pack		Run
2. 	Lone Tyrannosaurus Rex  	Block
3. 	Spinosaur Pair			Hide
4. 	Mini-Raptor Swarm		Shoot
5. 	Pteradon Flight			Trap
6. 	Herbivore Stampede		Distract

Certain Escape Tactics will not work on certain types of Dinosaurs. 
These are noted on the Random Dinosaur Table. 
For instance, you cannot outrun the Velociraptors or block the T-Rex. 

Six sided dice are needed. 

Players share a Common Deck. 
The Deck has 7 types of cards: 
Hide, Run, Block, Trap, Shoot, Distract, and Special. 

Each player starts with an 8 Member Team. 
Roll 8 times on the Team Table to get the composition of your team. 
Record your results and changes with paper and pencil. 
During the game, you will lose and gain Team members. 

1D6	Team Member:		Notes:
1	Soldier			Shoot +1
2	Hunter			Trap +1
3	Ranger			Block +1
4	Athlete 		Run +1
5	Scientist		Hide +1
6	Tourist			Distract +1

Players each pick a Pawn and roll up their teams. 
Determine location of Lakes, Mountains, and Valleys on map. 
Determine Location of Visitor Center (VC). 
Place the Kids Token opposite the VC. 
All Team Pawns begin at the VC. 
Place the 6 Dinosaur Figures randomly about the Map. 
Do not place Dinosaurs adjacent to the VC. 
Shuffle the deck. Each player is dealt 5 random cards. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases.
1. Equip Phase 
2. Special Phase
3. Dinosaur Phase
4. Move Phase

Draw 1 Card from the deck and add it to your hand. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 
Max hand size is 5 cards. 

Special cards not meant to be used in other Phases may be 
Played (discarded) for their effects in this Phase. 

Pick 1 Dinosaur by Random using the Random Dinosaur Table. 
Roll once on the Random Movement Table to determine how it moves. 

1D6	Movement
1	Move 1 Space towards the nearest Team (Your choice if tied)
2	Move 2 Spaces towards the nearest Team (Your choice if tied)
3	Move 1 Space towards the Kids Token
4	Move 1 Space towards the VC
5	Move 1 Space (Your Choice)
6	Move 2 Spaces (Your Choice)

Movement must be orthogonal not diagonal. 
Only the Pteradons can enter Mountain spaces. 
Dinosaurs must stop upon entering Valleys. 
Dinosaurs cannot enter Lakes. 
The Pteradon may fly over a Lake. 
Dinosaurs may not enter the VC.
Dinosaurs may not enter spaces occupied by other Dinosaurs.  
A Dinosaur may move into a space containing the Kid Token. 
If it does move the Kid Token to the nearest adjacent empty space. 

If a Dinosaur enters the same space as a Team, the Team will be attacked. 
The Team must attempt to escape. An Escape attempt must use 1 Tactic. 
There are 6 Tactics to choose from: 
Shoot, Run, Hide, Trap, Block, and Distract. 
The attacked player must choose 1 Tactic. 
Next, the player must make an Escape Roll using 2 Six-sided dice. 
Add up the total of the 2 Dice rolls. 
Add to this the number of teammates with the matching tactic. 
Next, play (discard) up to 2 Tactics cards and add their bonuses. 
At least 1 of the Tactics cards played must match the chosen Tactic. 
If the Total (Roll + Team bonuses + Card bonuses) is equal to or 
Greater than 12, then the Team escapes with no casualties. 
If the total is less, the Team loses a number of random 
Team members equal to the difference. 
If a team loses all its members, that player is out of the game. 
After the Attack, the Team must retreat: Another player 
(Not the Team’s owner) must move the Team’s Pawn 1 space away.
If you are attacked and you control the Kids Token roll 1D6: 
On a roll of 4+ you lose the Token. 
Place it in an empty space, 2 spaces away from your Team.  

Move your Team Pawn 1 Space. Moves must be Orthogonal. 
You may play (discard) 1 special card to move the Team farther per 
The cards instructions. 
Normally teams cannot enter Mountains or Lakes. 
Teams must stop upon entering Valleys. 
Teams cannot enter spaces occupied by Dinosaurs or other Teams. 
If you enter the space containing the Kids you take possession of it. 
The Kids Token moves along with your Team Pawn. 

Card:				Notes:
Stand Very Still		Hide +1
Good Hiding Spot		Hide +2
Move Silently			Hide +2
Mask Scent			Hide +1
Mud Bath			Hide +1
Remain Motionless		Hide +1
Camouflage			Hide +2
Submerged			Hide +2
Climb Tree			Run +1
Jump Rooftops			Run +1
Sprint				Run +1
Narrow Escape			Run +2
Chase				Run +1
Need for Speed			Run +2
Run for your Life		Run +2
Dangerous Leap  		Run +2
Barricade			Block +1
Ravine				Block +2
Electric Fence			Block +1
Cement Wall			Block +1
River				Block +2
Dense Foliage			Block +1
Rope Bridge			Block +2
Cliff Face			Block +2
Tar Pit				Trap +2
Gulley				Trap +1
Steel Cage			Trap +2
Rockslide			Trap +1
Start Fire			Trap +1
Explosives			Trap +2
Electrocution			Trap +1
Construction Equipment  	Trap +2
Machine Gun			Shoot +2
Hunting Rifle			Shoot +2
Stun Gun			Shoot +1
Dart Gun			Shoot +1
Assault Rifle			Shoot +2
Shotgun 			Shoot +2
Handgun 			Shoot +1
Net Launcher			Shoot +1
Innocent Bystander		Distract +2
Lured by Prey			Distract +2
Quick Meal			Distract +1
Hear Noises			Distract +1
Something Shiny 		Distract +1
Fight another Dinosaur		Distract +2
Detect Movement 		Distract +1
Flee another Dinosaur		Distract +2
Jeep				Move Team 2 Spaces
Helicopter			Move Team 3 Spaces
Shortcut			Move Team Diagonally
Spitting Lizard			Team in or adj to Valley loses 1 Member
Poison Antidote 		Negate Spitting Lizard Card
Find Survivor			Gain 1 Random Team Member
Rendezvous			Gain 1 Random Team Member
Leadership			Draw 2 Cards
Pandemonium			All players discard their hands and draw 5 cards
Find Boat			Move team across 1 Lake Space
Hiking Trail			Move Team into adjacent Mountain Space
Air Drop			Draw 3 Cards
Liopleurodon			Team adjacent to a Lake is attacked
Migration			Move a Dinosaur 2 Spaces to an empty space


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