Card game for 2-4+ players. 

Justice League Unlimited is a licensed copyrighted product. 
This is merely a fan site. 

Be the first player to complete 3 Missions. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 4 card types: 
1. Primary Heroes
2. Minor Heroes
3. Villains
4. Complications

A Mission is a hand of 7 cards that contains: 
2 Primary Heroes
2 Minor Heroes
1 Villain
2 Complications
Note: Your Mission cannot contain 2 copies of the same card. 
(for example: You can’t have 2 Batman Cards)
Note: You may substitute 1 Minor Hero with 1 Primary Hero. 

The board is a Circular track of 24 Spaces: 
Space	Name:			Notes:
1	Watchtower		Starting Space; Draw 1 Card or play 1 Hero
2	Decision Point		Move Again
3	Battle			Target player Discards 1 Card from Hand
4	Turn the Tide		Steal 1 Complication 
5	Major Menace		Play 1 Villain 
6	Unstoppable Foe		Discard 1 Primary Hero
7	Investigation		Look at next 7 cards in Deck
8	Big Guns		Play 1 Primary Hero or Villain
9	Leadership		Gain 1 Hero Token
10	Escalation		Steal 1 Villain Card
11	Distraction		Discard 1 Minor Hero 
12	Behind the Scenes	Play 1 Complication
13	What’s the Plan?	Move Again
14	Nefarious Deeds		Play 1 Villain or Complication 
15	Research		Look at target player’s Hand 
16	Defend the Earth	Steal 1 Minor Hero 
17	Heroic Entrance		Play 1 Primary Hero 
18	Revelation		Discard 1 Complication
19	Look for Trouble	Draw 1 Card
20	Plot Twist		Play 1 Minor Hero or Complication
21	Recklessness		Gain 1 Hero Token
22	Find Weakness		Discard 1 Villain
23	Recruit			Play 1 Minor Hero 
24	Give Aid		Steal 1 Primary Hero

A six sided die is needed. 
Each player gets a pawn of a different color. 

Shuffle the Deck. 
Each player draws a hand of 3 cards. 
Players pawns start on the Watchtower. 
Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

Players take turns.
First draw 1 card from the top of the deck and add it to your hand.  
On your turn roll 1 six sided die, and move your pawn that many spaces clockwise on the track. 
If you land on an opponent’s pawn, steal 1 card from his hand and add it to your own. 
If you land on a space that instructs you to play a card, place a card of the indicated 
Type on the table face up in front of you: These are your Mission cards. 
If you don’t have the indicated card type, draw a card instead. 
If you already have 2 cards of that type Out (or 1 of a Villain) do nothing. 
If the space instructs you to discard a card, target an opponent’s mission card of that type. 
If there are none, target your own. If you have none, do nothing. 
If the space instructs you to steal a card, move an opponent’s mission card of that type 
Over to your mission cards unless you already have enough, in which case do nothing. 
Other board space results are self-explanatory. 

You can spend these to change a move die roll by one. 

P = Primary Hero
C = Complication
M = Minor Hero
V = Villain

Card				Type	Copies	Notes:
Batman 				P 	5	Black Knight 
Superman 			P	5	Caped Crusader 
Wonder Woman			P	5	Amazonian Goddess
Green Lantern			P	2	Wields Alien Super Technology
Green Arrow			P	2	Legendary Archer
Hawk Girl			P	2	Winged Combatant
Martian Manhunter		P	2	Alien Psychic
Aquaman				P	2	King of the Sea
Flash				P	1	Fastest Man Alive
Super Girl			M	2	Superman’s Cousin
The Atom 			M	2	Shrinking Scientist
B'wana Beast 			M	2	Talks to animals
Booster Gold 			M	2	Hero from the Future
Hawk and Dove 			M	2	Scrappy Hero Brothers
Zatanna 			M	2	Magical Trickster
The Question 			M	2	Faceless Investigator
Dr Fate 			M	2	Philosophical Wizard
Black Canary			M	2	Martial Artist
Vixen				M	2	Spirit Warrior
Static				M	2	Electricity Manipulator
Long Shadow			M	2	Ultimen Indian Brave
Warhawk				M	2	Future Flying Hero
Giant Defense Robot 		V	1	Nuclear and Out of Control
Mongul 				V	1	Vengeful Alien Warlord
Ultimen				V	1	Short-lived Superhero Clones
Self-Replicating Robots		V	1	Alien Weapon System
Mordred 			V	1	Spoiled Son of Morgan Le Fey
Annihilator			V	1	God Forged War Machine
Circe 				V	1	Ancient Greek Enchantress
Galatea 			V	1	Mature Supergirl Clone
Black Hole 			V	1	Infused into Unlucky Scientist
Amazo 				V	1	Increasingly Powerful Android
Solomon Grundy 			V	1	Super Strong Zombie
Chronos 			V	1	Master of Time
Jokerz				V	1	Future Psychotic Super Thugs
Mega Laser 			C	1	Watchtower Upgrade
Psychic Link 			C	1	In Clones and across Dimensions
Rescue 				C	2	Innocents and Allies
Crowd Control 			C	2	Common Superhero Duty
Interrogation			C	2	Common Crime Fighting Technique
Lava Men 			C	1	Disturbed by Deep Water Drilling
Black Mercy Plant 		C	1	Puts Victim in Dream State
Dinosaurs 			C	1	Raptors and Pterodactyls
Robotic Arsenal			C	1	Tanks, Androids, and Mechs
Mordru 				C	1	Lord of Chaos
Project Cadmus 			C	1	Secret Government Organization
Morgan Le Fey 			C	1	Medieval Sorceress
Ares God of War 		C	1	Meddling Deity
Transformation 			C	1	Magical or Otherwise
Romantic Entanglement		C	1	And other Shenanigans 
Experiment			C	1	Gone Wrong
Nanotechnology 			C	1	The New Threat
Magic Ritual 			C	1	The Old Threat
Time Travel 			C	1	What could go wrong?
Old West 			C	1	Favorite Time Travel Destination
Stolen Future Tech 		C	1	Rayguns and Robots
Conspiracy			C	1	Not just Paranoid
Mystery				C	1	Wrapped in an Enigma


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