List and Dice game for 2-6+ players. 
Space Empire Theme. 
Each player controls a different Alien Race seeking 
to dominate his neighbors. 

The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins. 

The game has 5 distinct Stages that follow in order. 
Each Stage has its own unique List and turn Sequence. 
The Stages in order are: 
I. Research Stage
II. Exploration Stage
III. Development Stage
IV. Buildup Stage
V. Conflict Stage

Six and Ten sided Dice are needed. 

There is one set of common Tokens. 
These are also called Intergalactic Tokens. 
These have different uses at each Stage. 
Max number of Tokens you can have at any time is 
20 plus your  Intelligence level. 
Immediately Use or Discard excess Tokens. 

Players accumulate levels (+1 bonuses) in several Attributes including: 
Weapons, Defense, Fleet, Speed, Population, Intelligence, Scan, 
Strategy, Terraforming, Finance, Manufacturing, Metals, Energy

Each player needs pencil and paper to record his Technologies, Worlds, 
Developments, Fleets, Maneuvers, and Attributes.

Some technologies and developments and Fleets have requirements that must 
be met in order for them to be put in play. These are always some minimum 
Attribute level (Example: Req Speed 3+ means you must have 3 or more 
levels of the speed attribute before you can play the card). 
All Tech and Dev and Fleet cards with a requirement are considered to 
have the "Advanced" designation. 

Have common unmarked Stage Lists. 
Have Race Records for each player.  
Players roll high on 1D10 to determine turn order. 
Each player selects a Race and a Homeworld. 


Players take turns. 
On your turn gain 1D6 IT. 
On your turn roll 1D100 (Research roll) once on the Research Technolgy List. 
Add 2 to your roll for each level of Intelligence you have. 
Record on your Race Record all your Technologies. 
The Stage ends when each player has had 10 Turns.
You may spend 1 IT to increase or decrease a Research Roll by that amount. 
You may spend 5 IT to get an extra Research Roll. 


Players take turns. 
On your turn gain 1D6 IT. Add 1 for every level of Scan you have.
On your turn roll 1D100 (Exploration roll) once on the Explore Worlds List. 
Add 1 to your roll for each level of Intelligence and Energy you have.  
Add 2 to your roll for each level of Scan and Speed you have.  
Record on your Race Record all your Discoveries. 
The Stage ends when each player has had 10 Turns.
You may spend 1 IT to increase or decrease a Exploration Roll by that amount. 
You may spend 5 IT to get an extra Exploration Roll. 


Players take turns. 
On your turn gain 1D6 IT. Add 1 for every level of Finances you have.
On your turn roll 1D100 (Development roll) once on the Development List. 
Add 1 to your roll for each level of Intelligence, Speed, and Energy you have.  
Add 2 to your roll for each level of Terraforming, Finances, and Population you have.  
Record on your Race Record all your Developments. 
The Stage ends when each player has had 10 Turns.
You may spend 1 IT to increase or decrease a Development Roll by that amount. 
You may spend 5 IT to get an extra Development Roll. 
Some Development cards have the criminal designation. 
They give you +1 in the indicated attribute and a -1 to all your opponents. 


Players take turns. 
On your turn gain 1D6 IT. Add 1 for every level of Manufacturing you have. 
On your turn roll 1D100 (Buildup roll) once on the Buildup Fleet List. 
Add 1 to your roll for each level of Population, Speed, and Energy you have.  
Add 2 to your roll for each level of Metals, Finances, and Manufacturing you have.  
Record on your Race Record all Fleets you build. 
The Stage ends when each player has had 10 Turns.
You may spend 1 IT to increase or decrease a Buildup Roll by that amount. 
You may spend 5 IT to get an extra Buildup Roll. 


Players take turns. 
Each turn has 7 Phases: 
1. Logistics Phase
2. Challenge Phase
3. Tactics Phase
4. Advantage Phase
5. Battle Phase
6. Resolution Phase
7. Galaxy Phase

Gain 1D6 Tokens. 
Gain 1 extra Token per 5 Levels you have in Strategy (rounding up).

Declare which opponent you are attacking. 
You are the attacker. He is the defender. 

The Attacker rolls once on the Conflict Strategem List. 
Next The Defender rolls once on the Conflict Stratagem List. 
Players may spend 1 IT to increase or decrease their Conflict Roll by that amount.
Important note: The attribute bonuses provided by Strategems only last the current
battle and are then lost. 
Compare the Attacker & Defender’s Levels in 10 Attributes: 
Weaponry, Defense, Fleet, Speed, Population, Energy,  
Intelligence, Scan, Strategy, and Terraforming
If they have the same Level there is no Advantage. 
The player with the higher Level has the Advantage in that Attribute. 
Gain +5 to the upcoming Battle Roll for each Advantage you have. 
This is the Battle Advantage Total (BAT). 
For Example: You and I are tied in Weaponry and Strategy. I have 
the advantage in Population & Speed so I have a BAT +10. 
You have the advantage in Defense, Intelligence, Scan, Fleet 
Size, and Terraforming so you have a BAT +25. 
The player with the most Advanced Techs and Fleets gets +5 to the BAT. 
Players may now spend IT to increase their BAT by the amount spent. 

Both Attacker & Defender roll 1D100 (The Battle Rolls) and add their BAT. 
Each players total is called their Combat Roll Sum (CRS). 
The higher CRS is the Battle Winner. The lower CRS is the Battle Loser. 
Ties are possible. 
The bonuses provided by Strategems are now lost. 

The Loser discards 1 of his own Fleets of his choice. 
The winner takes control of 1 World (of his choice) of the loser OR 
causes 1 Development (of his choice) of the loser to be eliminated, whichever he 
has more of (Example: If the loser has more Developments in play than 
Worlds, the winner must pick a Development to be lost). 
If Battle Phase was a tie, Attacker & Defender both lose 1 Fleet (Each player 
chooses which of his Fleets is lost) and that is all. 

You may play 5 IT to attack again starting at Challenge Phase. 
Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. 
At the end of turn 2X (X = Number of players) of the Conflict Stage and every turn 
after that roll 1D10. On a roll of 5 or less the game ends. 


If you lose your last Fleet, you automatically lose and are eliminated 
from the game. Note that a Fleet is considered to be any buildup 
that gives a Fleet bonus. 


Use paper & pencil to tally Victory Points (VP)
Gain 1 VP for every Technology you have in play. 
(Some Technologies are worth extra) 
Gain 1 VP for every World you have in play. 
(Some Worlds are worth extra) 
Gain 1 VP for every Development you have in play. 
(Some Developments are worth extra) 
Gain 1 VP for every Fleet you have in play. 


DC-Name:			Notes: 
10-Progress			Get +10 to next Roll
20-Research			Get +25 to next Roll
27-Advanced Research		Get +50 to next Roll
28-Atmospheric Converters	Terraforming +1
29-Comet Diverters		Terraforming +4 (Req Speed 1+)
30-Geothermal Venting		Terraforming +2
31-Weather  Control       	Terraforming +3
32-Rotational Suppressors	Terraforming +5 (Req Speed 2+)
33-Antigravity Projectors	Terraforming +6 (Req Energy 1+)
34-Meson Cannons		Weapons +1 
35-Particle Accelerators	Weapons +2 
36-Nuclear Missiles       	Weapons +3 
37-Plasma Generators		Weapons +6 (Req Energy 1+)
38-Gamma Ray Lasers       	Weapons +4 
39-Disruptor Banks		Weapons +5 
40-Photon Torpedoes       	Weapons +7 (Req Speed 1+)
41-Phaser Emitters		Weapons +8 (Req Int 1+)
42-Mass Drivers			Weapons +9 (Req Metals 1+)
43-Nova Bombs			Weapons +10 (Req Energy 1+) 
44-Material Shielding		Defense +4 (Req Metals 1+)
45-Force Fields			Defense +5 (Req Energy 1+)
46-Inertial Deflectors		Defense +1
47-Energy Dissipaters		Defense +2
48-Ultra Dense Armor		Defense +6 (Req Metals 1+)
49-Albedo Screens		Defense +3 
50-Cloaking Technology		Defense +1 Strategy +1 (Req Scan 1+)
51-Holography			Defense +1 Strategy +1
52-Cybernetics			Population +6 (Req Int 1+)
53-Artificial Photosynthesis	Population +1 
54-Androids       		Population +7 (Req Int 1+)
55-Advanced Bioharvesting	Population +2 
56-Medical Immortality		Population +3 
57-Genetic Engineering		Population +4 
58-Accelerated Cloning		Population +5 
59-Secrets of the Universe	VP +2
60-Utopian Society		VP +3 
61-Warp Engines			Speed +6 (Req Energy 1+)
62-Hyper Drives			Speed +5
63-Jump Drives			Speed +7 (Req Scan 1+)
64-Ion Drives			Speed +1 
65-Impulse Drives		Speed +2
66-Teleportation		Speed +8 (Req Int 1+)
67-Reactionless Drives		Speed +3 
68-Tachyon Drives		Speed +4 
69-Positronic Brains		Intelligence +1
70-Artificial Intelligence	Intelligence +2
71-Quantum Computers		Intelligence +3
72-Mind Duplicates		Intelligence +4 
73-Genetic Augmentation		Intelligence +5 (Req Pop 1+)
74-Sentient Uplift		Intelligence +6 (Req Pop 1+)
75-Nanotech Miniaturization     Manufacturing +2 
76-Advanced Robotics            Manufacturing +1 
77-Composite Construction	Manufacturing +4 (Req Metals 1+)
78-Self Assembly		Manufacturing +3 
79-Xeno-Psychology Marketing  	Finance +1
80-Meta Data Encryption		Finance +2
81-Infinite Prosperity		Finance +4 (Req Strategy 1+)
82-AI Investment Modeling	Finance +3 (Req Int 1+)
83-Matter Replicators		Metals +1    
84-Planetary Core Mining	Metals +5 (Req Scan 1+)
85-Advanced Alloys		Metals +2
86-Zero-G Refining		Metals +3
87-Exotic Metallurgy		Metals +4 (Req Int 1+)
88-Radiation Dampers		Energy +1 
89-Antimatter Reactors		Energy +4 (Req Int 1+)
90-Fusion Reactors		Energy +2 
91-Quantum Stream Technology	Energy +3 
92-Ultimate Superconductors     Energy +5 (Req Metals 1+)
93-Long Range Probes		Scan +1 Strategy +1
94-Passive Sensor Arrays	Scan +1 Defense +1
95-Survey Ships			Scan +1 Fleet +1
96-Energy Scanners		Scan +2
97-Scout Ships			Scan +1 Fleet +2 (Req Speed 1+)
98-Drones			Scan +1 Weapons +1 
99-Precog Computers       	Strategy +3
00-Telepathy			Strategy +5 (Req Int 1+)
101+				Pick one of the Above


DC-Name:			Notes: 
20-Empty Void			Get +5 to next Roll
35-Scan the Heavens		Get +10 to next Roll
50-Boldly Go 			Get +15 to next Roll
51-Fringe World			Speed +1
52-Worm Hole			Speed +2
53-Outer System			Speed +3
54-Gateway World		Speed +4
55-Patron Race			Population +1
56-Main Line World       	Population +2
57-Agri World			Population +3
58-Prime World			Population +4
59-Inner System			Population +5
60-Alien Refugees		Population +6
61-First Contact		Intelligence +1
62-Minor Race			Intelligence +2
63-Progenitor Ruins       	Terraforming +1
64-Plague World			Weapons +3
65-Infestation World		Weapons +4
66-Derelict Ships		Fleet +1
67-Ship Graveyard		Fleet +2
68-Alien Ruins			Roll on the Research List +30
69-Archival World		Roll on the Research List +40
70-Strategic Sector       	Strategy +3
71-Neutral Zone			Strategy +4
72-Solar Beacon			Scan +2
73-Mystic World			Scan +1 Strategy +1
74-Distant World		Scan +3
75-Living World			Defense +1 Scan +1
76-Mining World			Metals +1
77-Rocky World			Metals +2
78-Crystal World		Metals +3
79-Alien Energy Source		Energy +1
80-Radioactive World		Energy +2
81-Gas Giant			Energy +3
82-Cosmic Anomaly       	Energy +4
83-Ice World			Defense +1
84-Desert World			Defense +2
85-Jungle World			Defense +3
86-Rift World			Defense +4
87-Lost World			Defense +5
88-Black Hole			Defense +6
89-Nova				Defense +7
90-Rebel World			Defense +8
91-Dead World			Defense +1 Scan +1
92-Volcanic World		Defense +9
93-Unstable World		Defense +1 Strategy +1
94-Binary System		Defense +10
95-Alien Monolith		VP +1
96-Monument World		VP +2
97-Miracle Planet		VP +3
98-Garden World			VP +4
99-Wonder World			VP +5
00-Holy Worlds			VP +6
101+				Roll Twice


DC-Name:			Notes: 
20-Gradual Development		Get +15 to next Roll
30-Speed Up Economy		Get +30 to next Roll
40-Massive Investment 		Get +45 to next Roll
41-Biosphere Megastructures     Population +6 (Req Metals 1+)
42-Space Cities			Population +1
43-Fast Growing Colonies       	Population +7 (Req Speed 3+)
44-Generation Ships       	Population +2
45-Bio Domes			Population +3
46-Hive Worlds			Population +4
47-Core Worlds			Population +5
48-Outposts       		Scan +1 Defense +1
49-Deep Space Observatories     Scan +2
50-Space Platforms		Speed +4 (Req Metals 1+)
51-Space Lanes			Speed +1
52-Star Gates			Speed +2
53-Space Ports			Speed +3
54-Military Bases		Strategy +3
55-Forward Bases		Strategy +1 Scan +1
56-War Industries		Weapons +3 (Req Fin 1+)
57-Military Buildup       	Weapons +2 Fleet +2 (Req Maunf 1+)
58-Armaments			Weapons +2
59-Fortified Worlds       	Defense +3
60-Invention Matrix       	Roll on the Research List +35
61-Galactic Think Tanks		Roll on the Research List +45
62-Universal Universities	Intelligence +3 (Req Pop 3+)
63-Discovery Spheres      	Intelligence +2
64-Psionic Institutes		Intelligence +1
65-Prototypes			Fleet +3
66-Orbital Shipyards		Fleet +4
67-Planetary Engineers		Roll on the Research List +50
68-Xeno Museums			VP +1
69-Entertainment Complexes	VP +2 
70-Cultural Edifices		VP +3
71-Galactic Arenas		VP +4 
72-Space Casino Resorts		VP +5
73-Alien Embassies		VP +6
74-Cosmic Consulates		VP +7
75-Industrial Complexes		Manufacturing +1
76-Perpetual Factories		Manufacturing +4 (Req Energy 1+)
77-Manufacturing Centers	Manufacturing +2
78-Robot Worlds			Manufacturing +3
79-Machine Worlds		Manufacturing +5 (Req Int 2+)
80-Nebula Condensers		Energy +1
81-Singularity Rings		Energy +2
82-Mining Operations		Metals +1
83-Collider Forges		Metals +5 (Req Energy 1+)   
84-Asteroid Refineries		Metals +2 
85-Space Elevators		Metals +3 
86-Extractor Modules		Metals +4 
87-Wealthy Sector		Finances +1
88-Luxury Exports		Finances +2
89-Merchant Worlds		Finances +3
90-Interstellar Trade Routes	Finances +6 (Req Speed 2+)
91-Galactic Stock Exchange	Finances +4
92-Sector Banking Centers	Finances +5
93-New Economies		Finances +7 (Req Pop 2+)
94-Black Market			Finances +1 Criminal
95-Space Smugglers		Manufacturing +1 Criminal
96-Piracy			Metals +1 Criminal
97-Raiding			Scan +1 Criminal
98-Privateers			Fleet +1 Criminal
99-Slavers			Population +1 Criminal
00-Weapon Merchants       	Weapons +1 Criminal (Req Weapons 4+)
101+				Roll Twice


DC-Name:			Notes: 
14-Research & Design		Get +15 to next Roll
16-Attack Fleet			Fleet +2 Weapons +4
18-Light Fleet			Fleet +2 Intelligence +1 Scan +1 Speed +2
20-Main Fleet			Fleet +3 Weapons +2 Strategy +1
22-Fast Fleet			Fleet +2 Speed +4
24-Fringe Fleet			Fleet +3 Speed +2 Scan +1
26-Core Fleet			Fleet +6
28-Bulwark Fleet		Fleet +4 Defense +2
30-Heavy Fleet			Fleet +4 Weapons +1 Defense +1
32-Great Fleet			Fleet +5 Strategy +1
34-Major Fleet			Fleet +5 Speed +1
36-Dreadnaught Fleet		Fleet +4 Weapons +2 (Req Metals 2+)
38-Battleship Fleet 		Fleet +3 Weapons +1 Defense +1 Energy +1 
40-Minor Fleet			Fleet +2 Speed +3 Defense +1
42-First Line Fleet		Fleet +3 Speed +1 Weapons +2
44-Second Line Fleet		Fleet +2 Defense +2 Weapons +1 Population +1
46-Planetary Defenses		Defense +5 Weapons +1 Strategy +1
48-Orbital Minefields		Weapons +3 Defense +3 Strategy +1
52-Space Armada			Fleet +5 Weapons +1 (Req Manuf 2+)
54-Cruiser Squadrons		Fleet +3 Weapons +1 Speed +1 Strategy +1
56-Invasion Fleet		Fleet +3 Population +3
58-Expeditionary Force		Fleet +2 Scan +1 Weapons +1 Speed +2
60-Stockpiles			Weapons +5 Strategy +2
62-Escort Ships			Fleet +2 Defense +3 Scan +1
64-Space Rangers		Fleet +2 Speed +2 Intelligence +2
66-Space Marines		Fleet +3 Population +2 Weapons +1
68-Battle Stations		Fleet +1 Defense +3 Scan +1 Weapons +1
70-Destroyer Packs		Fleet +2 Speed +1 Weapons +2 Scan +1
72-Corvette Raiders       	Fleet +2 Speed +3 Weapons +1
74-Interceptor Fleet		Fleet +3 Defense +1 Scan +1 Speed +1
76-Space Forts			Fleet +1 Weapons +1 Defense +4
78-Flagship       		Fleet +1 Weapons +1 Speed +1 Def +1 Strat +2
80-Space Patrol			Fleet +1 Scan +3 Speed +2
82-Carrier Fleet		Fleet +3 Weapons +3
84-Command Center		Intelligence +3 Strategy +4
86-Early Warning Network	Scan +5 Intelligence +1 Strategy +1
88-Reserve Fleet		Fleet +3 Strategy +3 
90-Fighter Bases		Fleet +2 Defense +3 Weapons +1
92-Ragtag Fleet			Fleet +3 Defense +1 Speed +1 Population +1
94-Task Force			Fleet +4 Strategy +1 Speed +1
95-Troop Transports       	Fleet +2 Population +4
96-Last Line of Defense		Fleet +3 Defense +3
98-World Killer			Fleet +3 Terraforming +3 (Req Energy 2+)
00-Planet Buster		Fleet +1 Terraforming +5 (Req Energy 2+)
101+				Pick one of the Above

DC-Name:			Notes: 
20-Lost Opportunity		-
40-Tactical Advantage		Strategy +5 
58-Superior Tactics 		Strategy +5 Speed +5 
59-Feint			Strategy +5 Speed +5 Defense +5
60-Pincer Movement		Strategy +10 Speed +5
61-Envelopment			Strategy +5 Speed +10
62-Attrition			Strategy +5 Population +5 Fleets +5
63-Decoy			Strategy +5 Intelligence +10
64-Breakthrough			Strategy +5 Speed +5 Weapons +5
65-Assimilation			Strategy +5 Population +10
66-Conquest       		Strategy +5 Weapons +5 Population +5
67-Space Siege			Strategy +5 Terraforming +5 Population +5
68-Annexation			Strategy +10 Fleets +5
69-Occupation			Strategy +5 Population +5 Defense +5
70-Asteroid Ambush		Strategy +10 Intelligence +5
71-Surrounded			Strategy +5 Fleets +10
72-Galactic Blitz		Strategy +5 Weapons +5 Fleets +5
73-Suicide Mission		Strategy +5 Weapons +10
74-Invasion       		Strategy +5 Population +5 Fleets +5
75-Defense in Depth       	Strategy +10 Defense +5
76-Perimeter Defense		Strategy +5 Defense +5 Scan +5
77-All Out Attack		Strategy +10 Weapons +5
78-Exploit Breach       	Strategy +5 Weapons +5 Speed +5
79-Counter Attack		Strategy +6 Weapons +3 Speed +6
80-Hide And Seek		Strategy +6 Scan +6 Speed +3
81-Extermination		Strategy +5 Terraforming +10
82-Concentrate Forces		Strategy +3 Fleets +12
83-Last Stand			Strategy +3 Defense +12
84-Border Skirmishes		Strategy +10 Scan +5 		
85-Infiltration			Strategy +5 Scan +5 Speed +5
86-Recon in Force		Strategy +3 Scan +3 Speed +3 Int +3 Fleets +3
87-Enslavement			Strategy +6 Weapons +3 Population +6
88-Legendary Captain		Strategy +9 Intelligence +6
89-Dropship Assault       	Strategy +5 Intelligence +5 Population +5
90-Intruder Alert		Strategy +5 Intelligence +5 Scan +5
91-Reserves       		Roll on Fleet Table +15
92-Wartime Production		Roll on Fleet Table +15
93-Alien Allies       		Roll on Fleet Table +15; Discard at end of turn
94-Alien Mercenaries            Roll on Fleet Table +15; Discard at end of turn
95-Wartime Research       	Roll on Research List +30
96-Steal Technology       	Gain Technology known by any Opponent
97-Diplomacy			You may prevent Battle this Turn
98-Truce			You may prevent Battle this Turn
99-Sabotage       		Destroy 1 Target Fleet
00-Jam Communications		Opponent gets -50 to his Conflict Roll
101+				Pick one of the Above


DX-Name:			Notes: 
01-Humans (Bipedial Mammals)	Finance +1 Intelligence +1 
02-Thorax (Insectoid Hives)     Manufacturing +1 Population +1
03-Glish (Plantlike Beings) 	Population +1 Terraforming +1
04-Moungwoawn (Empaths)		Defense +3 Scan +1 
05-Karnor (Reptillian Warriors)	Weapons +3 Strategy +3
06-Sos Zhani (Fishy Nomads)     Fleet +1 Speed +1 
07-Nemids (Android Collective)	Manufacturing +1 Intelligence +1
08-Flil (Energy Consciousness)	Energy +1 Weapons +3
09-Chaitians (Crusty Fanatics)	Population +1 Strategy +3
10-Yiff (Avian Traders)		Speed +1 Finance +1


DX-Name:			Notes: 
01-Blue World			Finance +1
02-Red World			Strategy +3
03-Green World			Population +1
04-Brown World			Metals +1
05-Yellow World			Intelligence +1
06-Orange World			Scan +1
07-Indigo World			Speed +1
08-Grey World			Manufacturing +1
09-White World			Energy +1
10-Black World			Defense +3

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