Game Submission Guidelines to Warpspawn

This also applies to cardsets, countersets, etc.

Avoiding legal issues, there are several 
technical ways to do this...

Basically, I make a hyper-link from an appropriate 
page on my site to your game. 
This link can go to one of several locations at 
the submitters request...

1. The submitter can have the game on his own 
"personal" (Fan) website (I prefer not to link to a 
game that is on (owned by) another gaming website) or 
some other location on the Web. 

2. You (or I) can post the game file on the Warpspawn Yahoo 
Group in the Files section. (More room in the Warpspawn II 
Yahoo group- I'll link to the File page or sub-folder)

3. You can post the game to the Warpspawn Wikki Site. 
(This has the most risk of it being lost or altered)

4. I can (try to) convert the game into HTML format and 
post it as a html-File on my site (This is the most 
work for me and the slowest for you, and the same 
goes for updates as well)

5. If the File is small, like a Text file, I can 
post it as is on my site (You would have to get me 
involved to facilitate updates)

Submissions are encouraged and almost always accepted. 
To submit, first contact me on the Yahoo Group Message Board or at:

Good Gaming, 


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