INTRODUCTION Card Game based on the RPG Gamma World by TSR. GW is a trademarked property. This merely a fan site. You are a leader of a Gamma World Enclave. Recruit and equip your followers. Send your followers to capture ruins that will aid your cause. THE DECK Players share a common deck. VICTORY The game ends when all cards have been drawn from the deck. The player controlling the most location cards wins. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 2 Phases: Action Phase Healing Phase ACTION PHASE A player gets a base 2 Action Points (APs) on his turn. An AP can be used to do one of the following: 1. Recruit one Follower. 2. Draw one card from the deck. 3. Play an Item card. 4. Attack a Location. Some cards will provide additional APs. RECRUIT A FOLLOWER Use a token to represent the Follower. You may attach any number of Mutation cards to the token just played. If no cards are attached the follower is considered to be a Pure Strain Human (PSH). If cards are attached, designate the follower as either a Mutant Human or Animal. The follower has a base Force = 1 and Hits = 2. Mutations increase Force and Hits totals. You may have a maximum of 6 Followers in play at one time. DRAW ONE CARD FROM THE DECK You may have a maximum of 5 cards in your hand. Discard excess cards. PLAY AN ITEM CARD Attach equipment, weapon, armor, steed, and vehicle cards to your followers. A Follower can only have one vehicle or steed and one armor at a time. ATTACK A LOCATION Play a Location card. All of your followers attack. Any one of your opponents may play a Foe card. Roll the indicated dice to determine the Starting Threat of the Foe. The Player rolls 1D6 for every point of force his followers have. Every roll of 1 reduces the Threat by one point. Simultaneously roll 1D6 for every point of opposing threat. For every roll of 1 by the threat one of your followers loses 1 Hit. Roll 1D6 for each hit to see which of your followers takes the damage. The Steed of a Follower takes damage first. Keep track of hits by putting damage counters on the followers and Threat card. Followers & Steeds reduced to 0 Hits are killed. Repeat this process until the followers retreat or one side is killed off. If the Threat is eliminated the Followers gain control of the location. It becomes part of the players growing post-apocalyptic empire. Note that Armor cards provide Hits. Armor reduced to 0 Hits is destroyed. Armor always loses hits before followers. If the followers retreat or are destroyed discard the location and the threat. HEALING PHASE All your followers (not Armor) remove one damage counter each. Cards with the heal property allow you to remove an extra 1D6 counters. BREAKDOWN RULE Roll 1D6 for every time a weapon, equipment, or vehicle is used. On a roll of 6+ that item is discarded (used up, broken, out of power, ammo). Grenades get +1 to this roll. WEAPON CARD LIST Card Name: Force Notes: Vibro Dagger +1 Vibro Blade +1 Energy Mace +1 Stun Whip +1 Needler +2 No effect on Robots/Androids Slug Thrower +2 Stun Ray Pistol +2 Stun Ray Rifle +2 Laser Pistol +2 Laser Rifle +2 Gas Grenades +2 No effect on Robots/Androids Energy Grenades +3 Frag Grenades +3 Photon Grenades +4 Mk V Blaster +3 Mk VII Blaster Rifle +3 Micro Missile +3 Small Damage Pack +3 One Use Only Torc Grenades +5 Fusion Rifle +4 Mini Missile +4 Matter Bomb +6 One Use only Black Ray Pistol +5 No effect on Robots/Androids ARMOR CARD LIST Card Name: Hits Force Sheath Armor 3 - Plastic Armor 3 - Inertia Armor 4 - Energized Armor 4 - Powered Plate Armor 5 - Powered Scout Armor 5 +1 Powered Battle Armor 6 +1 Powered Attack Armor 6 +1 Powered Assault Armor 7 +2 VEHICLE CARD LIST Card Name: AP Turbine Car +1 Hover Car +1 Flit Car +1 Environmental Car +1 Bubble Car +1 Anti-Gravity Sled +1 Vehicles give you one extra AP every turn. STEEDS Card Name: Hits Force AP Centisteed 3 - +1 Podog 2 - +1 Brutorz 3 +2 +1 Hopper 3 - +1 EQUIPMENT CARD LIST Card Name: Notes: Rejuv Chamber Heal Life Ray Heal Medi-Kit Heal Mind Booster AP +1 once per turn Stim Dose Force +1 and Hits +1 Solar Energy Cells Discard to negate a Breakdown result Atomic Energy Cells Discard to negate a Breakdown result EVENTS Card Name: Notes: Healers* Heal Archivists* Put item card from discard into your hand Seekers* Destroy Target Item Brotherhood of Thought* Discard target Follower (controller may keep items) De-Evolution Destroy Target Mutation Precognition Look at next 2D6 cards in deck Telepathy Look at opponents hand Latent Mutation Attach a mutation card to one of your followers Radiation Attach a mutation card to one of your followers Encroach Attack an opponents location. He may defend with his followers Repairs Put item card from discard into your hand Gene Pool Put mutation card from discard into your hand Wasteland Opponent must discard 1D6 cards. Yexil Trader Put a equipment or weapon card from the discard into your hand Event cards are used once and are then discarded. * = Cryptic Alliance MUTATION CARD LIST Card Name: Force Notes Heat Generation +2 Increased Speed +2 Light Generation +2 Radiated Eyes +2 Shapechange +2 Sonic Attack +2 Wings +2 Cryokinesis +2 Molecular Disruption +2 Pyrokinesis +2 Telekinesis +2 Illusion Generation +2 Light Wave Manipulation +2 Electrical Generation +1 +4 vs Robots & Androids Magnetic Control +1 +4 vs Robots & Androids Mental Blast +4 +0 vs Robots & Androids Mental Control +4 +0 vs Robots & Androids Life Leech +4 +0 vs Robots & Androids Gas Generation +4 +0 vs Robots & Androids Chameleon Power +1 Hits +2 Heightened Senses +1 Hits +2 Density Control +1 Hits +2 Multiple Body Parts +1 Hits +2 New Body Parts +1 Hits +2 Quills/Spines +1 Hits +2 Absorption - Hits +4 Total Carapace - Hits +4 Repulsion Field - Hits +4 Physical Reflection - Hits +4 Force Field Generation - Hits +4 Regeneration - Heal Teleportation - +1 AP once per turn Time Field Manipulation - +1 AP once per turn Genius Capability - +1 AP once per turn Defect –2 Attach to opponents follower when recruited FOE CARD LIST Card Name: Threat Notes: Security Robotoids 2D6 Robots Defense/Attack Borg 3D6 Robots Warbot 4D6 Robots Death Machine 5D6 Robot Gamma Knight 4D6 Power Suit Blight 2D6 Swarm of Carnivorous Winged Worms Narl Ep 2D6 Enormous White Mutated Tree Hissers 2D6 Half Man-Half Snake Obb 2D6 Intelligent Flying Radioactive Fungus Orlen 2D6 Dual Brain 4-armed Humanoids Hoops 2D6 Mass Mind Bunnies with Guns Serf Brigade 4D6 Militant Psychic Mutants Badders 2D6 Mutant Medieval Badgers Sep 2D6 Powerful Burrowing Land Shark Zarn 2D6 Teleporting Poisonous Beetles Arks 2D6 Telekinetic Life-leeching Dog-men Cyborgs 2D6 Robot-Men hybrids Knights of Genetic Purity* 3D6 Pure Strain Human Supremacists Restorationists* 3D6 Technologists Zoopremists* 4D6 Mutant Animal Supremacists Ranks of the Fit* 4D6 Napoleonic Mutant Animals Entropists (Red Death)* 3D6 Anarchists Followers of the Voice* 2D6 Computer Worshipers Radioactivists* 2D6 Worship Radiation The Created* 5D6 Android Supremacists The Iron Society* 4D6 Mutant Supremacists * = Cryptic Alliance LOCATION CARD LIST Card Name: Notes: Think Tank AP (Action Points) +1 to draw cards only Communications Facility Hand size +1 Military Installation Search deck for 3 Weapon cards & PTIYH Agri-Dome Maximum number of Followers +1 Aqua-Base Maximum number of Followers +1 Food-Processing-Plant Maximum number of Followers +1 Hydroponics Farm Maximum number of Followers +1 Biomorphic Biosphere AP +1 to recruit followers only Residential Megastructure AP +1 to recruit followers only Recreation Sportsplex AP +1 to recruit followers only Missile Silo Launch Neutron Missile: Destroy target location Mining Operation Hand size +1 Nuclear Power Plant Hand Size +1 Space Port AP +1 to Attack Locations only Medical Center Heal Bunker System Search deck for 3 Weapon cards & PTIYH Weapons Lab AP +1 to play Weapon cards only Armory AP +1 to play Armor cards only Industrial Complex AP +1 to play Vehicle cards only Research Laboratories Search deck for 3 Equipment cards & PTIYH Robotics Factory AP +1 to play Equipment cards only Note: Deploying (Playing) cards immediately is a one time event. The Neutron Missile can be used only once. PTIYH = Put them in your hand LINKS Wolf's Gamma World Gamma World Links Gamma World Files Awesome Rant!

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