Card game based on the Firefly Universe. 
Each player is a manifestation of the ship and crew. 

Firefly is a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The first player to win 5 hands is the winner. 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck has 7 suites. 
The deck is kept face down. 
The discard is kept face-up. 

Player who won last game goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 
Each player is dealt a hand of 7 cards. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
First Draw Phase
Second Draw Phase
Meld Phase
Event Phase
Discard Phase

Draw the top card of the deck or discard pile. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard to make a new deck. 

Draw the top card of the deck or discard pile. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard to make a new deck. 

If you make a Meld you win the hand: Start a new hand.  
There are 3 types of Melds: 
1. Seven Spread Meld
2. Two Bit Meld
3. By the Numbers Meld
A "Seven Spread" meld has 1 card from each of the seven suites. 
A "Two Bits" meld has a 3 of a Kind (same suite or number) and a 
4 of a kind (same suite or number).
A "By the numbers" meld has 7 cards in contiguous numerical order. 

You may conduct special Actions in this Phase. 
See the Special Actions List. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard down to max hand size. 

* Milk Run: Discard a Location, Contact, and Job card to cause 
Your hand size to be increased by 1 for the rest of this hand. 
* Sabotage: Discard a Foe card to cause your opponent to discard 1 random card. 
* Distress Call: Discard a Job card to draw 2 cards from top of the deck and discard 1. 
* Out in the Black: Discard 2 Aid cards to search the deck for a card and put 
it in your hand. 
* A Better Deal: Discard a Contact card to look at one opponent’s hand, or look 
at the Next 3 cards in the deck.  
* Being Reasonable: Discard a Location card to draw 1 card from the top of 
the discard pile. 
* You may always use exactly one Crew card in your hand as a Wild card. 
* Double Cross: Discard 2 Event cards to steal a random card from an opponent’s hand. 
* Shipboard Romance: Discard 2 Crew to draw 3 cards from the deck. 

E = Event 
C = Contact
L = Location
J = Job
A = Aid
F = Foe
X = Crew

Card Name:			Type	#	
Passengers			J	1
Live Cattle			J	2
Stolen Drugs			J	3
Latest Caper			J	4	
Train Heist			J	5	
Criminal Salvage       		J	6	
Marked Cargo			J	7	
Smuggle Contraband		J	8	
Priceless Artifact		J	9
Mercenary Job			J	10
Nutrient Bars			J	11
Legitimate Job			J 	12
Fringe World			L	1	
Terraformed Moon       		L	2	
Space Station			L	3	
Factory Settlement		L	4	
Mining Town			L	5	
Drifting Hulk			L	6	
Skyplex				L	7
Black Market			L	8
Core World			L	9
Bustling Port			L	10
Rim World			L	11
Mighty Fine Shindig		L	12
Middle Man			C	1
Buyer				C	2
Fence				C	3
Crime Lord			C	4
Rendezvous			C	5
Badger				C	6	
Clandestine Dealings		C	7	
Business Man			C	8	
Aristocrat			C	9
Corporation			C	10
Con-Artist			C	11
Shakedown			C	12
Ex-Companion Saffron		F	1
Reavers				F	2
Alliance Troops			F	3
Blue Sun Company Agents		F	4
Disreputable Men       		F	5
Jubal Early Bounty Hunter	F	6
Gentleman Duelist		F	7
Rogue Fed Officer		F	8
Corrupt Town Leader		F	9
Parliament Operative		F	10
Miska's Goons 			F	11
Piratical Space Scavengers	F	12
Hostage Situation		E	1
Bushwhacked			E	2
Barroom Brawl			E	3
Treachery			E	4	
Kidnapping			E	5
Fire Fight			E	6
Tight Spot			E	7
Mortal Danger			E	8
Malfunction			E	9
Complications			E	10
Moral Dilemma			E	11
It Never Goes Smooth		E	12
Serenity the Firefly		X	1
Book the Sheppard		X	2
Zoe the First Mate		X	3
Hoban Wash the Pilot		X	4
A Man called Jayne		X	5	
Kaylee the Mechanic		X	6	
Inara the Companion		X	7	
Captain Malcolm Reynolds       	X	8	
Simon the Doctor       		X	9	
River the Reader       		X	10	
Friends in Low Places		X	11
Friends in High Places		X	12
Thrilling Heroics		A	1
Crazy Ivan			A	2
Rescue Mission			A	3
Distraction			A	4
Hightail It			A	5
Intimidation			A	6
Quick Draw			A	7
Reputation			A	8
Honorable Conduct		A	9
Escape				A	10
Negotiations			A	11
Trust				A	12

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