Chess Variant. 
2 player game.
Earth, Air, Water, Fire Theme.

Use a standard 8 x 8 chessboard.

Each player has a set of 24 pieces.
A set contains:
2 Air Rooks
2 Air Bishops
2 Air Knights
2 Water Rooks
2 Water Bishops
2 Water Knights
2 Fire Rooks
2 Fire Bishops
2 Fire Knights
2 Earth Rooks
2 Earth Bishops
2 Earth Knights
A piece will have to somehow denote which of the 
4 elements it belongs to in addition to what type it is 
and to which player it belongs.  

Players place a dividing screen along the middle of the board.
A player does not see how his opponent sets up his pieces.
Players set up their 24 pieces in any way on their back 3 rows.
When both players are finished setting up, the screen is removed.
Determine turn order by house rules.

Players take turns.
Just as in normal chess, you must move or capture with one 
of your pieces every turn. 
Air pieces can only capture Water & Fire pieces.
Water pieces can only capture Fire & Earth pieces.
Fire pieces can only capture Earth & Air pieces.
Earth pieces can only capture Air & Water pieces.

You win if you capture all your opponent’s pieces of one element.
For example: you capture all 6 of his fire pieces.

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