Card game for 2-4 players. 

When the game ends, the player with the most Chakra points wins. 

The game ends as soon as 7 total combos have been made. 
Each time a combo is made place a Lotus petal on the table. 
When there are 7 Lotus petals in place the game ends.  

Players share a common deck. 
All cards are numbered 1-7. These refer to the 7 Chakras. 
There are also 7 Suites. 
Each Chakra has 1 card that belongs to 1 of the 7 Suites. 
The deck has 49 total cards. 

Deal 7 cards to each player. 
Players keep their cards face up on the table in front of them. 
A players cards are called his Aura cards. 
Deal another 7 face-up cards to the center of the table. 
These cards are called the Cosmic cards. 
The most Enlightened player goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 3 phases: 
1. Cosmic Phase
2. Transcendence Phase
3. Alignment Phase

Flip the top card of the Deck onto the center of the table. 
It becomes a Cosmic card. 
If there are no cards left in the deck, shuffle the Cosmic cards into 
The Deck and deal out 7 new Cosmic cards. 

Take any 1 Cosmic card and add it to your hand. 
Take any 1 of your Aura cards and place it in 
The middle of the table where it becomes a Cosmic card. 
This action is called a Transference. 
A player should always have 7 cards at the end of the phase. 

Check to see if you  have a Combo. 
If not your turn ends. 
If you have a combo gain Chakra points according to the type of combo. 
When you make a combo shuffle the combo cards and all the Cosmic 
Cards into the deck and deal out 7 new Cosmic cards to the table and 
7 new cards to the player who just made the combo. 
If a Combo is made place a Lotus petal on the table. 

There are 5 types of Combos: 
Combo			CP	Notes:	
Earth Star 		3	All Different Suites - 3 of one Chakra and 4 of another
Navel			3	7 Chakras - 3 of one Suite and 4 of another Suite
Causal			7	7 Chakras - All Different Suites
Soul Star		7	7 Chakras - All the Same Suite
Stellar Gateway		7	1 Chakra - All Different Suites
CP = Chakra Points

You may do a Transfer with an aura card in an opponents hand (instead of a Cosmic card), but 
Only if it results in you getting a Combo this turn. 

P = Position
G = Gland
E = Element
A = Action
C = Color
D = Deity
Q = Quality

Card Name:		Chakra	Suite
Root			1	P
Sacral			2	P
Solar Plexus		3	P
Heart			4	P
Throat			5	P
Third Eye		6	P
Crown			7	P
Gonads			1	G
Adrenals       		2	G
Pancreas       		3	G
Thymus			4	G
Thyroid			5	G
Pituitary		6	G
Pineal			7	G
Earth			1	E
Water			2	E
Fire			3	E
Air			4	E
Space			5	E
Time			6	E
Soul			7	E
Stabilizing		1	A
Purifying		2	A
Transforming		3	A
Healing			4	A
Transmitting		5	A
Understanding		6	A
Transcending		7	A
Red			1	C
Orange			2	C
Yellow			3	C
Green			4	C
Blue			5	C
Indigo			6	C
Violet			7	C
Brahma			1	D
Vishnu			2	D
Rudra			3	D
Isha			4	D
Sadasiva       		5	D
Shakti			6	D
Shiva			7	D
Life Force		1	Q
Creativity		2	Q
Wisdom			3	Q
Love			4	Q
Inspiration		5	Q
Intuition		6	Q
Enlightenment		7	Q

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