INTRODUCTION Players are setting up their Game Booths at the Fair. Card game for 2+ players. CARNIVAL A cooperative business arrangement between independent showmen, ride owners and concessionaires to present outdoor amusement for the public. CARNY or CARNEY Someone who works in a carnival. The term is also applied to the carnival itself. GAME LENGTH Each turn = 1 day. Before play, players decide on the duration of the Fair from 5 to 20 days. WINNING The Player with the most money at the end of the Fair wins. THE DECKS Players share a common deck. The deck contains 4 card types: Games Carnies Neighbors Events TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 6 Phases: Draw Phase Meld Phase Event Phase Recovery Phase Score Phase End Phase DRAW PHASE Each player fills their hand to 10 cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard into the deck & draw from it. MELD PHASE Each player may play 1-2 Melds from their hand face up to the table. A Meld must contain 1 Game and 1 Carny. A Meld may contain 0-2 Neighbor cards. EVENT PHASE You may add bad neighbor cards to your opponent’s Melds. You may add good Event cards to your Melds & bad Events to your opponents. RECOVERY PHASE You may play replacement cards from your hand to replace cards discarded by opponent’s Event cards. SCORE PHASE Every card in a Meld scores a certain amount of cash. Illegal Melds (no Carny or Game card) score no cash. Keep tract of earned cash from turn to turn. Doubles are Cumulative. END PHASE All cards in play are discarded. Players must discard their hands down to 2 or less cards. CARD LIST NOTATION G = Game C = Carny Worker X = Event N = Neighbor # = Number of Copies of card in deck CARD LIST Card Name: Type Cash # Notes: New Kid C 25 3 Green Help Skinny Guy C 75 3 Tattoos The Pro C --- 3 Target Meld Scores Double Mumbler C 50 3 Bozo C 100 2 Clown Old-Timer C 200 3 Knows all the tricks Retiree C 0 3 No Build Up or Gaff in Meld Three Cats (Punk Rack) G 50 1 Knock over Stuffed Animals Swinger G 50 1 Knock over Pin with Ball on String Guess Weight G 25 1 Guess Birth Month G 25 1 Darts (Balloon Pop) G 50 1 Darts (Hit the Star) G 75 1 Pyramid (Spill the Milk) G 50 1 Milk Bottles Shoot out the Star G 200 1 BB Gun Milk Can Toss G 50 1 Get Ball in Can Whiffle Ball Toss G 50 1 Ring Toss G 100 1 Rows of Bottles Ping Pong Goldfish G 75 1 Win Goldfish Test of Strength G 200 1 Swing Hammer Speed Pitch G 100 1 Paint Gun Shoot G 100 1 Indian Rope Trick G 25 1 Rope Ladder Water Gun Race G 75 1 Dunk Tank G 50 1 Hanky Pank G 25 1 Kids Game: Win Every Time Basket Ball Toss G 75 1 Through Hoop Build Up X 200 1 Lots of Cheap Prizes X 50 1 Scum Blowoff X 50 1 Activity after a Show Gaff X 200 1 Cheat Score X 100 1 Suckers X 100 1 Showmanship X --- 1 Target Meld Scores Double Cool Prizes X 100 1 Flash Bad Spot X --- 1 Target Meld Scores Half Beginners Luck X -25 1 Rain X -200 1 Affects all Melds in Play Hustle X 50 1 Affects all your Melds in Play Bait X 50 1 Shill Easy Mark X 50 1 First Count X 100 1 Beef X -50 1 Complaint Good Night X 100 1 Affects all Melds in Play Bad Night X -100 1 Affects all Melds in Play Competition X -50 1 Affects all Opponent’s Melds Drunk Carny X - 2 Discard target Carny card Inspector X - 2 Discard target Game card Shut Down X - 2 Discard target Neighbor card Trash Collection N -100 1 Port-O-Lets N -200 1 Near the Entrance N 200 1 On the Midway N 200 1 Center Joint N --- 1 Meld Scores Double In the Back N -75 1 Back End Freak Show N 50 1 Performers, Oddities, Taxidermy 4-H Barn N -50 1 Champion Milking Cows Main Stage N 100 1 Loud but Busy Grill N 75 1 Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sausages Ice Cream Stand N 100 1 Snow Cones, Italian Ices Snack Shop N 75 1 Pretzels, Popcorn, Nachos, Corn Dogs Candy Store N 100 1 Caramel Apples, Cotton Candy Fryer N 100 1 Elephant Ears, Funnel Cake, Fries Rotary Club N 75 1 Homemade Treats, Pies, Cookies Beer Tap N 200 1 In Small Plastic Cups Himalaya N 200 1 Cars on Loop Track Gravitron N 50 1 Vomitorium Wooden Roller Coaster N 100 1 Creaks Ferris Wheel N --- 1 Meld Scores Double Merry Go Round N 100 1 Carousel Tunnel of Love N 75 1 Fortune Teller N 25 1 Look at opponent's hands Fun House N 75 1 Haunted House Giant Slide N 50 1 Kiddie Ride N 25 1 Bounce House Thrill Ride N 100 1 LINKS Carny Lingo Carny Lingo

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