Card game for 2+ players.
Theme is the John Carter of Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

John Carter of Mars is a copyrighted property.
This is merely a Fan Site.

The first player to accumulate 75 Victory Points (VP) wins.

Players share a common deck.
There are several card types:
Heroes, Villains, Beasts, Enemies, Weapons, Plots, Events.
All cards fall into one of two categories: 
Friend cards or Foe cards.
All cards have a numerical “Force” value.

Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards.
Randomly determine who goes first.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases:
Draw Phase
Trade Phase
Meld Phase
Score Phase
End Phase

Draw 3 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.

You may trade cards with other players.
All trades must be mutual.

If you are able you may make & play a Meld.
A Meld must consist of exactly 8 cards.
For a meld to be legal, the total Force value of the Friends cards must 
equal or exceed the Force value of the Foe cards.
There must be at least one ‘Hero(ine)’ Friend card played.
There must be at least one ‘Plot’ Foe card played.
There must be at least one ‘Enemy’ or ‘Villain’  Foe card played.
Duplicate cards cannot be used.
Weapon cards can be used as Friend or Foe cards.

If you played a meld last phase score Victory points equal to the total
Force value of the Foe cards in the meld.
Keep a running total of your VP’s.

Discard down to 10 cards.

Card Name:			#	Category:	Force	Type	Notes:
John Carter			7	Hero		10	Friend	Earth Man
Tars Tarkas			3	Hero		9	Friend	Green Martian Jeddak
Dejah Thoris			1	Heroine		6	Friend	Red Martian Princess
Kantos Kan			1	Hero		7	Friend	Red Martian 
Xodar				1	Hero		8	Friend	Black Martian Pirate
Woola				1	Beast		3	Friend	Martian Watchdog
Sola				1	Heroine		3	Friend	Green Martian Tutor
Thuvia				1	Heroine		4	Friend	Mind Controls Banth
Carthoris			1	Hero		8	Friend	Son of John Carter
Rescue Princess			2	Plot		8	Foe
Challenge Chieftain		1	Plot		8	Foe
Great Games			1	Plot		7	Foe 	Arena Combat
Escape Captivity		2	Plot		6	Foe
Sword Duel			2	Plot		7	Foe
Great White Apes		2	Beast		8	Foe
Long Journey			1	Event		2	Foe
Treachery			1	Plot		7	Foe
Zodangan Battleships		1	Enemy		9	Foe	Airships
Play Jetan 			1	Plot		10	Foe	Martian Chess
Plant Men			1	Plant		7	Foe
Fearsome Apt 			1	Beast		9	Foe	Polar Monster
Black Pirates of Barsoom	1	Enemies		10	Foe	Airships
Clawed Arbok 			1	Beast		3	Foe	Tree Reptile
Poisonous Sith			1	Beast		5	Foe	Giant Hornet
Ferocious Banth 		1	Beast		10	Foe	10 Legged Lion
Calot Tree 			1	Plant 		7	Foe	Carnivorous Plant
Fly on Malagor			1	Event		5	Friend	Giant Bird
Eat Mantalia			1	Event		2	Friend	Milk Plant
Ride Orluk			1	Event		3	Friend	Polar Elephant
Ride on Thoats			2	Event		4	Friend	6 Legged Horses
Ride Scout Flyer		1	Event		5	Friend	Airship
Flagship			1	Event		9	Friend	Airship
Helium Air Cruisers		1	Event		7	Friend	Airship
Swords				1	Weapon		2	F/F	
Spears				1	Weapon		2	F/F
Radium Rifles			1	Weapon		3	F/F	
3-Wheeled Chariots		1	Event		4	Friend	Pulled by Zitidars
Healing Salves			1	Event		5	Friend	
Dagger				1	Weapon		1	F/F
Drawn Map			1	Event		4	Friend
Green Warhoon Warriors		1	Enemies		7	Foe
Tal Hajus			1	Villain		7	Foe	Green Thark Jeddak
Sab Than			1	Villain		8	Foe	Red Zodangan Prince
Disguise			1	Event		5	Friend
Red Martian Guards		1	Enemies		4	Foe
Read Minds			1	Event		5	F/F	Telepathy
Alliance			1	Event		6	Friend
Stealth				1	Event		5	Friend
White Holy Therns		1	Enemies		5	Foe
Pursued by Warband		1	Plot		7	Foe
Zat Arras			1	Villain		9	Foe	Helium Usurper
Spy				1	Event		5	F/F	
Matai Shang			1	Villain		6	Foe	The Father of Therns
Feign Death			1	Event		4	Friend	
Knocked Unconscious		1	Event		6	Foe
Hide				1	Event		5	Friend
Great Battle			2	Plot		10	Foe
Raise Massive Army		2	Event		10	Friend
False Identity			2	Event		6	Friend
Expose the Truth		1	Event		7	Friend
Trial 				1	Plot		7	Foe
Trickery			1	Event		6	F/F


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