Players control rival Hives trying to acquire the most honey.

Use a 13 X 13 grid as the board.
Each player has a set of 4 counters of a separate color to represent their bees.
Have a set of counters of a unique color to represent the flowers.
The flower counters become nectar, and then honey counters.
Six sided dice are required.

Be the first player to have 20 honey counters.

Each player controls one corner square known as their hive.
A player stacks all 4 of his Bee counters onto his hive space.
Roll high on the eight sided die to determine turn order.

Players take turns. Each turn has 2 phases:
1. Bloom Phase
2. Move phase

Roll 2D6 twice.
The first roll is the x-axis coordinate, the second roll is the y-axis coordinate.
Place a flower counter on the indicated square.
If the flower blooms on a players bee, that bee gets a nectar counter.
Flower counters may be stacked on top of each other.

Roll two six sided dice.
Move one of your bees a distance equal to one of the dice rolls.
Move one of your bees a distance equal to the other roll.
This can be the same bee, or two different bees.
If you roll doubles, you may use each dice roll twice.
If one of your bees lands on a flower counter, it is captured: stack 
the counter onto the bee. It is now called a nectar counter.
When a bee with nectar counter returns to his hive, the nectar 
counters become honey counters.
Keep your captured honey counters in a separate honey pile.
A bee may hold any number of nectar counters.
A bee with a nectar counter that lands on a flower gets a pollination
bonus: Add a counter to your honey pile.
If one of your bees lands on an opponents bee, that bee is stung.
A stung bee is moved back to his players hive.
The stinging bee steals all the nectar counters from the stung bee.
Bees may only move orthogonally.
Your bees cannot move into other players hives. 
Bees may 'jump' over other bees.
You may stack your bees. 
Stacked bees may move nectar from one bee to another. 
A bee cannot move onto an opponents stack of bees.
A bee that lands within 2 spaces of his hive may automatically be
moved onto the hive by his controlling player.

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Use a standard chessboard and eight sided dice to get coordinates.

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