Strategy Card and Board Game for 2 to 6+ players. 
It is the Warm Permian-Triassic period and primitive animals are just 
Starting to colonize the landmass of Pangaea. 

When the game ends, the player with the most Victory points wins. 

The game ends when every territory is occupied by at least 1 Animal Token. 

Gain 1 Victory Point (VP) for each Animal Token (AT) you have on the Board. 
Isolated Spaces: Gain 1 extra VP for every territory you have an 
AT on and no other player does. 

Each player picks 1 Taxon as their identity. 
There are 10 available Basic Taxons: 
1. Insects
2. Crustaceans
3. Mammals
4. Amphibians
5. Reptiles
6. Dinosaurs
7. Worms
8. Birds
9. Marsupials 
X. Arachnids

Each player has a set of Tokens of a unique color. 

Six sided dice are needed (1D6). 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck contains 5 types of cards: 
Card Name:	Number of Copies of Card in Deck  
Temperature	10
Elevation	10
Rainfall       	10
Niche		10
Wild		10
Wild cards may be substituted for all other types of cards. 

Use a Hex map. 
Hexes = Spaces = Territories = Regions. 
The map represents the ancient continent of Pangaea.
The continent should be composed of around 40 hexes. 
Each Hex is described by 3 Environmental Factors: 
Temperature, Elevation, and Rainfall. 
Each factor is rated 1 to 5. 
In setup randomly determine the ratings for each factor for each space: 

1D6	Rating	Temperature	Elevation	Rainfall		
0-2	1	Hot		Sea Level	Heavy		
3	2	Warm		Low		Wet		
4	3	Temperate	Medium		Moderate	
5	4	Cold 		High		Dry		
6+	5	Frozen		Extreme		Arid		

Along the edges of the Continent designate 12 hexes to be starting zones. 
Starting zones hexes have a Rating =1 in each of the 3 Environmental Factors. 
The center of Pangaea was dry: Those spaces have +1 to their Rainfall Rolls. 
The northernmost and southernmost hexes should get a +1 to Temperature rolls. 
The equatorial hexes should get -1 to Temperature rolls. 

Each Taxon starts with an Adaptation Level of 1 for each of the 
3 Environmental Factors: Temperature, Elevation, and Rainfall. 
As play proceeds you will increase your Adaptation Levels. 
This will allow you to inhabit terrains with higher Environmental ratings. 
For example: Lets say you have an adaptation level of 1 in Temperature, and you 
Want to move into a Cold space (Rating =4). You would first need to increase 
Your adaptation level to 4 before you could place your AT there. 

Create a Map as described above. 
Each player chooses a Taxon.  
Each player starts with 3 Animal Tokens (AT). 
Players take turns placing their starting AT one at a time. 
A player may place his AT into any combination of starting zone spaces. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 phases: 
1. Variability Phase
2. Evolution Phase
3. Expansion Phase
4. End Phase

Draw 4 cards from the deck. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may increase your Adaptation level in 1 Factor by 1. 
To do this, you must discard a number of cards of that Factor 
Equal to the rating of the new level. 
Wild cards may be substituted for Factor cards. 
For example: You want to increase your Rainfall level from 
3 to 4. To do this you must play (discard) a combination of 4 
Rainfall and/or Wild cards. 

A space may contain any number of Animal Tokens (AT) on it from the 
Same player or multiple players.  
You may place new AT onto the board in this phase. . 
You may place an AT into a space you already occupy, or into a 
Space adjacent to a space you occupy.
If entering a new space, you must have adaptation levels equal to or higher 
Than the Environmental factors of that space.  
To place a new AT, you must discard a number of Niche and/or Wild cards 
Equal to the number of AT already there +1. 
For example: A space is completely empty; You discard 1 Niche card to 
Place 1 of your AT onto it. 
Second example: a space contains 5 AT; You play 6 cards to place 1 AT there. 
You may place as many AT onto the board in this phase as you have 
Niche (and Wild) Cards to pay for them. 

You must discard down to 4 or less cards. 

Each Taxon has 1 special Ability: 
Insects - They may evolve a second time per turn in a different factor
Crustaceans - They may expand into coastal spaces they are not adjacent to
Mammals- Start with Adaptation Level =3 for Temperature
Amphibians - Start the game with 6 AT in play
Reptiles- Start with Adaptation Level =3 for Rainfall
Dinosaurs -  Expanding costs them one less card (minimum 1)
Worms - You may discard down to 5 or less cards in End phase
Birds - Start with Adaptation Level =3 for Elevation 
Marsupials - In end scoring gain 2 VP for each Isolated space you have
Arachnids - Spaces containing Arachnids cost 1 extra card to expand into


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