INTRODUCTION Board game for 2-4+ players. Players control fanciful Victorian Airships used to complete various Missions around the Globe. BACKGROUND The year is 1850 and Airships rule the Skies! VICTORY The first player to accumulate 20 Victory Points (VP) is the winner. SETUP Each player controls an Airship. Each player starts with 5 Crew cards and 5 Attachment cards randomly drawn. These are placed face up in front of the player. Crew are the exceptional people aboard the Airship. Attachments include Weapons, Tools, Rooms, and Equipment built into the Airship. Players should name their Airship and its Captain. Roll high on 1D100 to determine turn Order. Each player places a pawn representing their Airship onto an empty location on the Map. AIRSHIPS An Airship can have a max of 10 Crew. An Airship can have a max of 15 Attachments. You may discard old/unwanted Crew/Attachments to make room for new ones. THE DECKS There are 3 Decks: The Mission Deck The Crew Deck The Attachment Deck DICE 10-sided dice are needed to roll percentages (D100). THE MAP Procure a “Victorian” Map of the World to be divided up into the following locations: North Pole (Arctic) South Pole (Antarctic) North Atlantic Ocean South Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean North Pacific Ocean South Pacific Ocean South China Sea Australia Indonesia India China Japan Russia Middle East North Africa South Africa Europe United Kingdom North America Central America South America TRAITS Each Airship has 6 Basic Traits: 1. Military (M) 2. Exploration (X) 3. Diplomacy (D) 4. Transportation (T) 5. Rescue (R) 6. Speed (S) Attachments and Crew will give bonuses to these Traits. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 5 Phases: Mission Phase Travel Phase Adventure Phase Reputation Phase Spoilage Phase MISSION PHASE Skip this Phase every other turn. Draw the top Mission card from the mission Deck and Place it face-up on the table. Every Mission card has a Location where any Airship in that location can attempt it. TRAVEL PHASE Roll 1D100 (The Travel Roll): 1D100 Result: 01-25 Do not Move (Storm, Mechanical Problems, Resupply...) 26-75 You may move your Airship Pawn to an adjacent Location 76+ You may move your Airship Pawn 1 or 2 spaces Add your total speed trait bonus to your roll. ADVENTURE PHASE If there is an Mission card in the Location your Airship is in, you may attempt it. Roll 1D100 (The Adventure Roll): 1D100 Result: 01-30 Failure 31-70 Partial Success 71+ Total Success Add to your roll any bonuses you have in traits that are appropriate to that Mission. (For example in the Mission: “Race with Monoplane” the Trait associated with This mission is Speed. If you have the Sails Attachment, you would get +4 to your roll) If a mission has multiple Traits, all bonuses apply. No matter what the result, discard the Mission card. If there are multiple Mission cards available for this Location, you may attempt each in turn this Phase. REPUTATION PHASE Every time you fail a mission lose 2 VP and 1 crew or attachment. For a partially successful mission gain 1 VP. For complete success on a mission, gain 3 VP and 1 crew or attachment. When losing a Crew or attachment, shuffle your cards together and draw 1 at random. If gaining a Crew or attachment draw a random card from the Crew or Attachment deck. SPOILAGE PHASE For every Face-up Mission that is older than 2 Turns roll 1D6: On a roll of 6 remove the Mission from the Map. MISSION DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Location: Traits: Escort the Rajah India D Gupta Uprising India M Zulu Uprising S. Africa M Boer Uprising S. Africa M/Prisoners Rescue Ocean Liner N Atlantic R/S/T/Ocean Explore Arctic Circle N Pole X/Ocean Congo Expedition S Africa X/Animals Rescue Mountaineers India S/R Egyptology Expedition N Africa S/R Explore Polynesia Indonesia X/Ocean Transport Convicts Australia M/T/Prisoners Barrier Reef Expedition Australia X/Ocean Galapagos Expedition N Pacific X Race to the S Pole S Pole S Survey N Pole N Pole X Survey S Pole S Pole X Grand Safari S Africa R/Animals Emergency Supplies S Pole T/S/R Cross the Himalayas India S Race the Orient Express Russia S Uprising in the Sudan N Africa M Deliver Medicines India S/R Deliver Food N Africa T Race Monoplane N America S Explore the Amazon S America X Escort American President N America S/D Escort Russian Royalty Russia D Escort Chinese Emperor China D Rescue Garrison N Africa T/M/R Trapped Ice Breaker N Pole S/R/Ocean Chase South Sea Pirates S China Sea M/Ocean Japanese Envoy Japan D Deliver Art Treasures Europe D/T Transport National Treasure N America D/T Afghan Rebels M East M French Prime Minister Europe D Rescue Political Dissident Europe S/R

CREW DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Traits: Indian Guide India +4 Aeronaut S +4 Diplomat D +4 Scientist X +4 Naval Officer M +1 R +1 Oceans +2 Foreign Agent M +2 D +1 R +1 Engineer S +2 T +2 Big Game Hunter M +1 R +2 Animals +2 Explorer M +1 R +1 X +2 Dilettante X +1 D +2 R +1 Adventuress D +2 R +1 M +1 Reporter D +2 X +2 Inventor X +2 R +1 S +1 Mechanic S +2 T +1 R +1 Doctor D +2 R +2 African Guide Africa +4 Eskimo Guide Poles +4 Navigator S +2 R +1 X +1 Cowboy M +1 R +2 N America +2 Meteorologist S +2 X +2 Marine Contingent M +3 R +1 Army Sharpshooters M +4 ATTACHMENTS DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Traits: Luxury Stateroom D +3 T+1 Observation Platform D +1 M +1 X +1 R +1 Telescope M +2 X +2 Propellers S +4 Sails S +4 Gatling Gun M +4 Cages X +1 T +1 Animals & Prisoners +4 Library D +2 X +2 Elevator Platform X +2 R +2 Laboratory X +4 Operating Room X +2 R +2 Cargo Bay T +4 Passenger Berths T+2 D+1 R +1 Formal Dining Room D +4 Gilded Ornamentation D +4 Cannon M +4 Bombs M +4 Mini-Balloon M +1 X +2 R +1 Hang Glider M +2 X +1 R +1 Gyrocopter 2-Seater M +1 X +1 R +2 Steam Engine S +4 Wings S +4 Armor Plates M +4 Arctic Gear Polar +4 Howitzer M +4 Rockets M +2 S +2 Large Nets R +2 T +1 Animals +2 Rescue Boat Oceans +4

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