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Seamus Paints - My Personal Gallery Of Minature/Wargaming Figures!!!

Welcome to the place where I get to show off all my figure painting. This site focuses on Games Workshop's minatures. I do conversions,too. Check out the Featured Model section. It's the place where I show what I'm working on right now. Expect a lot of updates for that. I could keep going right now, but I'll let the Galleries show you what I mean...

My Links

My News - Updated 4/05/01
Featured Model

Warhammer Fantasy

Chaos Warriors

Warhammer 40k

Chaos Space Marines
Space Orks


Undead Tomb Kings
High Elves
Dwarves - Coming Soon!
Chaos - Coming Soon!
The Empire - Coming Soon!
Orcs/Goblins - Coming soon!


The Possessed

External Links

Games Workshop - for the figures
Miniature Painting Ring - If you want to check out other folks figures, although they won't let me on that ring.
The GW Gateway - A good network of links. I'm up there.

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