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Warhammer: the original game that started it all! Rogan and Justin feel this is the best game (but we all know what really is). Players control large armies of fantasy warriors, like Elves, Chaos Warriors and Orcs, which Justin calls "ass-kicking green skins." But we all know he is full of it, heh heh heh.

Bretonnia Bretonnia- the chivelrous "knights". Armies are usually composed of Squires and other horse-riding fools. You can tell no one in our group likes or owns this army.

Empire WarriorEmpire- the war-machine-heavy army. If you want to blow your opponent away the easy, messy and fun way, choose these guys.

Lizardman of the New WorldLizardmen- green, New World lizard boys. Slinking through the jungle can get hot, so don't expect a lot of clothing. Sometimes blue, mostly green.

Beastman of ChaosChaos- the warped warriors, these guys are cool. With several different factions of Chaos gods to worship, these guys never get tiring. Some cool demonic crazies are fu**ing sweet!

Wood ElfWood Elves are the masters of the Forest. Although there are 3 different Elf armies in Warhammer (Dark Elves, High Elves and Wood Elves), they all have different race traits that help them out in the various battles.

Dark ElvesDark Elves are another one of the Elven races. Duh. But they are very different from the other two Elven races. They are dark warriors. They worship Khaine. They sacrifice people in the night. They frighten me!!

High ElvesHigh ELves live in the middle of the Warhammer world. They live on the middle island, a big continent shaped in a horseshoe. For good luck? Probably not. These boys get attacked a lot.

SkavenThe Skaven are a race of mutated rats living under the Empire's lands. They were warped by the Chaos powers and now require Warpstone to survive. Ugly critters they be.

Undead SkeletonThe Undead are evil incarnate. Using the bodies of the dead, Necromancers watch as their horde marches on the living. Evil incarnate, with some Vampires to boot!

(Justin)This is the part where I talk about the orcs and goblins, the single most awsome part of warhammer(except for those sexy witch elves) now soon I should have a link here.Waaagh!

Dwarves!Dwarves are stout little buggers! They are tough, slow, but very technologichal. Let's hope the beer keeps them in good shape!